You and I


4. Does He Know?

I woke up the next morning I was in bed but it wasn't mine Louis was next to me snoring his arm over my waist I turned around and noticed he was shirtless I looked at the roof he pulled me closer hugging me tight to his bare chest I looked at the clock 6:34 I laid back down and closed my eyes falling asleep again what seemed like minutes later someone banged on the door i jumped hitting my head on his headboard "You alright Love?"Louis asked "Fine" I said hoarsely "why didn't you wake me up last night?" I asked "For what?" he asked "So I could go home" I said "I didn't want to wake you " "did you carry me to bed?" I asked "yeah" he said "was I heavy?" " No you weigh less then Niall and I can carry him"I laughed "who banged on the door?"I asked "Niall,He's probably hungry"I laughed "He does that when he's hungry?" I asked he shrugged as if it were normal "I'll make breakfast" I said "No we'll order something" he said "doesn't the guest get to choose?"I asked "Smart ass" he said I stuck my tounge out at him he laughed I grabbed my straight dirty blonde hair into a ponytail and got up I went to the kitchen "hey Niall you hungry?" I asked "Always"he answered I laughed "I'll make some breakfast"I said "Oh,Thank God I'm not gonna starve to death" he said I went into the kitchen getting some apples ,oranges, watermelon,grapes,melon,and cucumber and mixed them into a bowl.I made scrambled eggs,french toast,and pancakes I served them milk and juice I put it all on the table. Niall hugged me unexpectedly "thank you " he said "you're welcome"I said we all sat down to eat Louis stared at me from across the table his hair was a mess and he looked so adorable he smiled at me and I smiled back at him "Do you think you're mum would let you hang out with us today?"Louis asked "I don't know why?"I asked "Nothing I just like being with you"he said the boys looked in between us "aww" they  all said in unison I blushed deeply "I need to go home and shower" I said "You can just shower here"Louis said "I need cloths Louis"I said "I'll buy you some" he said "no,Louis I'm gonna get some cloths from home"I said "how about we go swimming?"Louis asked I nodded that sounded like fun we drove to my house and got my bikini and some high waisted shorts and a super man crop top with new underwear and bra and some comfortable cloths we drove back to the apartment and changed the boys were already in the pool we went downstairs and joined the boys I took off my towel exposing the dream catcher tattoo on the side of my stomach no one really knew about it it was my secret tattoo the boys all let out a wolf whistle I rolled my eyes and pushed Louis in I laughed but my victory was short lived because Harry pushed me in Harry and the boys laughed I shook my head going back under the water to move the hair from my face "It's The Little Mermaid" Niall said I laughed "Chicken Fights!"Zayn yelled "come here Charlotte"Louis said I got on his shoulders and fought Harry I beat him then Liam then Niall me and Louis celebrated Harry pulled me off Louis throwing me in the water after we came out I went into the shower first and I always sang in the shower but,I wasn't at my house and it felt awkward so I took a quick shower I blow dried my hair and did some light make up I came out Louis and the boys were on the couch they looked up as I sat down on the couch  Louis smiled at me I smiled at him my problems instantly vanished when I looked at his smile "do you wanna go see a movie?" he asked "Like at the theaters?" I asked he nodded "ok" I said we left the boys they all boo'd us and we drove to a theater near his apartment I pulled out the money i always kept in a pocket "what are you doing?" he asked "I'm gonna pay for my ticket" I said "nope I'll pay" he said "but--..." "no buts Missy" he said interrupting me "fine I'll pay for the food" I said "no you won't" he said I sighed 

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