You and I


21. Alive

The next day we woke up early Scooter texted us both to go to the studio I put on my burgundy pants and some high wedge boots with a white shirt tucked in the front my them it had a heart on it I curled my hair I put on a black scarf and Louis wore his usual black jeans and  a Rolling Stones shirt he kissed my cheek and we left and drove to the studio we walked in and Louis was attacked by silly string "Happy Birthday!!!"everyone yelled Louis smiled he hugged everyone and Scooter got punched on the arm for scaring Louis I laughed and sat down at the table and watched as everyone talked to Louis I was so happy for him I put some pictures on Twitter and Louis called me over after a while he pulled me in by my waist "can you do me a huge favor?"he asked "depends"I said "what is it?"I asked "I want you to sing me a song"he said pointing to the sound booth "I smiled at him "come on Char!"Scooter yelled and everyone else joined in I rolled my eyes and Louis let me go I went to Scooter and told him I wanted to sing Die in your arms Ariana Grande version he nodded and I went into the booth I started singing and Scooter recorded me and my voice when I finished singing I  came out of the booth and Louis hugged me kissing me they brought a cake out that said 'Happy Birthday Louis!' and some sparklers Louis laughed pulling me alongside him as he got near the cake he blew out the sparklers and as he was about to take a bite of the cake Harry pushed him in he got up and his face was covered in white frosting he licked himself and Harry ran away I laughed Scooter meanwhile was still video taping I helped Louis clean himself up and we went back as they popped Champagne bottles Harry and the boys got  drunk we drove home and Louis who wasn't even close to drunk led me to a truck the sky was turning pink the clouds played in the sky "whose car is this?"I asked as we got in "Josh's he let me borrow it once I told him my plan"he said "what plan?"I asked "you'll find out" he said mysteriously  we drove for a long time before stopping under a weeping willow far away from any city the sky had darkened I got out and we played around for a while once we stopped we laid in the grass looking at the stars I closed my eyes listening to the wind weave through the leaves he kissed my nose making me open an eye I looked at him and a smirk played on my face he kissed me and I laughed "we are so not doing what I planned out here"I said he laughed "again?Told you you couldn't resist me"he said "OK we'll see about that"I said closing my eyes again we fell asleep in the trunk of the truck on top of covers and a lot of pillows the next day we drove home early I laid my head on his shoulder while we drove home when we got home I started taking my cloths off in the hall he followed me taking off his cloths too we got in the shower and butterflies filled my stomach as he put his penis in me he pushed me up against the wall and I wrapped my legs around him he teased me as his held his lips just inches from mine I pushed my lips to his and kissed him he started thrusting and the water made us slippery I laid my head back as he kissed my neck and thrusted I reached my high and he thrusted one last time before pulling out and cumming the water washed it away I washed my body and got out he stayed in for a little longer washing himself Scooter said he had a surprise for me to come down to the studio I changed into a pair of ripped jeans and the boots I wore the night before and a loose fitting black sweater Louis went to go take the truck back to Josh and I walked to the studio I got there and Scooter showed me what he did he uploaded the video on YouTube it was a video of me and Louis laughing and kissing it was yesterday and I sang Die In Your Arms in the back round my heart beat so fast I fell in love with the video "Thank you Scooter"I said hugging him he was surprised but hugged me back "you're welcome"he said  I left the studio and walked back toward the apartment "Char!"someone called behind me I turned around and saw Harry "hey Harry" I said as he caught up to me "hey you wanna get a drink?"he asked "I can't Harry i'm underage remember?"I asked "the bartender likes me I'm sure she'll let you slide"he said I just realized he came out of a pub "fine whatever"I said imagining the rejection we sat down on two stools "Lis,can you get her a beer?"Harry asked the bartender Lisa she blindly opened a beer bottle and put it down in front of me I looked at Harry surprised he just smiled I didn't even finish a beer but he was already on his forth one since I came in we talked "Harry how are you getting home?"I asked "I'm taking a cab"he slurred I rolled my eyes and looked up at him again he leaned in and kissed me

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