You and I


49. Disconnected

Harry stumbled through the door as drunk as ever he tripped over his feel as he dragged himself to the bar sitting down on a stool he told Patrick something and Patrick looked at me his eyes begging me to help him I couldn't I looked down and Harry turned to see what he was looking at me he stumbled over to us practically tripping over his long big feet he wrapped an arm around Louis and I smiling widely"hey guys"he slurred Louis was flexing his jaw I grabbed a shot and drink it knowing it was gonna be a long night Harry pulled a chair to our table and everyone watched Louis and Harry Louis looked like he was about to burst with anger I grabbed his hand and squeezed he met my eyes for a few moments before he looked at Harry again taking a drink of tequila Niall went to go order some beers I followed him he stopped at the bar he ordered 6 beers and Patrick looked at me he stopped serving the beer "look I know you and I don't know each other well but Harry hasn't shut up about you in the last year,why don't you just talk to him"I swallowed the lump in my throat "I have,he just won't listen"he nodded an went back to serving the drinks Niall carried 3 and I carried 3 beers back to the table I reluctantly slid one in Harry's direction he caught it and I pulled a chair in between Louis and Harry Harry blabbered on and on about random topics at first than he looked at me and Louis "Lou,I want you to take good care of Char I know we've not been getting along quite so well and the only reason is we both love Char"Harry said sounding sober-ish I could feel Louis hand wrap around my hand tightly "I just want us to be best mates again Lou I don't wanna fight anymore"he said without warning he let out a huge sob I jerked in my seat startled Liam put his arms around Harry I swallowed the lump in my throat and stood up running outside someone pushed their chair back I pushed the door open letting the fresh air fill my lungs and I felt like I could finally breath after stepping away from the stuffy room I pressed myself against the cold stone wall Louis looked left and right before seeing me stuck to the wall "you ok?"he asked coming towards me he wrapped his arms around me and I nodded into his chest wanting to go home and cuddle with Louis and the boys "I have something to make you feel better"he said digging into his jeans he pulled out my engagement ring I looked at him with wide eyes he slid it onto my finger "your my princess and I wanna make you happy I don't never wanna hurt you after everything that's happened I just wanna start fresh with you and the boys I wanna forget everything that's happened in the past"he said kissing me I slowly let his lips move into sync with mine "let's go home"he said grabbing my hand and pulling me back towards the bar I wanted to protest but he guided me in we said goodbye to the boys and a crying Harry saying how much he loved us and stuff and we left driving home we went inside and gram was already in bed so we decided to go to bed too I stripped down to my bra and underwear he put on some gym shorts and I laid in bed he did the same and jumped in bed switching off the light he wrapped his arms around me I fell asleep and had a really weird dream I dreamt I was sleeping and Louis was rubbing his crotch on my butt making me heat up I felt him kiss my shoulders and unstrapped my bra I turned to face him and he kissed my lips throwing the bra across the room I opened my eyes and realized I wasn't dreaming Louis was massaging my breasts and I could feel myself getting wet he pushed his hand under my underwear and pushed two fingers in I tried to suppress a moan "you so wet babe"he commented pumping his fingers in and out of me he kissed my neck and I pulled him up so he could kiss me he continued pumping until I couldn't take anymore he pulled his fingers out feeling my walls clench on his fingers he pulled down his shorts and underwear in one move playing with himself he scooted down opening my legs he moved my underwear to the side and began to pleasure me I put my legs on his shoulders grasping at the covers trying so hard not to moan loudly I felt my stomach start to swoop with millions of butterflies and I knew I was close to reaching my high he must've felt it too "hold on baby hold on"he said fixing himself over me he put the tip of his cock at my entrance I grasped the covers as he moved it back and forth across my slit "Louis"I whined "what do you want baby?"he asked "I want you inside me please"I begged he seemed pleased with my answer as he slammed into me bringing pure bliss and pleasure I was in euphoria he rocked and I tried so hard not to moan I bit his neck leaving hickeys and bite marks on his neck I couldn't hold it any longer and reached my high releasing he continued to pump faster and sloppier I could tell he was about to cum I clawed at his back as he continually hit my g spot he finally thrusted one last time before he came we were breathless he laid down next to me smiling I smiled at him sleepily and he looked at me kissing my lips softly "we should get married tomorrow"he blurted my eyes widened "what?"I asked he laughed at my expression "I wanna have you forever and I want everyone to know it too you're mine and I love you so much"he said "that's kinda short notice isn't it?"I asked "we need our families and a whole wedding not only that we need a priest and witnesses" I said "we can elope"he said I squinted my eyes at him "what about the boys?"I asked "we can leave them with my mum"he said I laughed but nodded he smiled kissing me and he got up starting to call people he called Lou to see if she could do my hair and make up he called the guys and called a priest and I can just imagine how horrible that must've been he called everyone and I nervously chewed my lip watching him pace and talk on the phone I finally fell asleep before I felt hand shake me softly I sat up knocking heads with Lou she grabbed her head rubbing it I did the same "come on love you need to go shower"she said I blushed as she looked down at me I was naked and only had a sheet covering me "I'll wait for you downstairs"she said leaving she closed the door softly behind her and I got up going into the shower once I got out I put on white bra and underwear I grabbed some shorts and one of Louis's shirt I went downstairs and Lou had set up a little station with her supplies scattered around she started to blow dry my hair curling it and sweeping it to the side once she finished with that she applied makeup she put smokey black eyeshadow and red lipstick staining my lips and she helped me into the white wedding gown Louis got for me it was beautiful it hugged my curves in all the right places and she helped me with my shoes Lacey white heels we left going to the beach, Malibu everyone was sitting anxiously Ed was there sitting next to Harry as he ruffled his hair I smiled and Lou put the veil on me before we climbed out Liam,Niall,Jazmin,Stella and Zayn were waiting for me at the end they all smiled taking in my appearance they all joined each other Niall hooked his arm through Stella's and Liam hooked his arm through jazmine's the music started and Niall and Stella made their way through the crowd slowly then Liam and jazmine I was nervous and Zayn hook his arm on mine "you'll do fine love,Louis loves you with all his heart you guys are perfect for each other"he said smiling at me my eyes teared up "I hate you"I said he laughed and we began walking everyone was looking at me and I tried so hard not to cry I knew what Lou would do if I ruined her hard work lux threw flowers slowly in front of us everyone laughed as she threw some in Zayn's face Louis's eyes were on me the whole time his eyes teared up and I looked away before I started crying once we reached the priest and the small stage Zayn came closer to me "you look beautiful"he whispered and I smiled appreciatively Louis helped me on stage I looked at the crowd worriedly and Ed red hair popped out at me he smiled waving I waved back laughing I saw Calum ,Luke,Michael,and Ashton next to Harry an Ed they all waved trying to get my attention I laughed relaxing a but before turning to the priest and Louis the priest began and scooter was recording us as always taking pictures and once it was time to bring the rings out Leo and Luke walked out slowly almost tripping on their way down the aisle they looked so cute with their tux's they came toward us and handed the rings to Zayn and Perrie I kissed the boys cheek leaving red lipstick stains on their cheeks and turned back to Louis he smiled at me he grabbed my ring from Zayn and slid it on my finger and I grabbed his ring from Perrie I slid it onto his finger and the priest turned to us "you may kiss the bride"he announced Louis picked up the veil and kissed me deepening the kiss everyone wolf whistled and shouted but I was too intertwined with Louis to care everyone stood up as we walked and threw rice as the sun set it was perfect we go into the tow car we drove home where a lot of people were already waiting they set up a dance floor a Dj tables in a very organized style a tent over the tables with sparkling fairy lights and All of Me by John Legend played loudly I smiled as Louis swept me off my feet and led me to the table facing on the other tables the boys ran up to us and I grabbed Leo pulling him onto my lap and kissing his forehead Louis pulled Luke onto his lap and we talked for a while Louis kissed me and the boys jumped off of our laps and ran to play with lux I faced Louis and the Band started playing a familiar song Ed was on stage an he smiled at us everyone rushed us to go dance I got up pulling Louis with me he wrapped his arms around my waist and Ed started singing "give me love like ours cause lately I've been waking up alone..."he sang and we swayed along to the music after people drunkingly enjoyed the party everyone left leaving the start of the perfect summer.......

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