You and I


44. Better Left Unsaid

Louis's phone kept ringing and he woke up grabbing it "hello?"he answered"oh hey Simon"he said Simon said something and Louis sat up"I can't do that Simon you've already met my fiancé and our kids how could I do that to her?"he asked Simon and answered and Louis took a deep breath he threw his phone across the room and it shattered I opened my eyes and he was facing the wall with his face in his hands I sat up "Lou?"I asked touching his back he looked at me he hugged me tightly "what's wrong?"I asked scared "Simon wants me to go to New York with Eleanor for the perfume line"he said I pulled away touching his cheek "it's ok just promise me you won't do anything crazy"I said holding out my pinky he smiled and wrapped his pinky around mine he kissed me and hugged me tight I ruffled his hair "when do you leave?"I asked "tonight"he said I got really sad but I smiled "I'll help you pack"I said "how long are you gonna be gone babe?"I asked "a few days"he said I nodded as I pulled his suitcase from in the closet he pulled me in by my waist kissing me "I'll call you everyday and every night just to make sure everything's alright"he said I kissed him"I know you will"I said the day passed by fast and I drove to the Louis to the airport the twins and I waited by the gates for him to board the plane the boys waved to him as he left I drove home sad I put the boys to bed and put on one of his sweaters I fell asleep and my phone woke me up the next day I answered "hello?"I answered "hey babe were you sleeping?"Louis asked "yeah"I took a deep breath stretching "sorry love"he said"it's ok I'm just happy you called"Leo was bouncing in his crib "hi baby"I said he smiled and spoke gibberish "who's awake?"Louis asked "Leo"I said "lemme talk to him"Louis said I put the phone on speaker "it's daddy"I said Leo spoke some gibberish and said daddy "hi bug are you being good for mummy?"Louis asked Leo blew a raspberry and Louis laughed "so how is it babe?"I asked putting the phone normal and putting it in between my ear and shoulder I grabbed Leo out of his crib "it's good it's getting hot though"he said "mm that sucks"I said "yeah and not only that but Eleanor is being a huge bitch"he said "babe..don't worry just get through this without worrying about her"I said he sighed "I have to go I'll call you tonight"he said "ok bye say bye to daddy"I told Leo "ba"Leo said into the phone "bye Leo bye babe"Louis said "bye babe"I said I hung up and gave Leo some apple sauce someone knocked "come in"I said Harry popped his head in "hey do you wanna come with me?"he asked "where?"I asked "my mums house"he said "yeah sure can you help me get the boys ready?"I asked "yeah sure"he said stepping inside and grabbing Leo I grabbed Luke and put on some jeans and a little sweatshirt I did the same with Leo and I got ready putting on some burgundy jeans and a black sweater and some black Toms I grabbed my hair and did my make up quickly Harry put the car seats in his car and we put the boys in their car seats driving to his mom's house once we got there Anne answered the door "hey love how are you doing?"she asked "good"I said hugging her she kissed my cheek

"How's Louis I feel like I haven't seen him in a long time"she said "he's in New York Simon made him go last night and he went with Eleanor"I said Anne took a deep breath she grabbed my arm and squeezed "lemme see those boys"she said grabbing Leo from Harry's hands she took him and he laughed they absolutely loved Anne me and Harry went to his old room laying on his bed we listened to music with the door wide open the boys would occasionally come in and out of the room the radio cut off the music Mr.brightside by the killers played in the background and the radio host started talking "so anyways a lot of things happened today Louis one of the boys from One Direction was in New York with his ex girlfriend they were seen together with their daughter holding hands and kissing so are they back together?"another host began talking "what about his fiancé?"he asked "that's what I'm saying"she said I sat up Harry did too listening to their words closely I felt my heart breaking I sighed "can you take me home Harry?"I asked he nodded silently we got up and I grabbed Leo and Luke from downstairs and he drove us home as soon as I got home I packed up all my stuff and the boys' things I called a cab and waited putting the bags on the porch I grabbed the boys and as soon as the cab came we went to the airport I bought a ticket for California and we boarded the plane once we got to LA we went to our old house I changed the locks and put the boys to bed in their room I sat on the stairs with my face in my hands I was done no matter how much we tried he always went back to her I sighed putting on Mr Brightside from The Killers and sat on the stairs drinking tea I got on my phone and looked up the pictures and sure enough they were there he was holding hands with Eleanor and kissing her holding their daughter I sighed throwing my phone my phone rang as soon as it hit the floor I grabbed it Louis was calling and I took it to the kitchen getting a hammer and crushing it I looked at it while my eyes filled with tears I sobbed loudly as I leaned against the counter I threw the phone away and sat on the stairs again I heard knocking and got up I looked in the peephole Louis stood outside knocking hard and fast I leaned against the door and the house phone rang I grabbed it Louis was calling I answered it "what?"I asked "babe let me in"he said "why?"I asked " what's wrong with you?"he asked "nothing I have nothing wrong with me"I said "what's your problem let me in"he said "you know I'm really tired of your shit Louis"I said "fine then if you fucking hate me so much it's over"he said "you mean that?"I asked "yes"he said I hung up on him and he hit the door I slid down crying on the floor after a while I stopped crying going to check on the boys they were still sleeping my head hurt so bad from crying I got some aspirin and took them sitting on the couch I went upstairs and packed his things I put them on the porch and got the boys ready I put some sweats and their jerseys and I took a shower putting on dark blue Levis and a gray sweater with a leather jacket over it and a beanie I put on some combat boots and took them to the park I held their hands and they ran to the top of the slide I watched them and put my chin on my hands Harry texted me and I opened it "where are you?"he asked I told him where I was and he said he'd be here in 10 minutes I watched the kids playing with them and he came I hugged him and he had to bend down to hug me "so what's going on with you and Louis?"he asked "nothing we're done I'm done he broke it off and he's probably gonna get back together with Eleanor"I said he put his hand on the small of my back I watched the kids not wanting to meet his eyes if I did I knew i'd cry "let's go eat?"Harry asked "I'm not really hungry right now"I said he nodded "you wanna take the kids out for ice cream?"he asked I nodded he grabbed Luke and I grabbed Leo Louis called Harry while we were in the car he gave me the phone after he answered I took it "hello?"I asked"why are my cloths outside?"he asked "what did you want me to do Louis?wait for you to come and pack it up?"I asked "why don't you wanna tell me what happened?"he asked "what happened is that Simon made us do a publicity stunt like honestly"he said "and you did it"I said shaking my head "if that's what you're willing to do for fame than I promise you I don't know you anymore"I said "I have to go Louis"I said "can we please talk about this?"he asked "yeah come to my house later on and we can talk"I said "ok I'll be there"he sighed hanging up we got to the ice cream parlor and the boys choose what they wanted and I got an iced coffee Harry got a tea and we sat down while they served us we waited for the longest time "can you watch the boys tonight?"I asked "yeah sure"he said "thank you Louis wants to come over and talk and I have a feeling it's not gonna go as calmly and quietly as I hope it does"I said he nodded "no I get it"he said as they brought his tea and my coffee he drove me home and took the kids I kissed them and waited for Louis to come I left the door open and went to the music room I sat down on the bench for the grand piano I started playing These Four Walls by Little Mix I finished "you should sing that in the studio"I heard Louis say behind me I jumped "oh my god scare me to death why don't you?"I asked him "sorry"he said putting his hands up I got out and he followed me to the living room"where are the boys?"Louis asked while I went through the mail "with Harry"I said he sat down next to me pulling me close I scooted back to my spot on the couch "babe seriously"he said pulling me close again "Louis stop"I said he put his hands up again "Louis what do you want because you don't seem to be talking"I said he bit his lip "babe seriously"he said "what Louis?"I asked looking at him he kissed me I pulled away getting up he sighed and got up kissing my cheek and he left standing at the door before leaving he closed the door and I pushed a hand through my hair frustrated I sat on the stairs Someone knocked "come in"I said Niall came in "you alright?"he asked I took a deep breath "not really"I said he sat down next to me "we should go to a pub"he said I laughed "is it cause you wanna go or is it cause you wanna make me feel better?"I asked "both"he said I laughed putting my face on his shoulder "do you wanna go?"he asked"yeah sure"I said we got up and he drove to the pub Liam and Zayn were sitting on a table with Perry and Jazmin I hugged jazmin and we all sat down and talked we ordered shots to 'celebrate being single' I laughed but downed it anyway I passed out and I woke up in my bed by myself I was still wearing my cloths and my hair was all over the place I grabbed some yoga Capri and a spaghetti shirt with a major headache Liam Zayn Perry Niall and Jazmin were downstairs I tried not to wake them as I made coffee for everyone Niall came in scratching his head "hey love"he said "hi sleepy hangover?"I asked he nodded "really bad one"he said "I'm never drinking with you guys ever again"I said drinking coffee "that's what you said last time and look what happened"he said I laughed "dude you look like your still sleeping"I said "shut up I'm half asleep"he said I laughed "do you want some coffee?"I asked "yes please"he said leaning against the counter he rubbed his eyes and I served him a big cup of coffee "thank you"he said "your welcome"I said going back to the living room "you wanna go get some food so when these bums wake up they won't be as hungover?"he asked "sure"I said putting on some Nikes and a sweater and putting on some sunglasses we walked out and whole bunch of paps were crowding the door we closed the door locking it and pushed past the paps and got into his car we drove away as they snapped pictures we got to McDonalds and ordered a whole bunch of things we drove home and the paps were still there "Char where's Louis?"one asked "Char are you dating Niall or Harry now"another one asked we pushed past them and got inside everyone was half asleep and woke up as soon as the smell hit them they walked over to us like zombies and grabbed some food Jazmin and Liam were talking quietly on the couch and me and Niall were laughing on the table we heard a knock and I went and answered it Louis was standing there as the paps crowded around him he walked in and pulled me upstairs ignoring everyone and pulling me we got to my room and he closed the door "Louis what are you doing?"I asked "I seriously cannot do this without you"he said "do what?"I asked "live I can't do it it's the most impossible thing to do and I know it was wrong when I was doing it but what else could I do?"he asked his eyes filled with tears "and I can't stand to see you with one of the other lads I just can't"he said burying his head in my stomach I made him look up to me "Louis we can't do this you know we can't and it hurts me so much to see you like this but I can't keep living like this" I said tears rolled down his cheeks "I know you'll be happy with Eleanor and you can see the kids whenever and we can be friends"I said "how can I be friends with someone I'm in love with?" He asked

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