My Life

A girl named Alice Payne has to move all the way to Ireland. Her parents got a divorce, and her mom never told her the truth about her family. She finds out that she is related to some that becomes famous...Read to find out


2. Chapter 2

I clutched my backpack, and walked into the secondary school. I found my locker, and chatted with my neighbors. Then I saw him. The boy with the golden blonde hair, chatting with all of his friend's. I could tell all the girls wanted to be with him. He walked past me, and winked. I rolled my eyes, and went to my first class.

  "Room L236," I whispered to myself.

  "You lost?" A girls voice asked.

  "It's my first day here. Do you know where room L236 is?" I asked her.

  "Yup! That's my first hour too! My name's Veronica. What's yours?"

  "Alice. Alice Payne."

  Veronica and I talked all the way to the classroom. Then I saw, the guy who winked at me in the hallway. He looked up at me, and smiled. I turned to Veronica, and asked what his name was.

  "That's Niall. Every girl is crushing on him, just because he might go on X Factor. It looks like, he already likes you. Aren't you from the US?" Veronica said.

  “Yes. I’m from Los Angeles, California,” I responded.

  “Oh! Your Joseph Payne’s daughter!”

  “Yeah...I’m only here because my parents are divorced. Was it all over the news?”

  “Yeah. So were you.”


  “Yeah. So were all of your pictures, the paparazzi took.”

  “Oh gosh. I could never have a normal life, in LA. I’m glad that I’m barely known here.”

  “Just wait, till the teacher introduces you, in front of the whole entire class. Then everyone will want to be your ‘friend’”

  “Oh no.”

  Then the teacher walked in, and everyone took their seat. I sat down next to Veronica.

  “Good morning class! We have a new student here today! Her name is Alice Payne,” he said.

  “You mean...THE ALICE PAYNE FROM LOS ANGELES!” one girl exclaimed.



  I set my head down on the desk, I was sitting at. Then all of a sudden, the classroom door burst open.

  “Sorry I’m late, Mr. James,” the girl said.

  “It’s fine, Laney. Alice, can you go sit next to Niall please,” Mr. James instructed.

  I said goodbye to Veronica, and went to go sit next to Niall. He stared at me, for like five minutes, after I sat down next to him.


  The rest of the morning flew by, until the clock hit twelve. Everyone ran out of there class, and into the courtyard. Veronica and I chose a seat in the sun. We both sat down, and Niall walked over.

  "Hi. I'm Niall. I see you're new here, and I'd thought you would like a tour around town, after school," he told me.

  "No thanks," I told him.

  Veronica kicked me underneath the table.

  "B-because someone else already offered"


  "I don't know. One of my neighbors."

  "Oh. Well can I sit down, and chat with you girls?"

  "Sure," Veronica said.

  Niall sat down, and we got a bunch of dirty looks from a lot of girls. One of the girls came over with, all of her friends.

  "So...Niall I hear you're going onto X Factor," she told him, cutting right through the conversation we were having.

  "Excuse me Jennifer, but Alice and Niall and I were all having a conversation," Veronica said.

  "Well excuse me! Victoria! But I'm way more popular than you!"

  "Oh really?" Niall responded.


  "The only reason why these girls are friends with you, is because number one, you are a bully, and number two they are afraid of you. Alice is more popular than you, and not because she's famous. It's because she's actually nice to people."

  Then Jennifer's group started to leave, and mind their own business.

  "YOU'RE A JERK, NIALL HORAN!" Jennifer yelled.

  A school aid ran over, and took Jennifer to the office. After that we carried on with lunch and the rest of the day.


  Hey guys! I'm not saying all the Jennifer's are terrible! I just used that name for the character! Hope you enjoyed the story so far!


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