You and I


13. Half A Heart

My phone bleeped I looked at the screen it was a text from my mom 'call me' it said I called her "Charlotte" she said "Mom what's wrong?" I asked "sweetie your dad and I are getting a divorce" she said sadly "what?"I asked "I'm so sorry"she said the pain in her voice broke my heart I dropped my phone "Char,What's wrong?" he asked once Louis asked that I broke again failing to keep the pieces together I hugged him crying until I couldn't cry anymore "what's wrong love?" he asked "my mom and dad are getting a divorce" I said monotone I was emotionally drained he lightly dragged his fingers on my back making me sleepy I cried silently and fell asleep I woke up in the middle of the night and Louis was still awake watching T.V but I could tell he was tired "Louis what are you doing?"I asked hoarse from crying and sleep"nothing love,just go to sleep" he said I pulled him down from his sitting position and hugged him he hugged me tighter the next morning he was still sleeping next to me snoring "Louis"I shook him he groaned he opened his eyes "What's wrong Char?" he asked "aren't you gonna go to work?"I asked "not today" he said "why?"I asked "I wanted to stay with you" he said "you don't have to do that babe"I said "why didn't you go to bed last night?"I asked "you were crying in your sleep" he said softly "I didn't want to leave you alone while you were heartbroken"my eyes filled with tears I hugged him  "I'm so sorry love from the bottom of my heart" he said I laid my head on his chest "So your friends been telling me you've been sleeping with my sweater bet my friends been telling you i'm not doing much better cause I'm missing half of me and bein here without you is like I'm waking up to only half a blue sky kinda there but not quite I'm walking round with just one shoe I'm half a heart without you...." he sang and kissed my forehead my phone rang on the floor I  grabbed it and it was my dad I didn't answer he  kept calling so I finally answered"hello?"I answered "Charlotte what is this crap? I still keep reading things that say you and Louis are still together" he said I stayed quiet "how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from my clients?" "Leave me alone Micheal"I said I hung up and turned off my phone I took a shower and put on Louis' jean Button up shirt with my  mokinsons and my leggings I came out and Louis was on the bed fully dressed "do you want to come with me?" he asked "where?" I asked "the studio" I nodded and we walked in and we saw my dad smack his assistants ass again Louis looked at me I smiled as best as I could to reassure him I was fine we walked in "Charlotte....Louis" my dad said getting up he came closer to me he grabbed my face hard"you've been a very bad girl lately,you've been ungrateful,disrespectful,and  defiant" his breath smelled like Tequila or Scotch he let go of me "You two aren't gonna see each other anymore got it?" he asked nobody said anything the office got really quiet everyone stopped working "I'm talking to you!" he yelled grabbing my wrist "Let go of me!I'm not a little girl I can take care of myself!" I yelled back breaking from his grasp "this isn't Romeo and Juliet,you're not going to die because of him"he said pulling up my sleeves exposing my cuts everything went silent everyone stopped in their tracks "Oh,so now you're worried about me?what happened to that douche guy who just smacked his assistants ass?"he slapped me the boys who I just realized were in the room pulled my dad away from me I walked out "Charlotte!!"he yelled "come back here!"I heard footsteps behind me I assumed it'd be Louis "Charlotte!" I turned around it was Harry he reached me "you OK?" he asked I scoffed "Louis asked me to give you a ride home"he said "so he's listening to my dad?"I asked "no,he's talking to him now he just want you to go home and lie down for a while" I sighed and nodded we drove home in complete silence I looked out the window avoiding eye contact "how's your cheek?" he asked I shrugged we pulled into Louis's apartments "I thought you were taking me home"I said "I am,we're here,Louis made it clear he didn't want you at your dad's house when he was like that" he said I nodded and we went upstairs I opened the door "Do you want something soda,beer,tequila?" I asked "no i'm good"he said we sat down on the couch "can I see your arm?" he asked I held out my arm he turned it over 6 scars and 6 new cuts "why did you do it?" he asked running his fingers through them "I wanted to feel something,I wanted to feel anything,I was,am broken and I was numb"I said tears slid down my cheeks I wiped them "I should go"he said "OK"I got up he hugged me "Stay Strong"he whispered in my ear he let me go and left

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