You and I


33. Hey There Delilah

I walked in and Louis looked up "hey love"he said "hey"I said "how'd it go?"I asked "great she had a girl"he said I nodded "I have to go take a shower"I said walking he caught my arm and pulled me close to him "you OK?" he asked "fine"I said "I need to go"I said he let go of me and I went upstairs I got in the shower and leaned against the wall when I got out Louis was on the bed staring at the ceiling I tried to swallow the lump in my throat  I sat on the bed and grabbed my guitar I started singing Stop and Stare by OneRepublic he looked at me and watched me play he listened I started playing Say Something by a Great Big World I put the guitar down and he pulled me close to him I faced the wall and turned off the light I cried silently the next morning I woke up and went downstairs he was still asleep and I started to get ready to go to the studio I put on some high waisted jeans and a black crop top with some mokinsons and walked to the studio Niall and the boys were there I walked in and went up to Niall smacking his arm "Ow! what was---oh" he said I crossed my arms I sighed I watched Scooter run around the studio I pushed a hand through my hair and bit my nail Niall watched me I looked up at him "what's up?"I asked "you seem sad"he said I shook my head "angry?"he asked I shook my head again he nodded "Harry and I talked last night"he said I nodded "he told me what happened at your house the other day"he said I just watched as Scooter fixed the microphone he motioned for me to come I got up and went into the booth "first verse again"he said I nodded "Do you remember what he said?I do he told you he'd never ever hurt you Oh here we go again another break up make up when you gonna wake up?I'ma be the one to call him out look how many time he's let you down when's he gonna learn to be a real man?I'll be the one to say your beautiful one more word he never said at all..."I sang and after I finished singing the song I went to a coffee shop I sat down on a table and drank tea deep in thought someone knocked on the window next to me I jumped Harry stood outside he came inside and sat down across from me I took a deep breath it started raining I watched the rain fall outside Harry's eyes never left my face "you alright love?" he asked I sighed I didn't want to lie I wasn't OK but I wasn't sad either I was helpless if he wanted to get back together with Eleanor I wouldn't stop him I looked at the table my eyes filled with tears at the thought of them together I blinked them back I took a deep breath "I'm gonna go home"I said "do you need a ride?" he asked "no I'm good" I said "come on it's pouring out"he said I sighed "fine"I said we walked out and ran to his car I got in and the car ride to my house was quiet I got out and walked up the steps I went inside and he sped away I closed the door and Louis was gone I went upstairs and took a shower once I got out I put on some yoga Capri and a long sleeved shirt and went downstairs Louis was on the couch with Eleanor kissing I covered my mouth and went back upstairs I sat on my bed and put my face in my hands Louis ran upstairs breathless "Char--I.."I held up my hand he stopped talking and I walked into the study across the hall closing the door and locking it I grabbed the bottle of Tequila and threw it against the wall throwing everything I slid and sat down on the floor.Broken. I heard Louis knocking I got up and sat on the big leather chair I pulled my knees closer to my chest hugging them I bit my lip drawing blood I was numb Louis finally figured a way to get in he looked around and looked at me he came closer and I stood up careful not to step on the glass he looked at me sadly I hugged myself "Why?"I asked "I'm sorry we were lost in the moment" he said "What's the point anymore?"I asked "you're clearly still in love with Eleanor what's the point anymore?"I asked my voice rising he came to me in big strides "because I'm not in love with Eleanor anymore I'm in love with you"he said he grabbed my face and I pulled away sniffling I pushed a hand through my hair staring outside 

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