You and I


11. Don't Forget Where You Belong

Months passed and the tour ended I came home and no one was home.Or so I thought I went to my bedroom and my dad sat on my bed looking at the note it was crinkled and he looked at it intently he looked up as I came in.I could tell he was angry he rubbed his hands together he didn't say anything he just got out leaving with the note not even bothering to say hello I understood he was a cold man I unpacked and took a shower I got out and grabbed my guitar as my hair dried I played Hold On Till May by Pierce The Veil and waited until my mom came home I was drawing a flower and waited Louis was gonna come over which i imagined would be horrible I heard someone knock on my door and my mom popped her head in she smiled at me and I got up hugging her "how are you doll?" she asked "i'm good I missed you"I said "I missed you more"she said touching my cheek "How's Louis?" she asked "he's good he said he was gonna come over which is probably gonna end up really badly" I said "why?" she asked "him and dad had this huge fight before I left they kept fighting over who was old enough to make their own decisions you know dad" I said throwing myself onto my bed and sighing "don't worry if he comes I'll let him in" she said winking I looked at her weirdly "What?I want some grand kids"she said I laughed throwing a pillow at her she ducked it and blew me a kiss before leaving my dad texted me to go to his studio. I got up and drove to the studio I got there and Louis was there with my dad and a few other people including the boys I went in as he smacked his assistants butt "dad?" I asked he got up "Charlotte" he said he walked over to me and took me by my arm and sat me next to Louis he was drinking I could tell "my two favorite people" he said looking at us "you wanna know why you're my two favorite people?cause you listen" he squatted down in front of me "you two aren't going to see anymore got it?" he asked we didn't answer "hello?anybody home?" he asked waving his hand in our faces "how did you know?" I asked "oh, how did I know?well let's see" he got up walking up to a coffee table and pulled a stack of magazines slamming them down in front of me "that is how" he said "I don't think you should be telling me what to do" I said "really?"he asked "yes I'm old enough to make my own decisions even if you don't believe it"I said "really cause you're living in my house under my rules,so yeah,you are going to listen to me" he said I shook my head and stood up he pushed me back down and I got up again "I am not listening to you it's my life not yours"I said he looked at me evenly in the face and slapped me I grabbed my face and the boys grabbed him pulling him away from me I looked at him "you're a coward"I said he grabbed his drink and threw it in my face I closed my eyes "thanks" I said sarcastically and I walked out Louis followed me out he pulled my arm and turned me around hugging me "you can stay at my flat" he said I nodded and we left we drove home in separate cars when we got to his apartment he led me inside my shirt was soaking from the drink my dad threw at me "here go shower" he said giving me a jean button up shirt I got in the shower and when I came out I put on the shirt I went into the living room "hey love" Louis said on the couch "hey" I said sitting on the couch next to him "so I really need your help" he said "with what?" I asked "I need to paint my apartment tomorrow  and I can't do it alone" he said "OK sure" I said I was still thinking about what happened to me at the studio "you OK?" he asked "I'm fine" I said he nodded "I ordered Chinese food" he said I nodded and I went into the kitchen he followed me I leaned on the counter and he stood in front of me he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me he lifted me onto the counter and ripped open the buttons of his shirt "hey are you guys...."Harry came in and Louis tried to cover me up as best as he could the other boys came and turned around I put the shirt back on and got off the counter we all went to the living room and sat down Louis sat down and pulled me down on his lap "sorry lads,but you know there's this amazing new thing it's called knocking or ringing the doorbell"Louis said sarcastically I looked at him and smoothed out his clenched fist he smiled at me 

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