You and I


18. Kiss You

I covered my mouth and blushed Louis laughed quietly "we know you guys are in there we heard you"Harry said "lads can we have a few minutes to compose ourselves?"Louis asked I heard the door close I laughed leaning my head back "how embarrassing"I said he laughed "it's your fault"he said "no it's yours" I said he put his forehead against mine and laughed "fine it's mine"  I laughed he kissed me "I love you" he said "I love you too" I answered "Am I asleep? Am I awake or somewhere inbetween?I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined Like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss and all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this i'm just the underdog who finally got the girl and I am not ashamed to tell it to the world truly,madly,deeply I am foolishly,completely falling and somehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you'll always keep me truly,madly,crazy,deeply in love with you in love with you.."he sang softly I smiled and kissed him when he finished the song we got ready to go back out and went back downstairs the boys all started laughing as soon as we got downstairs we sat down with them "you horny dogs"Zayn said me and Louis laughed "you and Perrie would probably do the same Zayn"Liam said defending us Harry and Niall were talking quietly and started laughing "what are you two laughing about?you guys would need to get an actual girlfriend to make fun of us"Louis said Harry looked at us surprised and Niall turned pink Louis grabbed my hand kissing it me and Louis danced a few songs before we all went to the apartment and we all got drunk "told you you couldn't hold your drinks Char" Harry said I laughed "shut up" I slurred  they all laughed "I'm going to sleep"I said getting up and almost tripped "we're gonna get going"Harry said getting up I leaned against the wall for support Louis came to me as the boys left "I love you so much" he said I almost slipped but he caught me smiling "I have some very good news" he said "what's that?" I asked giggling "your dad's producers want to sign you" he said "that's gr-awesome"I said I got off the wall going to the arm of the couch and sitting down Louis followed me "you are so beautiful"he said "thank you"I said he pushed his hands through my hair Let's go"I said pulling his hand and leading him to the room I pushed him on the bed I took off my dress and he stared at me and I got on top of him kissing him he laid back kissing me he got on top of me and I started laughing he smiled at me sighing "go to sleep"he said throwing his Superman shirt at me I put it on he laid next to me he hugged me and we fell asleep the next morning Louis kissed my forehead waking me up I groaned turning around and facing him "what time is it?"I asked "10:54"he said "sleep"I mumbled sleepily he smacked my butt "Louis..."I yelled hoarsely  "wake up"he whispered in my ear "no sleep"I said he kissed my cheek "we need to go to the studio babe"he said i took a deep breath and got up going to the bathroom I took a shower and put on a black circular skirt with a Little mermaid cutoff shirt and some black sandals I curled my hair and went to the room Louis was on the bed sleeping I jumped on him "what happened?" he asked jumping up quick "get up"I said "oh,I'm up"he said "hahahaha very funny"I said sarcastically "come on babe"he said pleading with me he sat up kissing me I shook my head "Please"he begged "fine but we have to go Lou"I said I got off him and he bent me over pulling my underwear down he got a condom and he put his penis in slowly I grasped the covers as I bit my lip trying not to cry out he pumped making me moan I grasped the covers tighter he pulled out and flipped me over and he put his penis back in I wrapped my legs around his waist I moaned and he kissed my neck and thrusted hard one last time and I reached my high and he came we laid there breathless he got up discarded the condom and went to take a shower I got up pulling my underwear up and fixed my skirt Louis came out a few minutes later shirtless his regular black jeans he went to the closet there were angry red scratches on his back I walked to him and touched his back "what are you doing?"he asked turning around "I should cut my nails"I said "no I'm fine"he said 'whatever"I said I looked down my sandal ripped "great"I said I took them off throwing them away and put on my black high heels he was on the bed waiting for me 'you should've worn those to bed" he said I leaned down "you ripped my sandals why would I wear my favorite shoes to bed?"I asked "I'll buy you new ones..."he suggested I stood straight "we need to go babe"I said 

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