You and I


47. Heartbreak Girl

"Fine than I'll leave"he said getting up from leaning on the boys crib "babe you should let him sleep here and talk to him in the morning"Harry said wrapping an arm around my waist I sighed Harry gave me a kiss before he left he wanted me to have a private conversation with Louis I couldn't sleep that night I just sat in bed Harry called me "hello?"I asked "hey babe you alright?"he asked "yeah I'm fine he's still sleeping and he hasn't woken up yet so I haven't talked to him yet"I said "hmmm"he said "but I have to go pick the boys up from your mom and get them ready for Stella's party"I said "if you want I can pick them up babe"he said "thank you so much"I said "no problem I needed to talk to my mom anyway"he said "ok I'll talk to you later"I said "I love you"he said "love you too"I said someone knocked and Louis poked his head in the door I looked at the door pulling my knees up to my chest he came in sitting down on the edge of my bed "I'm really sorry about last night"he said "you remember last night?"I asked "no but I probably did something stupid and said something I probably regret today"he said I nodded "you actually didn't"I said he nodded "you have a hangover don't you?"I asked "yeah I have a huge hangover I'm never drinking again"he said I laughed "that's not gonna happen and you know it your probably gonna go drink tonight"I said he laughed "probably"he said "look I can't keep having you guys fight over me so I'm breaking up with Harry and I'm not gonna date anyone for a while I could use a huge break from all the drama I just wanna be with the kids and not have one of you down my throat"I said he nodded "you can't keep doing this Louis"I said he looked at his hands "I don't know how well this whole friend thing is gonna go but I wanna try for the kids and you"he said "thank you"I said he nodded "I'm gonna go home and shower"he said I nodded he hugged me kissing my cheek and left that went way better than I planned now all I had to do was break up with Harry and I knew how much it would break his heart he waited for me for so long and he was gonna loose me Harry came after I showered changed and did my hair and make up "hey babe"he said kissing me I moved so he would kiss my cheek "I really need to talk to you"I said he sat down across from me "what's going on?"he asked "I think I need some time for me to be single and it's not your fault you're the best thing I ever had but I just need to get my priorities straight and raise my kids I can't just push them aside so I can have a love life"I said he got up "is it because of Louis?did he tell you something?"he asked "no but now I'm curious what didn't you want him to tell me?"I asked "nothing"he said "no you didn't want him to tell me something what was it?"I asked "it's nothing"he said "ok so if I call Louis right now and ask him he's not gonna know either?"I asked "just forget it"he said walking away I laid back and Leo jumped on my stomach "ow Leo stop"I said he stopped and hugged me putting his head on my chest I changed them and put on my shoes and drove to Stella's party her dad saw me and hugged me I hadn't seen him for almost 2years he hadn't been at my dads funeral and they were supposed to be best friends he came towards me "hey Char these your kids?"he asked "yeah"I said "how old are they"he asked "almost a year"I said "where's Louis?"he asked "he and I aren't together anymore"I said "oh that's too bad you guys made the perfect couple"he said "yeah do you know where Stella is?"I asked "she's in the backyard"he said I went to the backyard and Stella was talking to a couple of people before she noticed me "hey Char what's up?how are the little munchkins"she said grabbing Luke "they're good" I said "where's Harry?"she asked "he's....I have no idea"I said "what do you mean you have no idea"she asked "we broke up this morning I broke up with him Louis and Harry they fought a lot over me and I just couldn't take it anymore"I said she took a deep breath "well my dad kinda hired them today and they haven't come yet but they're on they're way"she said biting her lip worriedly "it's fine Stella"I said she relaxed "well come in eat some cake talk to some people JC has been asking for you so just know he might try to hit on you"she said "got it"I said we went and sat down and I fed the boys some rice and a few minutes later the boys came through the door Louis and Harry looked at me Louis came and said hi hugging the boys and Harry avoided me fixing the microphones with Josh I didn't try to talk to him either JC sat down next to me and I could see Louis stiffen on stage they were just about to sing and he was fixing his earpiece Niall started talking to him and he nodded laughing thank God "Hey Char"JC said "hey JC"I said he stayed quiet for a few minutes "so how old are your kids?"he asked "they're gonna be a year in a few months"I said "oh,that's good so anyways since you and Louis aren't together anymore do you wanna try this again?"he asked "I kinda just wanna be single no boyfriend or anything I just wanna raise my kids right now"I said he nodded his face full of rejection the boys started singing and a familiar song started playing

"If this room was burning I wouldn't even notice cause you've been taking up my mind with your little white lies little white lies"Harry sang

"You say it's getting late,it's getting late and you don't know if you can stay if you can stay,but you,you don't tell the truth no you,you like playing games yeah"Liam sang

"Your hands touching me they're touching me and your eyes keep saying things they're saying things they're saying what we do when it's only me and you I can't concentrate"Louis sang looking at me and as Harry sang the chorus he watched me I looked at the kids avoiding his eye contact this was seriously childish of them to put me on the spot I grabbed the boys and rushed to Stella "Hey I have to go I'm so sorry I forgot to bring diapers for the boys and I have to go"I said in her ear she hugged me "it's ok"she said I left and I could hear the boys finish the song Harry rushed after me "where are you going?"he asked slamming the car door as I opened it "let me go Harry I need to go home"I said he leaned in closer he had been drinking "why didn't you like the song?"he asked "Harry..."I said "what no I would love to hear your explanation and if it's cause your gonna get back together with Louis tell me"he said

"I'm not getting back together with anyone"I said he put his arms on either side of my head "why not?you have two kids together why not?"he asked I sighed he pulled my chin up to look up at him he leaned in and I ducked under him putting the boys in their car seats and pulling the door handle he pushed it closed "Harry come on mate we need to go"Louis said trying to lead drunk Harry away from me "tell her to stop being so self centered"he said pointing at me "Harry what the hells the matter with you?"Louis asked I got in the car and drove away I got home put the boys to bed and changed in some yoga Capri and a grey spaghetti shirt I put my hair up into a ponytail and watched tv I fell asleep on the couch and knocking woke me up I got up blindly walking to the door I opened it and Harry was leaning against the porch wall "hey love"he slurred "what are you doing here?"I asked wiping my eyes "I came to see you"he said putting an arm around my shoulder he led me to the couch "do you know how disappointed I was when you broke up with me today?i waited for so long to get into a relationship with you and you broke it off within the first few days"he said I just sat there listening "the sex was great"he said making me blush and look at the floor he pulled my chin up with his index finger "I love you so much,do you still wanna know the secret I didn't want Louis to tell you?"he asked I looked at him curiously "I was supposed to ask you to marry me,management said you were a great asset and we couldn't let you leave I was supposed to try to get you back but--..."he shrugged trailing off I bit my lip Harry left and I went to bed we were supposed to go to a dinner tomorrow at Stella's house and Louis and the boys were supposed to be there I woke up and took a shower I put on a short black dress it was tight on the top and the skirt was loose and it looked like a tutu I put on my make up lotion I got the boys ready and curled the tips of my hair I got in my car and went to Stella's house I was wearing high heels they tied around the ankle and we waited patiently waiting for someone to answer the door Stella came and we hugged she led me into a room where a lot of little kids were running around a few girls stood watching over them I kissed the boys' forehead before I left she led me to the dining room and I sat down next to Louis we all started eating and talking Louis put his hand on my thigh Liam asked me a question and I couldn't concentrate "I'm sorry what?"I asked Liam as Louis's hand slid up my leg I swallowed the lump in my throat "I asked you when are you gonna have the kids' party?"he asked "on their birthday"I said trying to concentrate Liam nodded and turned away joining other peoples conversation Louis's hand was going higher until he felt the hem of my panties he pushed his fingers in and I pursed my lips trying so hard not to moan out loud I could feel myself turn red and he continued fingering me I gnawed on my lip trying not to moan out loud as he added another finger I put my napkins on my lap fidgeting nervously he smirked next to me talking to Niall as if he weren't fingering me "are you gonna throw the kids a theme birthday party?"Niall asked I blew air out of my cheeks "umm maybe I don't know"I said I cried out everyone looked at me "sorry I got a cramp"I said grabbing my foot and moving it around everyone went back to eating he pulled his fingers out and I moaned quietly pulling my dress down "excuse me"I said getting up and going to the bathroom he followed me mumbling something like "I'm gonna see if she's ok"to the boys I pushed the bathroom door open and he followed me closing the door and pressed me against it he lifted me up kissing me I kissed him back I missed him like hell I pushed my fingers through his hair "I missed you so much"he said holding me up in his arms my legs were wrapped around his torso he kissed me again I wrapped my arms around his neck and fell deeper into the kiss he kissed my neck and I put my feet on the floor he pulled me in by my waist and kissed me slipping his hands up my dress I pushed my hand down to the button on his jeans and popped it open he pushed his jeans down I could feel his penis was already hard and I laughed as he kissed my neck he pulled me onto the counter and pulled down my panties he picked my legs up laying me down on the counter he rested my legs on his shoulders and pulled his boxers down he pushed his penis in and I grabbed a hand towel putting it in my mouth he thrusted and I moaned quietly he started to thrust quicker and rougher I moaned out he covered my mouth and leaned down on me kissing my neck which made it even harder to be quiet he continued thrusting and I reached my high as he was about to cum he pulled out cumming in the toilet I was breathless I pulled my panties up and fixing my dress and my hair I fixed my lipstick red streaks crossed my face I wiped off all the stray lipstick marks and I walked out before Louis he came out a few minutes after I sat down I continued eating he put his hand on my thigh and we all ate and talked we went home and he came over we put the kids to bed and sat on the couch talking about what we were gonna do "seriously love Harry literally drank so much he blacked out not even Niall gets that drunk and he's Irish"Louis said I shook my head "do you see the effect you have on men?"he asked I laughed putting my face in my hands he pulled my face up he came closer kissing me he held my wrist as he slid his tongue in my mouth I bit his lip softly dragging it out he smiled "so when can we get back together?"he asked "I don't know are you and Harry gonna stop fighting over me?"I asked "probably not"he said looking at the floor my legs were over his and he put his hands on my legs running his hands back and forth making goosebumps rise on my skin he smiled seeing them on my legs I smiled he was an evil little shit he kissed me and dragged his fingers through my hair "can we please try for the boys?"he asked "not right now Lou I...."I trailed off he nodded "after the boys party?"he asked "maybe.."I said "but this will be a regular thing right?"he asked "what?"I asked confused "this..."he said kissing me and dragged his fingers up my legs he got on top of me and opened my legs he got in between them kissing me he pulled away breathless I nodded and he kissed me "when did you get those shoes?"he asked "I had these"I said looking at them"no you didn't"he said "how would you know Mr.Shoe expert?"I asked "because those are sexy and I think I would've noticed when you wore those"he said I laughed putting my legs down "fine I might've went shopping last week"I said he shook his head "you shop too much"he said "and you breath too much"I said he laughed "oh right I forgot girls shop like they breath"he said "don't forget it fool"I said he laughed we fell asleep on the couch and weeks passed and the boys party was coming up I decorated the house Leo like Spongebob and Luke liked Superman just like his dad so I got half Spongebob cake and half Superman I put it in the fridge and got ready Louis was supposed to come over and help but he never did I put on a circular mint skirt and a cropped black shirt with the shoes I wore to Stella's party I put on some gold bracelets and curled my hair putting in feather earrings and everyone started showing up the boys wore button up shirts an jeans with some new converse they ran around with some cousins and little kids I waited and Louis came in with two huge boxes I helped him put them by the presents and he kissed my cheek and I led him to where everyone was he talked to some of my uncles and aunts I handled everything the pizza was being handed out and they put on some music really loud and since I was part Mexican they put some Mexican music on I taught Louis how to dance bachata he was the worst and we brought the cake out and the boys were happy with their cake I snapped a few pictures and they blew out their candles everyone clapped and I handed out cake Louis 'helped' me by standing in the way and grabbing a piece of cake for himself after the party it was like 4in the morning like most Mexican parties it lasted a long time I turned the music off and started cleaning Louis put his arms around my waist dancing to no music I rolled my eyes "what are you doing Louis?"I asked "celebrating"he said "what?"I asked "me and you,you said after the kids party and I waited for you for three months now is it?"he asked I laughed shaking my head and resting it on his shoulder he kissed my forehead "fine Louis yes were dating since you waited so long"I said he laughed kissing me

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