My Life

A girl named Alice Payne has to move all the way to Ireland. Her parents got a divorce, and her mom never told her the truth about her family. She finds out that she is related to some that becomes famous...Read to find out


12. Chapter 12

It’s been a few weeks after Niall and I broke up. He’s been trying to call and text me but I just couldn’t bring myself to take to him…just quite yet. Veronica knows what happened and has been bringing home my homework for me. No one knows why I’m gone at school. I just need a lot of time to recover from the break up.

  “Alice…I think you should talk to Niall…” Veronica said one day.

  “I-I-I-I don’t know…” I responded.

  Veronica picked up my phone and started dialing a number. She put it on speaker and I got up. I needed some water. I got myself and Veronica a cup of water.

  “Niall…she’s very depressed,” I heard Veronica say. “Yes..yes..I know...She hasn’t gone to school in weeks Niall! That’s how heart broken she is!”

  “I still love her you know...I’ve been having to be stuck her in London for X Factor and not being able to come fix what I’ve done!” I heard Niall say.

  “Well this wouldn’t have happened, if you didn’t bring up the question!”

                Two weeks later at school…

  “Hey look…Alice is back…” One girl said.

  “Did you hear what happened between her and Niall?” A different girl said.

  “I don’t understand why Niall even went out with her,” one of the ‘popular’ girls said.

  As the day went on, I was starting to get bullied. Veronica was there for me of course. I felt like I shouldn't be in the world.

  When I got home, I was home alone. I walked into my bathroom and grabbed my razor. I slowly put it on my wrist and then a shot of pain went up my arm. I gave myself five cuts because those are how manys letters in Niall’s name.

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