You and I


37. Drunk

The next day we woke up I put on some light pink Capri jeans with little white polka dots and a black shirt with some flats we went to the studio and started recording "Say something I'm giving up on you,I'll be the one if you want me to,and anywhere I would've followed you,Say something I'm giving up on you,"he sang I started singing with him "and I will stumble and fall,I'm still learning to love just starting to crawl,and I will swallow my pride you're the one that I love,and I'm saying goodbye Say something I'm giving up on you and I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you and anywhere I would've followed you..."we recorded that verse for like two hours and went home with Chinese takeout Louis drank some beers while he watched a Soccer game I ate on the couch next to him he watched the game and I texted Daniel he said he talked to my mom saying that we should all go to lunch I texted him back saying I didn't really feel good even though it was a lie he texted back for a rain check and I didn't answer Louis turned the T.V off and I looked at him "what are you doing?"I asked he laid his head on my knee "I love you"he said "you're drunk"I said he laughed "no"he put his finger on the tip of my nose he started making faces at me I just laughed he exhaled "do you know how much I love your smile?"he asked I smiled blushing I kissed him he tasted like beer "we have an interview tomorrow I want you to come with us"he said I nodded "let's get to bed babe your drunk"I said "no I'm fine"he slurred I laughed "come on"I said getting up and grabbing his arm he got up and almost tripped over me he stumbled upstairs he laid in bed and I pulled off his pants "whoa babe!"he yelled I laughed and took off his shirt he pulled me on top of him "come on go to sleep"I said "did I tell you how beautiful you are?"he asked "go to sleep Tommo"I said I got up and changed he started snoring and I went to bed the next day when we woke up it was late and it was already spring it was hot outside so I put on a pair of white shorts and a thin grey sweater it showed my back and we went to the Studio where the boys and Louis were gonna do their interview we went inside and the representative showed us inside the interviewer a girl named Jo was wearing leggings Jordan's and a crop top they sat down on a couch they were all introduced and the camera started rolling "hello L.A on this sunny day we're here with the hottest boy band,One Direction"Jo introduced them everyone clapped "so you guys just got off tour a few months ago what have you been up to?"she asked "we've been taking a break we're gonna sign a new contract for another three years so Directioners don't have a thing to worry about"Harry answered Jo nodded "do you guys have any new girlfriends?'she asked "Louis,Liam and I are the only ones in relationships"Zayn said "yeah Harry what happened with Kendall?"she asked everyone looked at Harry "we grew apart we weren't really a good match we just tried to make it work but it just didn't"Harry said Jo nodded "so Louis how is Char?"she asked "she's good,we are expecting,she's pregnant"Louis said proudly "really?"Jo asked "yeah we're not sure but it might be twins"he said "Oh my God Congratulations"Jo said "thank you"he said "so how long have you guys been together?"Jo asked "we've been together for almost a year,In the summer it'll be a year about a few days after her birthday"he said he looked at me and I smiled "Is she here?" Jo asked "yeah she is"he said holding out his hand for me I took it and he sat me on his lap "wow you're beautiful"she said "thank you"I said blushing she smiled "well can you guys sing something for us?"Jo asked the boys they looked at each other "let's sing more than this"Harry exclaimed everyone looked at him startled it was silent for a few heartbeats "ok here's One Direction singing More than this"Jo announced a producer gave Niall a guitar he strummed the familiar melody "I'm broken do you hear me,I'm blinded cause you are everything I see,I'm dancing alone,I'm praying that your heart will just turn around,and as I walk up to your door my head turns to face the floor cause I can't look you in the eye and say"Liam sang Harry started sing "when he opens his arms and hold you close tonight it just won't feel right cause I can love you more than this when he lays you down I might just die inside it just won't feel right cause I can love you more than this"Harry sang looking at me his gaze never left my eyes Louis watched him his jaw flexed Harry sang louder and more emotionally than the other boys the once boys finished singing everyone clapped and they stopped rolling we got up and walked to our car he kissed me resting his hand on my stomach he smiled and grabbed my hand we drove home and it started raining the grey sky cover the whole city

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