1D Imagines & Preferences

1D Imagines & Preferences


4. For Elin

For Elin 

"Hey stop!!" You said to some random person that was in a hurry and had just ran into you (you and your friend were walking in the park when someone ran right into you) he stopped and looked at you you swore you could see sparkles in his beautiful hassle eyes but as you gazed Into his eyes he broke the gazes an had started running toward a limo

*3 weeks later*

You and your friend were walking around in the mall "hey look" your friend said as she pointed at one store she was pointing at a guy but you couldn't see his face he had curly dark brown locks he was wearing a Rolling Stones T-Shirt and really tight pants with white converse "what about him?" You asked her "what?who?I was pointing to the converse next to the guy with the curly locks.didn't you say you wanted some like that?"she asked "umm..yeah" you said feeling stupid she quickly pulled you into the store and you two stopped in front of the converses "OOOOO!!!" She squealed as she quickly pushed you out of the way and grabbed some pink sparkly converse when she pushed you;you tripped and fell on some guy "Hi" he smirk "umm sorry" you said putting you hands on the floor by the side of his face "no it's fine"he said looking into your eyes "no really I'm sorry my friend she gets over excited" you said as you continued to get off of him "I do not" your friend said from the other side of the store causing you and him to laugh "I'm Harry" he said as you were both off of the ground "I'm Elin" you said as you fixed your Long Blond hair "have we met?" He asked you as he looking into your blue eyes "I don't know but I think I know you" you said looking back into his eyes the same exact hassle ones you saw 3 weeks ago 

*end of flashback* 

"and that's how me and Daddy met" you said to your 4 year old daughter,Darcy, "really that's not how I remember it" Harry said as he walked into the living room and sat down next to you on the couch "that's what happened" you said "nope that not what I remember" he said smiling "then how do u remember it?"you asked him "I remember you banging on my door at my hotel at 3:00 in the morning saying 'HARRY HARRY I LOVE YOU!!' " He said trying to sound like a teenage girl when he quoted you causing Darcy to laugh "No That's not what happened!" You protesed "yes it did and then when I opened my door you jumped on me and started kissing me and you said 'I'm your biggest fan and I love you Harry Edward Styles' " he said "Whatever Harry" you said getting up to get Darcy another bottle as you where warming up her bottle you felt Harry come up behind you "Yes?" You asked "what can I not come hug my wife" he said you rolled your eyes Harry then turned you around and looking into your eyes "you know I love you right?" He asked "yes I know Harry" you told him "and I'm glad your my biggest fan cause I'm your biggest fan" he said causing you to laugh but he stopped you with a sweet and soft kiss

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