You and I


14. For The Love Of A Daughter

My phone kept bleeping letting me know I had messages I was scared to open them they were from my dad the messages  ran along the lines of "get your ass home and get your shit" I got my car keys and drove to my dads house I walked in and he was sitting on the kitchen table drinking I went inside my room my mom was crying packing my things "Mom?"I asked she turned around her eyes were puffy and red she walked toward me and hugged me "what's wrong?" I asked "Louis told me what happened,I'm so sorry baby" she said "It's OK mom"I said "no it's not your father had no right saying those things"she said "really?"I heard my dad say behind me "yes really" she insisted "why couldn't I tell my own daughter what to do?" he asked "because you haven't given two shits about her since the moment you got that damn job" she threw back into his face my mom turned around and continue to pack my stuff she handed me two duffel bags and a suitcase "here you go sweetie I'm gonna go live with your Aunt in San Francisco for the time being I love you so so much honey'she said fidgeting with the collar of Louis' shirt she sniffled and hugged me I hugged her back tight "I love you too mom"I said in her ear she let me go  she smoothed down my hair and  I turned around my dad was standing in the doorway I tried walking past him but he caught my arm tight i looked forward jerking my arm out of his grasp I drove back to Louis' apartment I got there and sat in my car for a few minutes I put my head on the wheel and took a deep breath I took my bags out of my car and went inside I knocked he answered and helped me with my bags kissing me "you alright love?" he asked "yeah I'm just reeling,my mom is moving to San Francisco and my dad...."I trailed off he nodded pulling me close hugging me tight "I'm sorry babe none of this should've ever happened,your dad is a really stubborn man" he said I exhaled he kissed my forehead "would you mind moving to London with me?" he asked "I wouldn't but can we wait?" I asked he looked at me "for what?" he asked "I wanna study here"I said "study what?" "cosmetology" he stared at me blankly "hair makeup nails?"  I said "Oh, you should Lou is planning a vacation and we haven't found a replacement"he said "you do know it'll take a while before I graduate right?"I asked "yeah but I mean we are taking a vacation too you know we could take you to meet the boy's families and I could give you a tour of London,but I have to warn you I live with the boys in London in one flat"he said "that's fine"I said "you hungry?" he asked "sure I could eat"I said "OK sit down and I'll make you something to eat"he said "Lou?" I asked "yeah love"he turned and faced me "do you know how to cook?" I asked "of course"he said unwrapping his arms from me and going into the kitchen I got some cloths from my bag and went to go change in the room I put on a batman sweatshirt and a pair of shorts I went back to Louis I wrapped my arms around him as he cooked he turned around hugging me "what are you cooking?"I asked trying to look over his shoulder he stood up taller blocking my view "are you cooking Ramen noodles in a pan?"I asked "no"he said "I looked over his shoulder and there was a square of noddles on the pan burning"Lou!"I screamed taking the pan off the stove and putting it in the sink turning on the water I turned around looking at him he smiled sheepishly and I rolled my eyes "I'll cook Lou"I said moving him aside "the boys are coming over"he said as I took out a bag of french fries and a bag of frozen chicken nuggets "OK,what are we gonna do?"I asked "Probably watch a movie...I got you a present" he said slipping out of the kitchen he came back a few seconds later with his hands behind his back I looked at him warily "what do you have?"I asked he pulled out a tiny puppy Dalmatian from behind him "aww Lou"I said he handed me the puppy "I just thought you might not want to be alone while I'm at work in the studio so I got you this little guy"he said petting the dog "I love him babe"I said getting on my tippy toes and kissing him he smiled in the middle of our kiss and someone knocked "I'll go get it"he said I put the dog down and sat on the counter I put on some music "yesterday" by The Beatles played and I watched the oil heat up in the pan I wondered why my dad was acting like that all of a sudden "Char?"Louis asked "yeah?" "you OK?you kinda zoned out there"he said "I'm fine,what's up?"I asked "the boys are here"he said "yeah,OK I'll get you guys some beers or something"I said he nodded and left I got off the counter and started cooking Niall came in the kitchen "mmm food"he said grabbing a french fry and leaving I laughed I finished cooking and went to the living room the boys were standing around drinking their beers I grabbed my bags "Char you officially moving in?" Liam asked Harry punched his arm "Ow what?"he asked I gave him a tight smile and left going to put my stuff away I turned on the Christmas lights in our room and put my stuff away I decided to name the puppy Tramp from the Lady and the Tramp we walked together to the living room and I picked him up sitting down on the couch with him we sat down and Zayn was acting crazy "Vas Happening?!"he shouted as Tramp came near him Tramp back away Louis threw a pillow at him we all laughed as he fell backwards "Zayn is that beer getting to you?"I asked "no.."he said lying on the floor Niall got up and went to the phone "hello is tha Docta?" he asked we all cracked up Harry,Liam,and Niall got on Zayn "if you guys break the chair you're gonna pay for it"Louis threatened they all got up at once leaving Zayn on the floor I smiled laughing laughing to myself I yawned "OK everyone it's time to go my princess is tired"Louis announced "no"I protested "too bad missy its past your bedtime"he said speaking to me as if I were a little girl Tramp went up to Zayn and licked his face"Vas happening Tramp?" he asked Harry helped him up "come on mate it's time to go"he said they all said goodbye kissing my cheek and hugging me 

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