You and I


41. Daydreaming

After my shower Louis was in the nursery calming Leo I held my arms out for him he handed me Leo and grabbed Luke it was time for them to eat anyway I went to the living room and sat down on the couch with Leo I pulled down my v neck short and breast fed Leo first Lou just stared at me I laughed "what?"I asked "nothing"he said looking at Luke after I fed Leo he fell asleep and I fed Luke then carried him to his crib I went back to the living room and sat next to Louis his looked at me and kissed my forehead we watched a movie and ate some food "babe"he said "hmmm"I asked Into the movie "your boobs got bigger"he said I looked up at him and laughed "so?"i asked "nothing just stating a fact"he said I sat up "you're so immature"I said "no I'm a guy there's a difference"he said "I don't think there is"I said "of course there is"he said "and what is that?"I asked "men have sexual needs"he said I got the hint. "No Lou I can't have sex yet"I said he sighed "ok"he said putting his hands up in surrender"I'm just saying I wouldn't hate that"he said " of course you wouldn't"I said watching the movie he kissed my forehead again "I love you"he said "kiss ass"I said he laughed "I'm not doing anything"he said "Mmmm sure"I said he just laughed "whatever"he said we watched the movie and I fell asleep on his lap he played with my hair "I love you princess"he whispered softly and kissed my forehead I woke up on the couch Louis was snoring under me the boys were crying I got up sighing and going into the nursery "Shh shh shh what's wrong baby?" I asked picking Luke up and rocking him back and softly Louis came in sleepily "do you need help?"he asked "can you get Leo make sure he doesn't need a diaper change"I asked he nodded and went around us to Leo's crib he felt the diaper "no he's fine"he said "ok you can go to bed I'll be up in a minute"I said he nodded he left and I put Luke to bed and went upstairs taking off my jeans and getting into bed with Louis he hugged me from behind and fell asleep I woke up at 3:56 because the boys were crying Louis got up and followed me to their room I grabbed Luke and he grabbed Leo he changed his diaper and I fed Luke while he changed Leo after he changed Leo I gave him Luke to change and fed Leo he fell asleep and I finished feeding Luke helping him fall asleep I went to bed Louis followed after me I fell asleep and the next day I woke up early taking care of the boys and Louis woke up a few hours later "morning babe"he said resting his hand on my waist kissing my cheek "hey babe"I said he saw the boys in their rockers and played with them "you wanna go to Doncaster now?"he asked "right now?"I asked "not now but I mean we should go so my mum can meet the boys and you could meet Lottie and Felicite"he said "I can't believe me and your sister have the same name"I said he laughed "well I could call you Rose instead"he said I nodded he kissed me and I got dressed in some jeans and a thin sweater with my toms and he put on some black jeans white shirt and a jean button up shirt we put on green and white onesies on the boys and we left driving to the studio Louis met up with the guys and the boys played with Luke and Leo I got in the booth and sang Nightingale by Demi Lovato once I got out Louis kissed me I took pictures of the boys Lou and Luke and Leo we all went home to my house and made a little barbecue we ate outside leaving the boys on their rockers soft music flowed out of our room and Louis watched the kids "having fun?"I asked Louis he was looking at the kids "yeah I'm so happy babe,"he said he took my hand and squeezed it I smiled kissing him "hey lovebirds tone it done a little will you?"Zayn asked "you're just mad cause Perry's not here"Louis said we all laughed he just looked down "shut up Louis"Zayn said I laughed "what's new guys?" Louis asked "me and Sophia broke up"Liam said everyone looked at him startled "what happened?"Lou asked "I don't know"he said taking a swig of beer he sighed and he looked like he wanted to cry I thought of Jazmin she'd be coming to visit in a few days and bit my lip thinking of hooking them up I knew he'd like her she was pretty she had burgundy hair like mine she was short and she was a fan of theirs she was a month younger than me "it'll be ok Li"I said he nodded looking sad everyone turned to Liam to help cheer him up I put my head on Lou's shoulder he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead me and the boys talked about their tour last year when I went with them I wish Stella could've gone with us but I think she was mad at me now for putting JC in jail I sighed and yawned Luke started fussing I grabbed him and fed him covering my boob with a cover and he fell asleep harry was quiet as usual I put Luke in his rocker and grabbed Leo feeding him after he fell asleep Louis reconnected the Christmas lights outside Louis and I sat down as Liam and the boys wrestled in the grass we laughed at them and they kicked a soccer to each other they almost hit us "Oy!keep the ball over there"Louis yelled Leo went crazy crying so hard his face went red I sat up picking him up and holding him close I calmed him down setting him down on his rocker again I leaned back he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my forehead "sorry babe"he said "it's ok Tommo"I said he kissed my cheek and I looked up kissing him Niall was still eating and he made a heaving noise "haha that's so mature Niall"Louis said Niall laughed and coughed "you ok mate?"Louis asked all the other boys turned and looked at Niall he was red in the face but he nodded he stopped and I sat up but Louis pulled me back down I looked at him and he smiled at me I laughed and he kissed me "do you guys wanna come with us?"Louis asked "where?"the boys asked in unison I laughed "were gonna go visit my mum and the kids"Louis said "yeah I kinda wanna visit my family"Liam said "kinda?"I asked "yeah i wanna visit them"Liam corrected himself "yeah ok"I said the boys all agreed and we planned to go next week we packed everything up and went inside putting everything away an the boys went home I put on some shorts and Louis' The Kooks shirt we put the boys to bed and went to the couch he kissed me I yearned for his soft warm lips he kissed me until he was out of breath we laid down and he hovered over me kissing me again "I know you want to,but we have to wait Lou I want to too but we can't"I said he smiled "I know babe"he said and kissed me again when he pulled away he bit his lower lip he tasted sweet like honey we laid down for a while talking quietly he made me laugh and I laughed loud he covered my mouth scared the boys might wake up I giggled quietly and he kissed me again he tickled me and I laughed I could tell he was trying really hard not to have sex but the way he kissed me made me want to have sex too I sighed frustrated he kissed me again "it's Ok love"he said I smiled at him he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek I fell asleep and it seemed like moments later the boys started crying I got up and ran to the room and picked Leo up and fed him rocking him back and forth after I put him back to bed I went back to Louis we talked for a while he made me laugh loud and he covered my mouth scared I might wake the boys up we fell asleep and what seemed like minutes later one of the boys were crying I sighed getting up and running to their room I picked Luke up and fed him putting him back to sleep Leo was awake and he was fussing he had a dirty diaper so I changed him and fed him putting him back to sleep I put him back into his crib an went to the living room Louis was still asleep I woke him up "what's wrong babe?are the boys ok?"he asked "their fine"I said "let's go to bed"I said pulling his hand and leading him upstairs I pulled off my jeans and got into bed I kissed him straddling him he pulled away "you're making this really hard"he said I smiled "yesterday was the last day anyways"I said he smiled and I pulled off my shirt he kissed me and kissed my breasts down to my stomach he rolled over pushing me onto the bed he pulled down his shorts and his underwear I pulled off mine biting my lip his length was already hard and he pushed his penis in slowly I pursed my lips surpress a moan he started thrusting and I tried so hard not to moan out loud he went slowly he kissed me knowing how hard I was trying I arched my back and he pulled me in closer he kissed my neck and I moaned quietly he covered my mouth he unhooked my bra and kissed my breasts making it really hard to surpress any more moans I moaned loudly and he kissed me shutting me up he pulled out and opened my legs he kissed my inner thighs and I could feel his stubble on my legs I moaned and my legs locked up I didn't know what to do with them I pulled his hair and I could feel him laugh he came back up and kissed me he pushed in two fingers and I pursed my lips he laughed at me I grabbed a pillow and put it over my face I moaned loudly he pushed it away and he kissed me all the way up to my lips he took his fingers out and pushed his penis back in I moaned against his neck I gave him a hickie and he thrusted and I moaned loudly reaching my high he thrusted a few more times and pulled out cumming on me I laid there breathless he kissed me and I went to the bathroom I turned the shower on and Louis came in kissing my neck "round 2?"I asked "maybe later"I said I laughed and we got in the shower rinsing our bodies when we got out I put on Lacey black underwear and bra and Louis's Rolling Stones shirt the boys started crying and we went downstairs we changed their diapers I fed them and put them back to bed we went back upstairs eating junk food we wrestled and played around when we got tired we fell asleep when we woke up it was 8:46 and the boys were awake I could hear them they weren't crying they were speaking to each other I went downstairs and looked in their room I couldn't even understand what they were talking about I took them upstairs and put them in Louis's arms he was still asleep and I took a picture of them I woke Louis up he got scared cause Leo was still in his arms and I played with Luke

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