My Life

A girl named Alice Payne has to move all the way to Ireland. Her parents got a divorce, and her mom never told her the truth about her family. She finds out that she is related to some that becomes famous...Read to find out


3. Chapter 3

I waited for five minutes, before someone walked out. My mom had given me, my neighbor’s number, so I texted him right after the bell rang. Niall walked out, and stood next to me.

  "Hi..." I said.

  "Hey..." He responded.

   I looked down at my phone, and noticed I had another text message. He had said:

  I'm almost there, just wait until you see me.

  I responded right away saying:

  What do you look like that, way I can notice you right away.

  I hit send, and Niall's phone buzzed.


Niall's POV: I saw Veronica and Alice sit down. I walked straight over, and ignored what my friends were yelling at me, I wanted to get to know Alice a little better.

  Hi. I'm Niall. I see you're new here, and I'd thought you would like a tour around town, after school," I told Alice.

  "No thanks," Alice told me.

  Veronica kicked her from underneath the table.

  "B-because someone else already offered"


  "I don't know. One of my neighbors."

  "Oh. Well can I sit down, and chat with you girls?"

  "Sure," Veronica said.

  I sat down, and they got a bunch of dirty looks from a lot of girls. One of the girls came over with, all of her friends.

  "So...Niall I hear you're going onto X Factor," Jennifer told me, cutting right through the conversation the girls and I were having.

  "Excuse me Jennifer, but Alice and Niall and I were all having a conversation," Veronica said.

  "Well excuse me! Victoria! But I'm way more popular than you!"

  "Oh really?" I responded.


  "The only reason why these girls are friends with you, is because number one, you are a bully, and number two they are afraid of you. Alice is more popular than you, and not because she's famous. It's because she's actually nice to people."

  Then Jennifer's group started to leave, and mind their own business.

  "YOU'RE A JERK, NIALL HORAN!" Jennifer yelled.

  A school aid ran over, and took Jennifer to the office. After that we carried on with lunch and the rest of the day.The final bell rang, and I noticed my mum had texted me. She said:


  Make sure you show the town to our new neighbor’s daughter from across the street. She has dirty blonde hair, with blonde highlights. I don't know her name, but since it's friday night, Chris and I decided to invite them over for a welcome to the neighborhood party.

  I looked at the other text message I had, left in my mailbox. It was from my new neighbor, it said:

  Hi! I’m waiting outside the school! Just walk out whenever you're ready!  


  “So Alice is my neighbor…” I thought.

  I walked out, and saw Alice standing there. I went and stood by her. I don’t think she know’s that I’m her neighbor. Last night I was watching her while she sat at her desk writing. I know...a little creepierish, but I think I’m starting to like Alice...more than a friend.

  "Hi..." she said.

  "Hey..." I responded.

  Then Alice got a text message, and then my phone buzzed. I probably should tell her I’m her neighbor.

  “So...what does your neighbor look like?”

  “Well...he has blonde hair like you, hes about your height, and he you…”

  She figured it out. Then she just shyly looked away, and I could see that she had blushed slightly.

  “ you want to go look downtown?”


  We walked around town for a good hour, before my mum called saying the party was going to start soon, and that I should bring Alice home so then she could get ready.

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