You and I


1. C'mon C'mon

Chapter 1:

"Charlotte" I snapped back into reality from my daydream "yeah?"i asked dazed my best friend gave me a strange look and continued talking she talked more then i could actually listen i zoned out again. We were driving to a concert she was beyond excited I didn't even know who's concert we were going to to be honest we parked "Lets go Char" Stella was obsessed with this band  she pulled down her shirt showing cleavage I rolled my eyes as much as I love her sometimes she was too much.She got these tickets from her dad ,he was a huge music producer.My dad and her dad basically lived on their phones they were always together just like us.It was the beginning of the summer i pulled down my high waisted shorts and crop top she was wearing jean shorts and a crop top with high heels. We went inside taking our front row seats the concert started and 4 British boys and an Irish one came out  and started singing " The one that i came with she had to go, but you look amazing standing alone..." one of the boys stared directly at me I'm not the best looking person so I looked away figuring he was looking at someone else and looked at Stella,who was dancing crazy and singing along to their every word.The song ended and everyone cheered ,they began a new song "Baby I,I wanna know,what you think when you're alone is it me,yeah,are you thinking of me ,yeah...." Louis i think his name was or was it Liam  looked at me while he sang his solo "Maybe i just gotta wait,maybe this is a mistake,I'm a fool yeah,maybe i'm just a fool yeah,....." after the show we went backstage to the meet and greet her heels clicked as we walked I was surprised when he saw me he blushed looking down until it was our turn Stella took a few picture with the boys after wards i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned "i'm Louis Tomlinson " the guy from before stood there  he held out his hand "I'm Charlotte" I said taking it and shaking it "what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl"he said making me blush "let me introduce you to the rest of the lads"he said taking my hand leading me to his friends "Charlotte this is Zayn ,Liam, Harry and Niall" he said  Zayn was tall he had dark hair with brown eyes dressed kinda punkish and he was growing a beard. Liam was tall too, he had light brown hair and brown eyes he reminded me of David Beckham. Harry was tall and he had a lot of curls on his head  and he had green eyes. Niall was blonde with blue eyes he dressed like Justin Bieber. "Hello"they all greeted me "this is Charlotte" Louis said introducing me, the blonde one, Niall spoke up "Do you like Nando's?" he asked "whats that?" i asked looking at Louis "it's a restaurant over from we're from"he said " Oh ,No i'm sorry" i said to Niall "we should take her to Nando's" Niall said "Nice try Niall, but we still have fans waiting"Louis said Niall looked down disappointed "well i have to go it was nice meeting you guys" I said turning around and looking for Stella ,who probably left. "Wait!"I heard someone say I turned around and saw Louis "can i call you?" he asked "sure" i said he gave me his phone i put my number and he smiled hugging me "Thanks Love" he said running back to the boys I took my phone out of my pocket about to call Stella and it rang i didn't recognize the number but I answered it anyways "hello?" "hey love"  "Louis?" i asked "Yeah I just wanted to make sure you put in the right number" he said I turned around facing him he smiled at me and waved I got tackled and accidentally hung up on Louis I looked up and Stella was smiling "we gotta go Dad wants us home for dinner"She said I nodded my dad was always at her house  so we were usually there we got in the car "so, i saw Louis hitting on you in there.." she said " he was not hitting on me" i said "sure so when you gave him your number i suppose he just wants to be friends right?" she asked "don't be such a smart ass" I said "You better hope J.C doesn't find out about it..." she said "why? it's not like i'm cheating on him"i said she shrugged we drove to her house 

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