You and I


31. Give Me Love

Louis and I drove to the law firm we went inside and Louis sat down in a chair I went up to the secretary "name?"she asked "Charlotte Rose La Baouff"I said she typed it into her computer and looked up "OK if you could just have a seat  he'll be right with you"she said I nodded and left sitting next to Louis he grabbed my hand I smiled at him we waited for about 5 minutes before the door opened a guy came out yelling I looked at Louis wide eyed the guy left slamming the door a middle aged balding man came out he rubbed his forehead whispering something to his secretary she stood up and went outside he turned around looking at us "Charlotte?"  he asked I nodded standing up "come in"he said going into his office I followed  behind him he closed the door behind me and he walked behind the desk and sat down holding his tie to his chest he sighed and typed on his computer he pulled up a word document "your dad was a very good friend of mine I'm sorry for your loss" he said I nodded "well  your dad left quite a few things for you ,he left all his money to you but he wanted me to tell you not to give any to your mom"he said "why?"I asked confused he took a deep breath "your father confided in me that he caught your mom stealing from him after the divorce and your mom was seeing a married man when they were married"he said I felt like I'd been slapped in the face "your mom went to San Francisco for a year he thought she might've gotten pregnant..he hired a private investigator his suspicions were confirmed"he said getting something from a cabinet he got a manila folder and gave it to me I was scared to open it but I did there were pictures of my mom when she was younger with a man I closed it he opened a tiny drawer in his desk and gave me my dad's ring I put it on my thumb "can I keep these?"I asked looking at the folder in my hands he nodded "your dad left the house to Brooke and the baby we have a few more matters to deal with but that's more legal matters"he said I nodded I cleared my throat "that's all for today"he said handing me a stack of papers I took it and I shook his hand I came out and Louis looked up at me I got to him and he stood up he took my hand and we walked to the car we drove around I leaned my head against the window "you alright babe?" he asked I looked at him "yeah you mind If we visit my mom?"I asked he nodded we drove to San Francisco and pulled into my mom's house and I went to the porch Louis was waiting in the car I took a deep breath the folder seemed 20 pounds heavier I knocked and a guy answered I was so close to crying right there we just stared at each other before my mom came "hey babe"she said hugging me I stood stiff "come in"she said we went inside the guy went away we sat down "what's going on?"she asked "I met dad's lawyer today"I said "yeah?What happened?"she asked "dad left me his money he left the house to Brooke and the baby"I said "really?"she asked I nodded biting the sides of my cheek "yep his lawyer told me some interesting things"I said "like what?"she asked "that you have another kid,you cheated on dad,and you stole money from dad" I said she looked down "is it true?" I asked "....yes you have a brother"she said pointing to the room I put my face in my hands "I have to go mom"I said getting up and going to the door "wait sweetie"she said "no mom I have to go"I said I walked out and turned around and shoved the folder in her hands we drove home and we sat on the couch "what's wrong love?"Louis asked hugging my waist "My mom had another kid I have a brother"I said he kissed my forehead "you should get to know him"he said I nodded and kissed him "you should apologize to Harry"I said "for what?"he asked "you almost pumbled him the other night"I said he looked at me loosening his grip on my waist "that was a legitimate reason Kendall--..."I cut him off "Kendall is obviously an instigator everyone was having a good time until she started the fight with Harry she shouldn't have put him in that place"I said he looked at my hands "why are you protecting him?"he asked "what are you talking about?"I asked "you just wanna blame everything on Kendall when he chooses to stay with her"he said "I don't want to blame everything on Kendall"I said I sighed and he got up "you really need to figure out why you keep protecting him than"he said walking out I put a hand through my hair he slammed the door I flinched and closed my eyes leaning my head against the back of the couch I sighed and went upstairs grabbing my guitar I played Sunburn by Ed Sheeran Louis came in sitting on the bed and listened he changed he was wearing sweats and a shirt with a beanie once I finished he kissed me "I'm sorry love"he said "It's OK"I said "I'll apologize to Harry"he said I kissed his cheek we watched Pretty Little Liars on the bed he put his arms around me "you remind me of her"he said pointing to the screen I looked up and saw Aria "how?"I asked "the way you guys dress and you both have good looking boyfriends"he said I rolled my eyes and laughed "OK"I said "and your both short"he said I looked at him and slapped his arm "Ow!"he exclaimed "that's what you get"I said he laughed and we watched the show and made out basically and we fell asleep 

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