You and I


25. Going Nowhere

We came home a few hours later exhausted we laid down he hugged me "Thank you"I whispered "for what?"he asked "for trying to get my mind off things"I said "what did you want me to do?wait around and let you be sad?I couldn't do that to you"he said grabbing my hand and messing with the ring he gave me "so how do you like your ring?"he asked "I love it"I said he kissed me "If this wouldn't have cheered you up I probably would've thrown you in the pool"he said I looked at him "yeah I would've with that damn phone in your pocket"he said I laughed and kissed him we fell asleep and the next day we had to go to the studio I recorded an Ed Sheeran song "Settle down with me,cover me up,cuddle me in,lie down with me and hold me in your arms your hearts against my chest your lips pressed to my neck I'm falling for your eyes but they don't know me yet and with a feeling I'll forget I'm in love now..kiss me like you wanna be loved..."I sang Louis smiled at me from the other side he listened and nodded his head once we were finished at the studio he led me the opposite way from home "Louis where are we--" "shh it's a secret" he interrupted he pulled me and we stopped in front of an dark empty house he ran inside letting go of my hand I ran after him "Louis!"I scream whispered he popped out scaring me "come on Louis we're not  supposed to be in here"I said "we are allowed in here"he said dangling house keys in my face I looked at him and he smiled at me I couldn't help but smile I took the keys and Louis ran outside I ran after him a huge jumping house was blown up he was bouncing inside "come on!"he yelled I ran inside we jumped around and wrestled when we got tired we laid down looking at the stars I kissed him he kissed my forehead and reached around my waist to my pocket he took my phone out and got up jumping "Louis!"I screamed as he made me bounce I kicked his butt he stopped bouncing "oh hell no you didn't" he said he jumped down he hovered over me and leaned in I bit my lip he smacked my butt and jumped up I laughed "Louis Tomlinson" "Charlotte Tomlinson"he said putting his hands on his hips I laughed he sat down next to me "when do you wanna get married?"he asked "can't wait huh?"I asked "no" he said I put my head on his shoulder "me neither"I said "we should do it over the summer"he said "I shrugged "you still like me right?"he asked I laughed "yes Lou I still like you"I said he kissed me "is this ours?"I asked "no but I could buy it for you babe,If you want it"he said "no I was just curious" I said "we should sleep here"he said "where?" I asked "here"he said looking around "we need covers"I said "I have some in the house"he said getting up and running inside he came outside and pushed the covers inside the bouncy house "If this stops in the middle of the night I'll kill you"I said he looked around "we should sleep inside than cause I don't know about that and I'm too pretty to die"he said I laughed rolling my eyes he led me inside we went to the biggest room in the house we laid down and he kissed me I took off his shirt and kissed his neck he moaned and took my shirt off he kissed my neck and down to my breasts I took a deep breath and unbuttoned his jeans I got on top of him and kissed him he took off his pants and I did the same he pulled off my underwear and pushed his penis in I slid down and opened my legs wider he kissed my stomach and thrusted hard and fast I moaned loudly he thrusted the last few times and I orgasmed he pulled out cumming I took a deep breath and put on his shirt laying down next to him he hugged me and we fell asleep the next day I woke up alone "Louis!"I yelled out hoarsely I didn't hear anybody I went to the balcony at the top of the stairs and leaned against it Louis came in "hey Romeo"I said he looked up and smiled at me he came up the stairs fast and hugged me kissing me I pulled the bag of food away from him "so you just wanted me for my food?"he asked "my food now"I said taking out a bagel and biting into it he stuck his tongue  out at me I laughed and gave him back the bag of food he took out two juice boxes I laughed putting my bagel on the balcony I wiped the tears from my eyes "what?they're just juice boxes"he said defensively "yes they are babe"I said he gave one to me and we sat on the floor eating "you feeling better?" he asked I shrugged and looked at my nails "I just can't imagine life without my dad I mean I know we've had our differences but ...I knew this would happen I never thought it'd be this soon though"I said he grabbed my hand and squeezed it "it's OK love"he said my phone rang in the other room I got up and ran to it I got it out from under my pillow "hello?"I answered "Char" "Brooke?"I asked "yeah"she sniffled "Brooke what's going on are you OK?"I asked "I have some terrible news"she said I tensed up "what's wrong?"I asked "your dad,he...died last night"she said sobbing my eyes filled with tears

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