My Life

A girl named Alice Payne has to move all the way to Ireland. Her parents got a divorce, and her mom never told her the truth about her family. She finds out that she is related to some that becomes famous...Read to find out


10. Chapter 10

I was woken up by being shaken awake. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Niall there.
   "Niall?" I asked.
   "No. It's Liam," Liam responded. 
   "Niall's your boyfriend...right?"
   “Yeah. He’s actually here in London for bootcamp.”
   “That’s cool!”
   “Kids! Time to eat!” Uncle Geoff yelled from there room to ours.
   “Coming!” Liam and I both responded.
   We walked out and saw a whole table full of food. I grabbed a bowl and poured myself some fruit loops and poured milk into the bowl. I quickly scarfed that down and then grabbed a bagel. I knew that we would be standing in the line for a few hours since I’ve already been through it once. 
   I went back to the room and took a shower. I started singing one of the songs Niall and I wrote together. It was I Wish.
   “(Na na na na na) [2x] He takes your hand I die a little I watch your eyes And I'm in riddles. Why can't you look at me like that? (Na na na na na)When you walk by I try to say it But then I freeze And never do it. My tongue gets tied The words get trapped. I hear the beat of my heart getting louder Whenever I'm near you. But I see you with him Slow dancing...Tearing me apart!'Cause you don't see Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking, Oh how I wish that was me (Na na na na na) [2x] He looks at you The way that I would...Does all the things, I know, that I could If only time could just turn back! 'Cause I got three little words...That I've always been dying to tell you! But I see you with him Slow dancing...Tearing me apart!'Cause you don't see. Whenever you kiss him...I'm breaking, Oh how I wish that was me! With my hands on your waist...While we dance in the moonlight. I wish it was me that you’ll call later on...'Cause you wanna say good night! 'Cause I see you with him Slow dancing...Tearing me apart! 'Cause you don't see But I see you with him Slow dancing...Tearing me apart! 'Cause you don't see...Whenever you kiss him I'm breaking, Oh how I wish...Oh how I wish...Oh how I wish that was me! Oh how I wish that was me,” I sang. 
   “Alice! Hurry up! We have to leave soon!” Liam yelled through the door. 
   I turned off the shower and got dressed. I fishtailed my hair, and grabbed my phone. I noticed that Niall had texted me while I was showering. He said: Hey love! How’s London so far?
It's great! We're actually about to head out to the X Factor studios! How do you like it?
It's okay, I guess...maybe it's because I can't see you everyday
Awww that's sweet Niall! I don't know what I would've done in Mullingar without you! 
How's Liam? 
Good. I've been telling him about you
Really? You've been gossiping about me?
Maybe 😊
   "Alice! It's time to go!" My mom yelled
   "Coming!" I responded. 
   I ran out of our hotel room and met everyone in the hallway. I stayed by Liam because I felt safe with him since I didn't know uncle Geoff really well. 
When we got to the X Factor studios, we were about tenth in line. All of us talked for a while and then the line started moving. One after another people left. I could tell that Liam was pretty nervous. 
   “’s going to be okay,” I said to him.
   “What if I mess up?” Liam asked.
   “You’ll do perfectly fine.”
   Next up was Liam and we watched him from the telly backstage. Simon recognized him and then Liam started singing. It was Cry Me A River by Michael Bublé. He looked nervous before but now he’s calm. He sang the song to the part he was suppose too and he got Simon to stand up along with Natalie. The judge’s started voting. Louis said yes, Natalie said yes, and Cheryl said yes. It was up to Simon now. 
   “Almighty 100% yes,” Simon said.
   I started jumping up and down. Liam came backstage and we hugged him. I was very proud of him. He’s probably going to meet my boyfriend at boot camp.

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