You and I


27. Gotta Be You

I threw them away and came out he was on the bed he sat up looking at me I bit my lip and nodded "you have to tell him"he said I nodded he led me out of the hotel and we drove to Louis' apartment we went upstairs and knocked Louis answered the door his eyes were red and puffy "what are you guys doing here?"he asked "I have to talk to you"I said he moved aside and we went in sitting down on the couch "do you guys want a beer?"he asked I shook my head "no"Harry said Louis raised his bottle of beer to his lips "what's going on?"Louis asked "I'm pregnant"I said he looked at me unreadably "whose is it?"he asked I felt like I'd been slapped in the face "you know what never mind"I said getting up and walking out Harry followed me I got in his car slamming the door I slumped in the seat Harry got in and he drove me to the hotel "you should stay with me"he said "no I don't want them to think we are having an affair and...I'm pregnant"I said it changed everything I still  couldn't believe he asked me whose it was Brooke texted me Funeral at 4:00 pm Saturday I went inside I rode the elevator up to my floor I went into my room and laid down touching my stomach I called my mom back she answered on the first ring "oh,sweetie"she said once she spoke my eyes filled with tears "hi mom"I said "how are you doing? I heard about your dad and Louis" she said "I'm fine considering"I said looking at my stomach "oh sweetie I'm so sorry I told your dad to tell you long before this happened"she said "you knew dad had cancer?"I asked "yeah sweetie I'm sorry your dad asked me not to tell you and I had to respect his wishes"she said I sighed "um...I have to tell you something"I said "OK"she said "I'm ....I'm pregnant"I said my mom gasped "honey you have to tell Louis"she said "I did"I said my voice broke and my eyes filled with tears "what did he say?"she asked "whose is it"I said my tears sliding down my cheek "oh sweetie.."she said I wiped my tears "It's OK I'll raise the baby by myself" I said "OK babe"she said "I have to go mom"I said "OK baby I love you"she said "Love you too"I said I hung up and got my bags from the front of the hotel taking them down to my car I checked out of the hotel and drove to the house I went inside and stood in the hallway for a long time looking at the blank walls tomorrow was my dad's funeral I got up going to the store and getting what I needed for tonight I picked an outfit for tomorrow I picked out a tight black dress and a black overcoat with black heels I still had to do so much I went to the master bedroom the covers were still there so was Louis' shirt I picked it up and sat up against the wall I sighed and it started raining I sat there looking at the window as the rain drops hit the window I got up and took a shower I went to sleep and I got up the next morning running to the bathroom I threw up and flushed it brushing my teeth I curled my hair and put on the dress I did  my make up and put on my shoes I drove to the mourning at his house Brooke was greeting everyone he stomach got bigger she hugged me "how are you holding up?"she asked "I've been better"I said "I'm sorry"she said I nodded and went inside I stopped in my tracks Louis was talking to my mom I turned around and went back to Brooke "Brook...What's Louis doing here?"I asked "Isn't he your fiancee?"she asked I shook my head "Oh,I'm sorry"she said sheepishly "It's fine"I said going back inside I went to a shelf that was full of pictures of my dad and I when I was little I blinked back tears I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned around and saw my mom she hugged me 'I'm so sorry baby"she said I wrapped my arms around her and started crying she wiped my eyes and calmed me Louis was just staring at me his jaw flexed and he turned away we went to the cemetery for the burial we stood there in the cold as the priest read from his bible my hands were at my sides but I felt something fall in my pocket I left it there and once the funeral ended I went to my car I took out a piece of paper and a key "meet me for coffee?-Lou Xx" I sighed he gave me the key to his apartment I drove there and knocked he answered the door he pulled me inside and kissed me I didn't care I kissed him back I took off my coat and he kissed my neck down to my breasts we went to the room and I pushed him on the bed and took off my black dress he stared at my black lacey bra and underwear he sat up taking off his shirt he kissed my stomach all the way up to my lips I kicked off my shoes and he laid back kissing me I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear I took off my underwear and got on top of him putting his penis in me he rolled over and pumped he kissed me I grasped at his back scratching it he went faster I moaned and the bed springs squeaked he got off and opened my legs he licked my clit and made me moan louder I pulled his hair and he came up kissing me he put his penis back in and pumped fast and hard he made me orgasm and he came I laid down next to him  we were breathless he just stared at me I sat up putting my underwear back on I put my face in my hands he kissed my shoulder I got up putting on my dress "where are you going?"he asked "home"I said throwing his key on the bed I put on my shoes and walked out of the room grabbing my coat "wait"Louis said putting on his underwear he followed me he pulled my arm he pinned me against the wall "don't go"he said his lips were inches from mine he kissed me and put his hand in my hair pulling it softly "please"he pleaded I shook my head and ducked under him to leave he sighed as I left I drove home and took another shower I got out and put on a loose shirt and some short shorts I watched TV and the doorbell rang I got up and opened the door Louis stood there he came in and kissed me he pulled me upstairs and pushed me onto the bed he got on top of me and kissed me pulling off my shorts and underwear he kissed me pulling his pants down he bent me over and put his penis in me slowly I grasped the covers he thrusted faster and faster I moaned loudly he put his hands on my back and thrusted harder he pulled out and turned me over he kissed my neck and pushed his penis in slowly I wrapped my legs around his waist he gave me a hickie I pulled his hair and he kissed my arms he pushed up my shirt exposing my breasts and stomach I reached my high and he came he laid on top of me and kissed me he got up and went to the bathroom I got up fixing my underwear and going downstairs I closed the door and turned everything off going back upstairs and turned on the Christmas lights as I went in the room

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