My Life

A girl named Alice Payne has to move all the way to Ireland. Her parents got a divorce, and her mom never told her the truth about her family. She finds out that she is related to some that becomes famous...Read to find out


8. Chapter 8

It was now a new school year but I would have to be missing some of school because Niall wants me to go to his audition. Then I have to fly out to London to see Liam do his audition. I still have his number but I haven’t texted him yet. I want to meet him first before I start to talk to him. Niall and I are dating. We made it official a few days after we kissed. Jennifer got jealous pretty fast. She started dating this other guy to make Niall jealous, but he couldn’t care less.

  “Alice! You ready to go?” My mom yelled.

  “Yeah mom! I’m just putting on my jacket!” I responded.

  I grabbed my bag, and my suitcase. My mom was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I hugged her. Niall was waiting outside with his mom. I ran outside and Niall took my suitcase. He put it in the trunk and we were off. After Niall’s audition, I’m suppose to be taken to the airport that way I can fly to Wolverhampton with my mom.

  It’s about an hour to Dublin. But we had to get there early that way Niall could get his number. We stood in line for a good three hours before Niall’s number was called. I stood backstage with Maura and we watched Niall go up. I saw Katy Perry. She’s one of my favorite artists ever!

  Niall started singing, then he was really close to not making it. Simon said yes, Louis said yes and cheryl said no. Now it was all down to Katy to make her decision. She went with yes, and Maura and I jumped yet and down. Niall ran down the stairs and we hugged him. His kissed Maura’s cheek but kissed me on the lips.

  “Now I have to go to Wolverhampton…” I thought.      

  “Something on your mind love?” Niall asked.

  “Well I have to fly out to Wolverhampton with my mom,” I responded.

  “Aren’t you flying into London though?” Maura asked.

  “I think so…”

  My mom then called, and we talked about the flight. It turns out that my uncle Geoff is picking us up at the airport, then taking us to the hotel that they’re staying at for Liam’s audition and if he re-makes it onto X Factor then we’ll stay with them for a few more days. I don’t really know Liam but my mom said that when we were little we saw each other a lot and they couldn’t seperate us at all. It’s a hour and fifteen minute flight that I have with Niall.

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