You and I


32. Chasing Cars

Scooter called me early the next morning I woke up answering my phone "hello?"I asked stretching "Char can you come down to record a new song today?"he asked "yeah yeah I'll go I just need to wake Louis"I said "OK well hurry up"he said "OK bye"I said I hung up and Louis groaned next to me "babe wake up"I said pushing him he fell off the bed I laughed and looked over the edge he just looked up at me "you're so mean"he said "I didn't mean to do that"I said he got up and sat on the bed stretching and laying on my butt "what's this?" he asked touching my stomach "your baby sir"I said he laughed "I love the sound of that"he said I smiled and kissed him "come on Scooter wants us to go to the studio today"I said "us or you?"he asked "Us"I said he laughed "I feel like everyone has a crush on you"he said "too bad I'm yours"I said he smiled I got up and my stomach grew a bit I went to the closet and put on some leggings and a cutoff mickey mouse shirt I grabbed my hair and left it straight I put on some vans and we left we got to the studio and Scooter was all over the place when my dad died he left the place to him so he wasn't much of a producer anymore we waited for him to finish whatever he was doing he finally sat down and I got in the booth I recorded Boy by Little Mix and we left late we ate pizza and went to bed the next day Louis went to the gym and I was cleaning the doorbell rang I went to the door and opened it Harry stood there wearing a blue plaid shirt black jeans and those damn brown boots that annoyed the crap out of me "Harry?"I asked "hey Char can I talk to you?"he asked "yeah  sure come in sorry about the mess"I said "it's fine Lou's a messy person"Harry said "did you guys talk?"I asked "not yet but um I'm sure you'll tell him I talked to you today" he said "why?"I asked "I broke up with Kendall and I don't know I just needed someone to talk to"he said we sat down on the couch "why?"I asked pulling my legs onto the couch "we had a lot of fights believe it or not"he said "really?"I asked sarcastically he looked at me "Sorry but what do you want me to do?"I asked "I don't know I just know that Louis won't talk to me right now and you..."he trailed off he just looked at me I looked down I played with my hands to avoid looking at him I looked up and he leaned in when our lips were inches apart I pulled away and stood up "um I need to finish cleaning Lou's gonna be home any minute"I said he sat back up and nodded he got up and left I leaned against the wall I continued cleaning and Lou came home when I was washing the dishes he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek I smiled at him and turned around  he kissed me and I leaned back onto the sink he pulled away breathless "I missed you'he said "really you were only gone for like two hours"I said he gave me a look "what?I'm just asking"I said he kissed me "shut up"he said I laughed and he kissed me again he led me upstairs and pinned me up against a wall he kissed me down to my neck  I pushed my hands through his soft brown hair he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him he kissed me and then his phone rang I sighed and he pulled it out his face went white he looked at "It's Eleanor"he said I felt my face fall "oh answer I need to go finish washing the dishes anyway" I said he nodded and I set my feet on the floor I went downstairs and continued to wash dishes he ran downstairs "El's having her baby!"he yelled running out the door I couldn't have been more confused I sat down on the table drinking tea I wrapped my hands around the cup Lou didn't come back I got in the shower and started crying I got out and put on some sweats and a big sweater I went to bed early and woke up the next morning early alone I sighed and looked at the mirror on the dresser it held the Polaroid pictures of us from the other night I sighed helplessly I got up and went to change I put on a dress tight on the top and loose on the bottom I put on some flats and put my hair in a bun I did my make up and went to the studio I sat down next to Niall and sighed "you alright love?" he asked his warm Irish accent slowed I smiled weakly "fine"I lied "where's Louis?" he asked "uh with Eleanor"I said "she had her baby"I added he nodded "don't you think he should be supporting you not her?" he asked "It's fine"I lied again he looked at me "have you talked to Harry?" he asked "yeah the other day why?" he asked "no reason"he said I nodded and propped myself up on my arm I fell asleep and Niall woke me up "Love you should go home"he said I nodded and got up I went home and my phone bleeped Niall tweeted "someone's hard at work" he tweeted I opened it and saw a picture of me sleeping I tweeted him "I'm gonna kill you Horan"I said "come at me bro!"he tweeted back I laughed and went inside Louis was on the couch drinking a tea on the couch 


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