1D Imagines & Preferences

1D Imagines & Preferences


1. For Dominique <3

For Dominique

It was you and Louis 1 Year anavirury you were planing on doing something special with him but because he was on tour you couldn't it was around lunch time and he still has not called or texted you I were laying on the couch watching the notebook when u got a call you quickly got excited and paused the notebook and grabbed your phone and answered it with out looking at the caller ID "Hello"you spoke into the phone "Hey" you heard on the other side on the phone you knew it wasn't Louis cause you knew his voice you pulled your phone away from you face and saw 'CURLY' written across your screen "hey" you sighed "gosh didn't mean to put you in a bad mood" Harry said making you laugh a little "no it's not you it's just n-nothing never mind" you said "what did you need Harry?" "Well I wanted to tell you that you need to well umm just go into your guest room and look in the closet" he said and then hung up you were kinda annoyed that Harry hung up on you like that but you were to worried about what was in the closet to care soon you slowly stood up and walked to your guest room door you put your hand on the knob it was ice cold not wanting to freak you self out you quickly opened the door and walked over to the closet there u found a beautiful dress http://weheartit.com/entry/27126816and a note you read the note and smiled you quickly put the dress on did you makeup did you hair and out you shoes on then got in the car you soon pulled up to a small playground you got out and stepped on the soft grass you took you shoes off and walked into the woods you soon spotted a small treehouse you could see you and Louis running around as kids around the tree house you climbed up the ladder and sat on the edge of the tree house and put your shoes down be sided you soon you hurt music playing you climed down and started to walk tword the music you soon relized that the song was irisistable as soon as you saw Louis you stopped died in your tracks "DOMINIQUE!!!" He yelled "LOUIS!!!" You yelled running up to him giving him a hug he lifted you up and spun you around "Louis please don't ever leave again" you said you now had tears of joy running down you face you make up was smearing all over Louis shirt but he didn't mind "Dominique...." He said "I have to ask you something I know I've been gone for so long and I know it's hard for you but it's hard for my too and all the things about me going back out with Eleanor and the hate from fans that means nothing to me the only thing I'm worried about in this world right know is you...us" as he finished he pulled something out of him pocket and before you knew it he was on one knee "that's why Dominique I wanted to ask you will you Marry me" he said you were in tears and all you could do was sake your head yes Louis then jumped up and hugged you tighter then ever he let go and slipped the ring on to your finger and said "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you" and he leaned him and kissed you sweetly 


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