If it Makes You Feel Alive

One Direction FanFiction!! :D


3. Chapter 2

If it Makes you Feel Alive

Chapter 2

**Niall's POV**

Harry, Louis, and I all walked up to Zayn at the same time as Liam and his "half long lost" sister did.

"Everybody," Liam said to us, ""this is Ashlee, my little sister." He was smiling. I've seen him happy, but I've never seen him this happy.

"Hello" Ashlee was smiling as well.

We figured she knew our names so we didn't introduce ourselves. But then Liam started by pointing to Zayn and introducing him. He finished with Harry and they held eye contact for a bit longer than Louis or Zayn. I didn't like that. I don't know why but a pang of jealousy, I think it was, went through me.

Then Liam said my name and we locked eyes. She was gorgeous. Her face held a resemblance to Liam's, but she was way more beautiful than Liam.

Her eyes we dark, blue but beautiful. She smiled a bit and said hello. And then the boys started talking about what to do until our flight leaves... in thirty six hours.

**Ashlee's POV**

After being introduced to the other four boys, Niall turned to me as the others talked.

"He's so happy" I looked up at his pretty eyes. See, why can't I have eyes like that?


"Liam, ever since he saw you on the plane, he hasn't stopped smiling." Niall's Irish accent rang true.

I looked over towards Liam, only to be caught by emerald green eyes staring back at me. Harry's curls bounced as he whipped his head turned away. My heartbeat quickened. Wait, what?

I looked towards Liam, white teeth containing his face, making his eyes sparkle.

I blinked as the sunlight shone through the skylight directly above me.

I felt eyes on me and looked back at Niall. He was waiting for a response.

"Here" his fingers wrapped around my arm as he pulled me away from the blinding light from above.

"Thanks" I told him.

"Don't thank me" he smiled. He was cute. His baby face was breathtaking. His eyes were gorgeous. But millions of girls thought so too, so whatever.

The other boys came over to us and Zayn said, "here's the plan,"

"Here's the plan!" Louis mimicked excitedly.

"We're going to sleep here," Zayn continued after giving Louis a look.

"That's boring" Niall said, unhappy with the plan so far.

"But!" Zayn said impatiently, "we are gonna go have some fun, exploring Miami."

"Yay!" Louis did a little dance.

The three big men I saw with the boys earlier came up to us.

"Sorry ma'am," one of them said, "the boys have had a long, tiring day, and"

"Paul" Liam said, but the one speaking, Paul, held up a finger and continued.

"They probably don't want fans-" he tried, but Liam interrupted him again with,


"Fans trying to bug them for photos and autographs-" Liam stopped him again.

"Paul!" Liam said, a bit louder this time.

"What!?" Paul said, upset that he was being interrupted.

"This is Ashlee, my sister" Liam explained.

Paul's eyes widened, then looked from Liam to me then back to Liam.

"Sorry" he mumbled. "I'm Paul." He held his hand out to me.

"Ashlee," I said smiling. I went to take his hand, but he pulled it away and instead pulled me in for a hug.

I laughed as I wrapped my arms around him. He was like a teddy bear with biceps.

"Liam has been talking about you nonstop." He smiled.

"I bet" I smiled at Liam and Paul both.

"So, we booked a hotel down the street, and well have two rooms" Paul started. By the look the boys gave him, it seemed as though their plan had been ruined. Paul turned to me and said, "sorry, little miss, we didn't plan for an extra body, so you can either pay for a room, or bunk with the boys or us." He pointed to the men behind him.

Before I could answer, Liam started, "she will be with us." He placed a hand on my back Paul said a few things and he and the other two men backed away from our circle.

"Sorry about that." Zayn told me.

"No, it's fine. He's just being careful." I told him.

Zayn nodded and Harry stared him down. I was so confused.

After about ten minutes, we learned that the airport was not going to give us our luggage, but were just going to put it on the next plane. We also learned that instead of having to wait thirty six hours, it was changed to only six, which meant we would be leaving at seven in the morning.

So, after a few phone calls, Paul said that we were not going to a hotel, or motel, or grocery store, or any place that meant leaving the airport.

And after another two phone calls, Paul told us that we were being permitted an office that the boys could sleep in and get comfortable. And as he guided us to this office, he made it clear that we were not, under any circumstances, allowed to do anything stupid, irrational, or uncalled for.

That sound pretty boring to me, and from groans and unsatisfied looks from the boys, they would agree.

The office complex was quite big. A large desk sat unoccupied with a tall chair behind it in the the center of the room. The back wall was a window looking out on the runway. There was an Ice Box, and a long counter with cupboards above it. There were several skylights up above, letting in sunlight, and the wooden floor was shiny, as if it had been recently waxed. In front of the desk, sat two long couches, positioned as though two people would be meeting there, face to face.

Paul and his burly men left after Paul gave a strict, "Be good!" And sauntered out.

After we set our bags down on the counter next to the ice box, we all went and crashed on the sofas.

Zayn started snoring before even twenty minutes went by. There were two couches. They were quite long. Zayn, Louis and Liam were all on one, and Harry, Niall, and I were all spread out on the other. My legs were slung over the back of the couch, Harry's head resting on my stomach, and Niall's arm wrapped around Harry's waist. Niall was sleeping, but Harry kept mumbling songs under his breath, letting hot air out onto my tummy where my shirt had come up.

I stared out the window while men that looked like ants walked around on the ground, waving flashing sticks, driving trucks and baggage carts, and spraying down the planes.

The office we sat in rattled as an incoming plane landed onto the pavement, letting out its exhaust.

The loud noise awoke Harry from his slumber and nearly pushed me of the couch. I would have fallen if it weren't for his large arms wrapping around my waist and holding me up. He chuckled and gave a curt, "sorry". Niall had unwrapped his arms from Harry, giving him some room to sit up.

"Are you hungry?" Harry asked me groggily. His hair was all floppy and cute, but it didn't seem like he minded. He blinked at me as he tried to shake the sleepiness from his body.

"Sure" I gave him a smile.

He still seemed half asleep, but my heart thumped a bit faster as he took my hand and pulled me off the couch. In our socks, we sleepily opened the office door quietly, and slipped out.

Harry and I, still sleepy, trudged down a small, carpeted hallway. My hand was still in his, and I hoped he didn't let go. He did though, but for some reason I was disappointed, why was I disappointed?

To my luck, he turned to me before we went around a corner.

"I am honestly not in any mood to get mobbed by fans or paparazzi, so we have to sneak." He whispered in my ear. His eyes were shining and a smile spread across his face as I nodded.

He peaked around a corner and, taking my hand in his, quickly and silently, well as silent a two half asleep teenagers could be, crept down another small hallway. Harry peaked around the next corner and held up a hand to tell me to wait. We slipped our hands out of one another's, and he took off to another hallway. I peaked around at him as he peaked around the corner he was now at. He motioned for me and I followed his lead and sprinted to him.

We did this one more time, then almost another. He was sprinting to another hallway, motioned for me, but then as I was between the two, he started waving me away, thought otherwise and ran towards me. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me with him.

Then, everything went dark, except for the light seeping through the bottom of the door. He had pulled me into a utility closet. His arms were around me, his breathing quick. His hard chest moved up and down, and mine moved down then up, in sync with his.

"Okay," he whispered in my ear, "what do you want?" He breathed, "Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendy's?

"I don't care" I whispered back, his curls tickling my nose.

"Good, now stay here till I get back." He said.

"What? no I'm coming with!" I objected.

"A good spy never tolerated distractions" his voice was filled with childishness.

I held back a laugh and replied with, "no, a good spy never leaves a man behind" I told him.

"Wait, I thought that was G.I. Joe" he told me.

"It is, but whatever." I told him.

"You're staying here" he told me, and with that, he loosened his arms from around me and cracked open the door a bit.

He looked back at me, his face dark but mine illuminated by the light from outside.

He mumbled something that I couldn't understand, and leaned towards me and pressed his lips softly onto mine and was gone with out another word.

I stood in the dark, surprised that I actually liked the kiss, and smiled to myself like a little kid.

Within five minutes, at least I thought it was five minutes, but it's hard to tell time when you can't see and you're leaning up against a wall, Harry was back.

He knocked on the door and whistled two high-pitched notes.

I twisted the door nob but the door didn't open.

"Harry you can't lean on the door if you want me to open it" I told him, laughing a bit.

I heard his low raspy voice and swung the door open.

He had a cheeky grin on his face and in his hands, he held a bag of food from Wendy's and two beverages from Starbucks in a cardboard cup holder.

I squinted at the light as u stepped out. "Sorry it took so long, the line was long" he said. His voice still held sleep in it, but his eyes looked wide awake.

"Or you could apologize for keeping me in a dark closet for ten minutes" I smirked at him.

"Any logical person wouldn't stay in the closet for ten minutes" he fired back.

"No, any logical person wouldn't shove a door jam under the door so she couldn't get out" I fired back.

He tried to think of something to come back with, but failed and instead said, "It was not ten minutes!"

I rolled my eyes at him and he followed me down the hallway to the office complex.

The rest of the boys were still fast asleep, but they kept moaning about the light every now and then.

The light was coming from the large window with the runway view. There were two large black curtains on either side and we slid them in front of the window so the boys could sleep. Harry found another rolling chair, identical to the one sitting behind the desk in the corner by the refrigerator, and rolled them over to where the two curtains came together. We sat down and draped the curtains behind the chairs so we could look out.

He handed me a Starbucks cup and said, "One French Vanilla Iced Coffee Mocha for you, and one French Vanilla Iced Coffee Mocha for me"

I gladly took it and said, "how'd you know it was my favorite?"

"I didn't, it's my favorite." He smiled at me, opening up the Wendy's bag.

He handed me a double cheeseburger, then took one out for himself. This was my favorite too.

"I hope you like burgers and fries" he told me. His hair still in a bed mess.

"Yeah. I do."

We unwrapped out burgers and took a bite. The lettuce and cheese and pickles were amazing, best thin I have eaten in a while. Which isn't saying much since this is Wendy's.

"So," he swallowed a bite, "why were you going to California I you didn't know you had a brother?" he took another bite.

"I was supposed to go with friends for the entire summer, but then yesterday my mum just was like, 'Hey by the way, your friends aren't going, it's just you.'"

"Wow. That's some big news" he said.

I nodded and took a bite.

"So what were you planning on doing? all by yourself in a place you've never been?" his eyes were on me as I answered him.

"I haven't gotten that far" I said.

"Haven't? You'll stay with us, yeah?" He said an this caught me off guard, which means I choked on my drink as I took a sip. I pulled my legs up and crossed them onto the chair, I put my drink in the little hole of my legs.

I looked at him, "what? I couldn't ruin your time in Cali" I thought, "I'd just be in the way."

"No, there's no question about it. Liam will make you stay, no matter what, and Louis seems pretty happy, Niall too" at the sound of his name, Niall's sweet image sent something through me. I didn't know what it was, and I'm not sure if I liked it or not.

"Zayn is still half asleep, he may seem awake, but he probably will think that you were a dream. And," he paused, turning his face away from me and looking out the window, "I want you to stay" he seemed unsure about saying this, but it made my insides flutter.

"I, I don't know" I told him. "What are you guys even doing out there anyway?" I asked him.

"We are taking a break." Is all he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I thought of the millions of girls that would be disappointed.

"Not forever, just the summer." We bought this beach condo. As the five of us, plus one," a smile rose onto his face and I stared, he was so cute, "and were just going to enjoy the summer."

We finished our burgers and fries, then just sat there with our drinks, watching the planes, the sunrise, and occasional glanced at one another.

"I have to pee" I blurted. He gave me an amused look and picking up the trash, stood up, looked at me, winked, and motioned for me to follow him.

That wink, I had to take an extra breathe for that one.

After replacing the chairs, and throwing the trash away in a bin under the counter, we just stood there watching the boys sleep for a moment.

Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Niall were all on the one couch. A tangled clump of arms, legs, and snores. Harry glanced at me and we both burst into laughter.

As we excited the door, Harry put a hand through his hair, pushing in back.

That gave me feels. He led me through a series of hallways, and if it weren't for Harry, I'd be incredibly lost.

After we went, he took me an entirely different route back to the office.

He laid down on the couch, and I followed his lead and acquired my earlier position by slinging my legs up over the back of the sofa.

Within seconds, we were both asleep.

"I can't believe you!" I heard from behind me. I turned and my brother stood there, tear in his eyes. But this time I could actually see who the person was.

No matter how many times I had this dream, I had never been able to see who he was. But this time, I could see Liam's face clearly. His brown eyes shining because of the tears.

"How could you just leave me?" He screamed at me. "I was alone! For so long" a tear fell from his reddened face. This time, compared to every single night I had had this dream, I knew what he was talking about.

"You know it wasn't my choice!" I screamed back, my tears hot as they fell down my face.

"Ashlee!" he took a step back. "You knew what was going on! You chose mum over me!" His voice was drowned out as the scene shifted.

I was seeing things from a different point of view. I watched as a little Liam hugged a little toddler that was me.

His pudgy tears were tear stained and so was the little girl's.

The scene shifted back to Liam and I screaming at each other.

"I was two!" My voice cracked.

Liam stared at me. "I can't believe you're still blaming it on that!" He took a breath then continued, "you never tried to meet me! You never tried to figure it out!" his voice was shaky.

"I didn't even know I had a brother! It's not like you made any move to meet me! or tell me that I was your sister! you can't blame this entire thing on me!" I sobbed then. I was waiting for myself to wake up. This is usually where I woke up.

He didn't say anything. We stood there, breathing. Then I said, "I'm sorry" it was quiet, but it was thick.

He looked up at me, tears in his eyes, he studied my face, trying to see if it was genuine.

I woke up then. My cheeks were wet with tears. I sniffed, as did somebody else nearby.

I sat up on the sofa and looked around. Zayn, Harry, and Niall all sat on the desk to my left.

I looked strait ahead, Liam was sitting up too. He had tears running down his face as well, which he wipe away.

"Woah" somebody said.

Liam wiped his nose as he smiled and then gave me a weak smile.

"Woah" the voice said again. This time we looked towards the voice. It was Zayn, I knew because he said it again.

"What?" Liam beat me to it.

"You guys were like, having the same dream." He said.

"Can you guys..." Liam said, and the boys got the message. The three of them hopped off the desk and walked out of the office, closing the door. But I had no doubt that they were listening to us on the other side.

Liam walked over to me, smiling a bit, and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"I'm so sorry" he whispered to me. A tear slipped out of my eyes.

"Me to" I sniffed.

"I take you you have had that dream for a long time, every night?" He said after he pulled away. He looked intently into my eyes.

"Yeah. It changed this time though" I told him.

"Yeah, mine too." He nodded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sorry it's kinda short, but thanks fore reading!!

So, who do you think Ashlee should fall in love with? Niall? Harry? Louis?

I'd say Zayn, but he's getting married so.. Aahhh! They're so cute!! ☺️

Thanks. Check out my other stories. Love you all!

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