You and I


34. Isn't she lovely?

Louis left the room and I fell asleep on the chair the next morning I woke up and took a shower did my make up and curled my hair I put on Aztec print leggings a white shirt and a sweater and drove to the hospital I went in and filled out the paper work Louis walked in and I sighed leaning back in my chair I faced forward he sat down next to me I ignored him and the doctor called my name we walked down a hallway they weighed me and measured me when the doctor said I was 4" 9' Louis smiled to himself we went to a room and waited for the doctor Louis sat on the chair next to the bed the doctor came in and smiled at us "you must be Charlotte and Louis right?" she asked I nodded "so how are you guys today?" she asked "good"I answered "so you think you're pregnant?" the doctor asked I nodded "have you taken pregnancy tests?" she asked "I took 6 they came out positive"I said "there's more possibility you're pregnant then"she said "OK we're gonna take a sonogram and we'll find out"she said she sat down on a wheel chair and turned on a few machines she grabbed some clear gel and rubbed it on my stomach she put a piece of tape under my stomach and did the sonogram she looked at the screen at the right "you're pregnant.You're coming along well but you need to eat more If you weight is lower it could increase the chances of your baby not getting enough oxygen and we don't want that"she said then she looked at Louis "and you dad need to keep mom from getting stressed and avoid moving or carrying anything that's heavy"she said Louis nodded and she gave him a little book "well I'll go get some vitamins for you and check back in,in a few weeks"she said I nodded once she gave me the pills we walked outside he grabbed my hand stopping before we went outside I sighed and looked away "babe?"he asked I looked at him unamused "I'm sorry, please, just don't do this to me again"he said I broke away from him and walked to my car I drove home and he followed me we went inside I ate some food and Louis followed me around Louis sat down on the couch as I played with my phone I messed with the ring he gave me he got closer to me and made me look up pulling my chin up with his finger and kissed me I kissed him back he pulled me on top of his lap and continued kissing me he kissed my neck and I pulled him closer to my neck he gave me a hickie he took off my shirt and kissed my stomach he dragged his lips back to mine he flipped me over making me lie down on the couch he hovered on top of me and kissed me dragging his lips down to my neck I arched my back and he unstrapped my bra he pulled down my leggings and underwear he pulled down his pants and underwear his member already hard he pushed his penis in slowly I moaned grasping at his back he thrusted slowly he intertwined our fingers together and pumped slowly I moaned loudly I wrapped my legs around his torso I scratched his back he kissed my neck and thrusted harder I moaned louder he pumped and after a few more minutes I orgasmed and he came he pulled out and pulled up his pants I pulled up my leggings and underwear I put my shirt back on and went upstairs I took a shower when I came out I played my guitar he came up and laid on the bed listening to me play I played Say Something the Alex and Sierra cover "Say something I'm giving up on you,I'll be the one if you want me to,and anywhere I would've followed you Say something I'm giving up on you..."I sang he just watched me I sang Goodbye with Hello by Megan and Liz he watched me intently his eyes filled with tears he wiped his eyes and I stopped singing putting my guitar down and going to bed I fell asleep and he wrapped his arms around me and started snoring lightly in my ear a few weeks passed so I decided to forgive him he kissed me and we went to the studio together I sang a new song Chasing Cars by Ed Sheeran he watched me through the window as Scooter recorded me after that we went to another Doctor's appointment it was a checkup and I sat on the familiar blue bed as the Doctor took out the sonogram kit she rubbed the gel on my belly and looked at the screen she looked at us surprised "what?"I asked tensing up " I'm picking up two heartbeats" she said I looked at Louis shocked he smiled at me reassuringly but I could tell he was scared "well now you're eating for three so you need to eat a lot"she told me after the appointment we went home I sat on the couch he just watched me "I'm hungry"I said getting up and going to the kitchen I made some Chicken Parisian and rice  after that I went to bed it was early but I didn't feel like doing anything I put on some sweats and a big sweater and laid in bed Louis came up "you OK love?"he asked I nodded "I'm fine"I said "you look sad babe" he said lying on the bottom of the bed I shook my head the doorbell rang "I'll go get it"he said he got up and went downstairs I stared at the ceiling "I don't think she wants to talk to you right now"I heard Louis say I got up and went downstairs my mom was standing at the door I bit the inside of my cheek "Char..."my mom said tearfully I put a hand behind my neck and held back tears my hands shook I went upstairs and sat on the edge of the bed I stared at the closet door pushing a hand through my hair my vision was clouded with fresh tears I shook and I couldn't breath Louis came in a few minutes later and walked to me he hugged me and I broke down my tears slid down from my cheeks and I sobbed uncontrollably he just held me I wiped my eyes and stood up Louis looked at me curiously I just wiped my eyes and paced around the room "babe come here"he said holding out his arms I walked to him and he wrapped his arms around me I took a deep breath trying not to cry anymore we laid in bed he starting singing Angels by Mayday Parade and I fell asleep in his arms I woke up the next morning and ran to the bathroom vomiting I sighed and brushed my teeth Louis was awake when I went back to the room "you OK?' he asked rubbing my back I sniffled and nodded he kissed my forehead and went back to sleep

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