You and I


36. Lego House

we woke up the next morning he kissed me waking me up "you wanna come with me?"he asked I took a deep breath "yeah"I said getting up and walking to the bathroom he wrapped his arms around my bare waist and kissed my neck I put on a black loose dress and some flats I curled my hair and Louis put on some black jeans and a black V neck and we left driving to the studio Scooter for once didn't have as many people in his office there was only a few people and they all seemed to be waiting for us they looked up "hey guys I'm so glad your here"Scooter said "what's going on?"Louis asked "well we thought it might be a good idea for you guys to do a duet together"Scooter said Louis looked at me his eyes full of hope I smiled and nodded Scooter got excited "good great decide which song you wanna do and we'll get started "Scooter said going to the sound booth and messing with the microphone "Scooter"Louis walked to him he said something and Scooter looked at him weirdly Scooter said something and Louis nodded they came back "do you wanna do that song?"Scooter asked "what song?"I asked Scooter looked at Louis "Say something you always sing it"Louis said I put a strand of hair behind my ear "sure'I said "OK we'll start tomorrow"Scooter said we went home and watched a movie upstairs Louis fell asleep I got a marker and drew cat whiskers on him and a little triangle on his nose he moved and I threw the marker on the floor and acted like I was watching the movie he threw his arm around my waist and went back to snoring I snuck my phone out and took a  picture of him my phone flashed he moved and I put it under my butt he looked at me sleepily "what are you doing?"he asked "nothing"I lied "mm"he said sleepily he got up going to the bathroom I ran downstairs "Charlotte!"he yelled I laughed and hid downstairs in the kitchen he came running downstairs and saw me leaning against the counter "Charlotte can I speak with you for a moment?"he asked "yes?"I asked "why are there cat whiskers on my face?"he asked "I don't know"I said "I'm gonna kill you"he said grabbing my waist and pulling me closer my belly created a big space between us "but you look so cute"I said I grabbed my phone and showed him the picture "I don't know if I should post this on Twitter"I said "no Charlotte.."he said he kissed me and took my phone from me and ran away I shrugged and got a water from the fridge he stopped in the living room I went upstairs he went to the bathroom and washed his face and came back laying down next to me he rested his head on my belly "I can't wait"he said looking up at me I smiled at him I was gonna be 3 months next week I had another doctor's appointment "you wanna go eat?"he asked I nodded we got up and went to the car Louis drove us to a diner we walked in and sat down in a booth after a few minutes the waitress came and took our order I ordered a burger, Coke,and some fries Louis ordered some chicken wings and a beer he got up going to the bathroom someone sat next to me I looked up curiously J.C was sitting next to me I felt my eyes widen "hey" he said "hey..."I said cautiously "how's your new boyfriend treating you?"he asked "good"I said he nodded "he takes care of you good,I can tell"he said "yeah"I agreed looking down at my soda "remember I used to take care of you?"he asked "yeah,but the thing is you didn't take care of me"I said he sighed Louis came back he crossed his arms and looked at J.C, J.C stood up and put his hands up in surrender leaving I watched him go Louis sat down next to me "are you OK?"he asked "yeah I'm fine"I said feeling like crap we got our food to go and we went home I fell asleep and woke up an hour later Louis was watching T.V I really needed to use the bathroom I got up and went to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and Louis drew a mustache on me I sighed I used the bathroom and came out Louis was on the bed "hey babe"he said "hey"I said sitting down next to him on the bed he smiled "what?"I asked "you have a little something on your lip"he said "that is why I wanted to talk to you"I said I got on my hands and knees and my face was near his he kissed me and I took the marker out of my back pocket I put it under the pillow and got on top of Louis I held his hands down and grabbed the marker drawing on his face he fought me at first and than he just let it happen he watched as I drew on his face I laughed every inch of his face was covered in black marker he shook his head he smiled and got up going to take a shower I got in with him we washed our faces and Louis just stared my stomach I smiled kissing him we got out and went to bed

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