My Life

A girl named Alice Payne has to move all the way to Ireland. Her parents got a divorce, and her mom never told her the truth about her family. She finds out that she is related to some that becomes famous...Read to find out


7. Chapter 7

Niall went home later that night and I could tell that my mom really likes him. I know I like him now and I think that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now. My mom had to leave again so I sat in my room singing the songs that Niall and I wrote together. I was singing Summer Love.

“Yeah-ah-ah-ah. Oh-oh-oh. Oh-oh-oh-oh. Can't believe you're packing your bags Trying so hard not to cry. Had the best time and now it's the worst time But we have to say goodbye. Don't promise that you're gonna write. Don't promise that you'll call. Just promise that you won't forget we had it all. 'Cause you were mine for the summer. Now we know it's nearly over.Feels like snow in September but I always will remember. You were my summer love You always will be my summer love Wish that we could be alone now. If we could find some place to hide. Make the last time just like the first time. Push a button and rewind. Don't say the word that's on your lips. Don't look at me that way. Just promise you'll remember. When the sky is grey. 'Cause you were mine for the summer Now we know it's nearly over. Feels like snow in September But I always will remember. You were my summer love You always will be my summer love. So please don't make this any harder We can't take this any farther. And I know there's nothing that I wanna change, change,” I sang as I strummed my guitar.

  “Alice!” I heard a girl say.

  I turned to look at my laptop. It was my best friend Lindsay.Her mom stole my dad from my mom. I love Lindsay but hate her mom. I noticed that she was in my old room.

  “Hey Lindsay,” I responded.

  “Nice singing. Anyways I’m video chatting you because whenever you visit...we’ll be sharing a room!”

  “That’s great Lindsay, but I don’t think that I’ll be coming home for a while.”

  “Aw! Why?”

  “I just finished moving in and I like it here. It’s helping me start a new life, in a new town, in a new country and it’s away from the whole city life I use to have.”

  “Oh...well I have some other news too...we’re going to have a new sibling!”

  “You’re mom’s pregnant!?!?”

  “Yeah...why? Do you not want a new sibling?”

  “Well yeah...I thought my parents would be together when they had a second child.”

  “Well sorry hun! It’s not happening! My mom’s been pregnant before with your dad..I mean with my real dad.”

  “So you’re saying that I have two step-siblings and a third one on the way!?”


  “You’re an unbelievable friend! Tell my father that I am nevering coming back home and I don’t even want to be related to him!”

  I hit end before Lindsay could say anything. I can’t believe my father would cheat on my mom for practically more than a year, and then get my step mother pregnant twice! I need to find some more stuff out about my family. I went onto and typed in my name. A leaf appeared at a person named Geoff Payne. He has three children. Two girls and a boy. The boy’s name is Liam and he’s my age. It had Liam’s phone number so I wrote it down. My mom came home minutes later. I asked her about dad’s side of the family and how I never heard of Geoff Payne. She explained it to me and told me everything. She didn't want me finding out until after Niall went onto X Factor.

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