You and I


28. Autumn Leaves

I went back upstairs Louis was lying in bed I laid down next to him and he wrapped his arms around me "you speak Spanish right?"he asked "yeah why?"I asked "what does Te Amo mean?"he asked "I love you"I said "aww I love you too"he said "your so cheesy"I said "yeah but you love me for it right?"he asked I laid my head on his chest and laughed quietly "Harry's birthday party is tomorrow you should go"he said "as your date?"I asked "mmmhmm"he mumbled I laughed quietly "Do you know how much I missed you?"he asked "no how much?" I asked "a lot"I shook my head smiling he kissed my forehead and turned on the radio on top of my shelf "she" by Ed Sheeran played softly I fell asleep the next day I woke up early needing to pee so bad I used the bathroom and took a shower I put on shorts and a loose white shirt and went into the bedroom Louis was still snoring I jumped on the bed he opened his eyes and smiled at me I got on top of him kissing him "aren't you gonna get ready?Harry called like 15 times"I said "yeah I just need to go home and get ready"he said "OK well go"I said getting off him and went to the closet I got a burgundy dress it was tight at the top and loose at the bottom and got some black wedges I put on a jean jacket and curled my hair doing some light makeup he left kissing me I got to Harry's apartment and hugged Harry wishing him a happy birthday and giving him a bottle of Jack Daniel's I talked with everyone as I talked to Zayn and Perrie Louis came in wearing a burgundy Radiohead shirt and black jeans with burgundy vans I smiled looking at the floor I leaned against the wall Louis pulled me into the bathroom closing the door he pushed me up against the door and kissing me I giggled and unbuttoned his pants he led me into the bathtub we made out and the door opened we stopped and heard a sigh we heard them pee he went to the sink and washed his hands we saw Niall through the glass looking at himself through the mirror he grabbed the towel from the shower never dropping his gaze from his reflection he threw the towel on the sink and turned he did a double take "what the hell are you doing mate?"he asked loudly Harry,Liam,and Zayn came in they looked around confused "what are you guys doing?"Liam asked I looked at Louis confused he looked at me like he'd been caught I let him go and got out of the tub "what are you guys talking about?"I asked they all overlapped each other talking all talking over each other "it's not what you guys think"Louis yelled I held my hand up and they stopped I looked at Louis and walked out everyone was looking at the bathroom dead silent I walked past everyone and Louis followed me "Char Wait!"he yelled after me I stopped in the middle of the street "For what?"I asked "I'm sorry I hadn't told them"he said "and what do you want me to do?"I asked "I just need you to be patient"he said "I can't be patient,especially cause I don't know what I'm waiting for anymore"I said looking down my eyes filled with tears I got in my car and I drove off he stood in the middle of the street I drove home and cried I was on my couch and Louis banged on the door I went upstairs I took off my dress and laid in bed I cried myself to sleep and the next day I woke up and called the boys and asked them if they could help me paint my house  they all agreed and came over I put on some leggings and Louis' old jean button up shirt with mokinsons I called the doctor to make an appointment for the OB/GYN  they scheduled an appointment for two weeks from now I wrote it down on the calender on my fridge Harry came down "hey love"he said "hey"I said "you OK?"he asked "I don't even know anymore"I said "I talked to Louis he's heartbroken"he said "that's not really my problem"I said getting a water bottle from the fridge he leaned against the counter lilac spots on his cloths and hands "I don't wanna do this anymore"I said "What?"he asked "this thing with Louis I forgave him for so much and he can't forgive me for one thing that wasn't even my fault"I said I took a deep breath "love you can't just give up,after everything you've gone through way too much to give up now"he said "he basically called me a whore and he didn't tell you guys we were back together"I said "I'm sure he had a good reason"he said I sighed biting my lip "I have a doctor's appointment in two weeks"I said "do you want me to tell him?"he asked "I don't know"I said "when you guys are finished with that room can you leave the window open?"I asked "yeah sure"he said going back upstairs I went to go check my mail and Louis walked up"hey" he said "hey"I looked at him he put his hands in his pockets "I'm really sorry about last night"he said I nodded "I just wanna go back to the way it was"he said "well I don't know about that but you can start by coming with me to a doctor's appointment in two weeks"I said he nodded and came in to hug me he kissed my cheek"Thank you babe...So does this mean we're back together?"he asked hopefully "let's just take it one step at a time Louis"I said "fair enough"he said stepping back "I'll see you later than..Oh I forgot"he said going to his car he came back with a bag he gave it to me I looked at him strangely "open it later"he said leaving I went inside and opened it there was a note "Masquerade ball tonight?"it said I rolled my eyes putting the note down and took out a long beautiful white flowing dress it came with a mask and a pair of my favorite shoes I smiled I took out a flower crown I took a shower and blow dried my hair it was already pretty late I did my makeup putting on some black eye shadow and pink lipstick I put on the dress it had a gold corset and a long flowing skirt I put on the heels and a golden angel wing ring a car beeped outside I looked out the window Louis was outside of his car wearing an all black suit and a black mask I smiled and fixed the flower crown and put on my white and gold lacey mask I went outside and he helped me into the car 

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