Two Raindrops in One Ocean

Louis loves swimming, he's really good at it. The boys don't know though. When he says he's going to the movies with someone, he goes to the pool and watches tournaments, and if a tournament isn't on, he will swim. One day he goes and watches a tournament, and meets the girl of his dreams. But how does he tell her to keep this a secret from the boys? Will they find out?


2. his family

"We made pizza!"

Niall ran. Everyone else was speed walking. Louis' phone went off, he looked at the screen and smiled, then he noticed me looking and his smile slowly disappeared.

"Louis?" I said.

"Yeah Liam?"


Louis' POV

"Are you alright?" Liam asked.

"Uh...Yeah? Why do you ask?"

"... I need to talk to you alone." Liam said. This was getting weird.

We walked out the glass door and into the backyard.

"I'm worried about you Louis." He said. What?

"Why?" I asked

"Are you seeing someone? Are they beating you? Where do you go Louis?"

"I'm not seeing anyone, no one is beating me, and I tell you where I go." I said, getting annoyed.

"I know, I'm just worried okay." He said.

"Well don't be." I said and stormed back inside.

I walked up to my room and lay down on my bed after locking the door. I never replied to the text Maddi sent me, so I did now.

Maddi:) : Heey wassupo?

Lou: nothing much. wat about u?

Maddi:) : im good. wanna come round tommorow?

Lou: sure :) whats your adress?

Maddi sent me her address, and I fell asleep, it was 11:00 at night.

--next day--

I open the door of my room to find a note on the wall opposite. It read:


           We couldn't wake you up because you locked your door, we tried knocking on it but you still wouldn't awake. The boys and I are going to the shopping center to get better winter clothes. Be back at 2.30.


After reading it I tear it down and put it in the bin.

I make toast this morning, and I eat it plain, nothing on it. I go outside and get in the car.

---skip car ride---

I go up to the door and knock three times. I'ts 1:30 already.

"Hey Louis!" Maddi said.

"Hi,-" I started saying, but then some guy walked up to me from the street.

"What are you doing here?" he said.

"John, go away!" Maddi yelled.

"Sorry Louis this is my ex-boyfriend John."

"I said: What are you doing here!" John yelled.

I put my hands up and said, "I was only visting-"

I got cut off because his fist was in my face.

I was still standing though.

"You could just ask-"

When he punched me again I fell.

He started kicking me.

Each kick got harder and harder.

I couldn't move.

Then he kicked me hard it the face.

And I was out.

Liams POV

"Boys I think we should head back now, Louis is still at home remember?" Zayn said.

Everyone nodded and muttered a 'yes' and we got in the car with all our bags of clothing.

---skip car ride---

"Louis!" I yell.

No answer. God. Not again.

"Where do you think he is?" Niall asks.

"I have no idea." I admit.

Just as we settled down on the couch, the door opens and Louis walks straight up to his room, with the hood on his hoodie down, and slams the door.

"I'll go check on him." I say as I head up to his room.

I knock on the door, but there was no answer. I walk in and see Louis crying on his bed.

"Louis?" I say as I close the door.

"Go away Liam."

"Louis what's wrong?"

"Nothing, go away!"

"Louis, look at me." I was getting really worried now.

Louis' POV

Right as he said that, I jumped off the bed and stood in the corner, my hood still on.

"Louis..." He said.

I slowly turn my head towards him, even though I was looking at the ground, he could see my mouth and the tip of my nose, the rest of my face was shadowed. I pulled my hood up, he saw me for a second, and I turned my face to the side.

"So you are getting beaten. Why did you lie to me?"

"I didn't lie! This is the only time this has happend! Ow!"

"Louis. Don't move."

Liam came up to me and inspected my face.

"Look in the mirror Lou."

I did, I looked horrible.

"See your nose?"

"Yeah?" I said and put my hand up to feel it.

"Don't touch it!" Liam said and swatted my hand away.

"It's broken Lou, see that bend right there?" He said and pointed to the middle of my nose.

What! I turned away and kicked the wall twice.

"I'll take you to the hospital." He said.

"...Alright." I said quietly.

Liam and I walked down the stairs, I was in front. When we reach the bottom the boys look at us, and then notice my face, I glare at them and walk out the door.

"What happened?" I hear Harry ask.

"Broke his nose, we'll be back later, I'm taking him to the hospital." Liam said.

"But his face, it's all brused?" Niall said.

"Yeah... I know." Liam said and sighed.

We got in the car and  Liam started driving. I looked out the window for a while, then Liam asked,

"What were you doing Lou? Where do you go everyday? You told me you don't meet up with people who beat you, you told me-"

"And I was telling the truth too." I said.

Liam was quiet. Letting me talk.

"I... can't tell you where I go, Liam. I'm sorry that I scare you and worry you, but you will just have to trust me on this okay?" I say, hoping he understands, but of course, he doesn't.

"Why can't you tell me?" He asked.

"I have considered telling you and the rest of the boys but.... You see Liam this is my other life we're talking about, or was my other life, you know it doesn't even matter!" I said.

"I wont tell anyone." He said.

It's true, hes really good at keeping secrets.

"Before One Direction, I wanted nothing more than to sing, you see. Well that changed. One day, when I was 16, my family  and I, were at the beach. I had a little sister and an older brother. my sister was 3 and my brother, 18. So we were all at the beach, and I realised that, Macy, my sister, was missing. I looked everywhere, then I saw a small body in the water, I thought 'could that be her' well it was. My parents swam up to her and got dragged under. My brother, Seth, couldn't handle it, he didn't want to see his family die, he wanted to rescue them, I tried to stop him Liam, I really did, but he was alot stronger than I was, and he went in and tried to find them. He went so far into the ocean, I couldn't even see him. I waited for them to come back that day, I sat on the beach and waited, I knew it was too dangerous for me to get in the water. I yelled for Seth, I thought 'If he can hear me then he would swim towards me'

he didn't. I lost my whole family that day Liam. I didn't have any relatives I knew. I couldn't go anywhere. I had no money. I couldn't plan a funeral. So I waited at home for two years. I tried to save the food but, that lasted seven months. I starved. I was dying. I would walk down the streets and try to find food, I never did. So I would go to this bakery, they gave me food. Then I realised, I can't do this for the rest of my life. So I auditioned on X-factor. At the time I did want to be a singer but I didn't, you know what I mean? I did it to get money so I could look after myself. I also wanted to be a lifeguard, I still do, but... I love my job so much, I love you guys, and the fans, and, you can't just drop something like that to do something that is really low-paying. People would think your crazy. I want to do it for my family. I don't want other families to suffer like I did."  I said while crying.

Liam obviously didn't know what to say, because he was silent.

"I'm so very sorry Lou, I didn't know."

"Yeah I'm still expecting a call from the police to say they've found them. Their bodies I mean."

"But, that still doesn't explain where you go and why you got beaten."

"I go to the pool and watch tournaments to get tactics of how to become a faster swimmer." I said.

"What about the beating?"

"I met a girl at the pool. I went to her place today and her ex was hanging around her house and got jealous."

"Does anyone else know about your.. family?" He asked, carfully using the word 'family'.

"Harry is the only person apart from you who knows." I said as we parked the car and got out.

"When you said you were dying, what did you mean?" Liam asked.

I have pictures on my phone that I've kept over the years to remind me how lucky I am.

"I will show you." I said.

Liams POV

When he said 'I will show you.' I got a little scared. He got his phone out, and showed me a picture. He had no shirt and boxer shorts on, he had a stubble and his hair was messed up, you could see his ribs and the bones in his legs, you could see his cheek bones and his jaw as clear as day. Behind him, the house was a mess of tin cans and dirty plates. I look over at him, and he started crying, so I hugged him.












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