You Had Me At Hello

Tasia is Abnegation. She has never felt at home, like an outsider. She wanted to run through the town, and get tattoos, and wear her hair down, and wear trashy clothes. She is turning 16 soon, and she wants to leave Abnegation. She chooses Dauntless. She loves it. She meets this boy, and things get crazy. Ethan is amazing. But he is reckless, and sometimes doesn't think about anything but himself. Tasia still likes him, will she get him? Will it end up being one huge, messed up, mistake?


4. Chapter 4

Choosing Ceremony.

There's only 3 days left, and trust me I've been counting down. 

Every time I leave my room, I am either bombarded with questions about what I'm going to wear, what I'm going to pick, and how I want my hair, or I have to listen to Sophia brag about how she's going to grow up and be the next leader of Abnegation. 


I grabbed my book and started reading. Its called Divergent. I found it in a trash bin in the park, and I took it home. Its very interesting. I'm guessing its made up, but its about how part of our society is Divergent, and they have special powers or something. Weird huh?

Knock Knock

"Tasia?" I heard my mom say.



"Ughh. Do I HAVE to?!"

"Tasia. Stop." She opened the door and looked at me. "This is not how you act."

"You know what? I am FED UP WITH THIS!!" I yelled, slamming my book closed. "I am leaving here, this FUCKING FACTION in 3 FUCKING DAYS. Got that?! You won't be my mother, and I won't have to listen to these FUCKING Abnegation rules!! You won't control me, I will FINALLY be who I AM. So SHUT UP and leave me be for my remaining 3 FUCKING days!!"

I regretted it as soon as I said it.

"You won't be my mother"

I've never yelled at my mother like that before.

I looked at my mom. She has a suprised look on her face, and it turns to hurt. Her eyes start to water. No. . .

"No.. Mom! Wait. . . I'm sorry!. . ."

"I will always be your mother" *sniffle* 

She closes the door, and leaves. 

I sniff, and put my head in my hands. I start to cry. I can't believe I did that. I love my mom so much, and I haven't realized it till now, but I am really going to miss my mom and Sophia. 

I wiped at my eyes and sat up. I have to leave Abnegation. I can't stay here. 

2 hours later

I knocked on my moms door, looking at my feet. My mom opens the door, walks back over to her bed and sits down. I walk in slowely, unsure what to do. 

My mom has her hair down and flowing. Its really pretty, like mine. Shes wearing a night gown, and fuzzy socks. I haven't seen my mom like this since my dad's death. 

"Mom?" I asked, taking a step. "Are you okay?"

She looks up and I can see her cheeks are tear stained. 

She pats the bed, indicating for me to sit by her.

"Look, I am really sorry. I didn't mean..." I start.

"I get it." My mom interrupts. 

"What?" I say.

She sighs. "I never told you this, but when I was 16 like you, I was in Abnegation, and I was exactly like you. I rebelled, got mad, and was really depressed all the time."

I gasped.

"And," she said, ignoring my sudden outburst. "I wanted to leave so badly, but my dad made me stay. He used to abuse me in horrible ways, and he said if I left, he would come see me and kill me. I was so scared. I knew I had to stay, even if I didn't want to."

I had my hands over at my mouth at that point, tears trickling down my face. 

"I...I knew I couldn't live with him. He would just keep abusing me. I tried to be factionless, but he obviously didn't let me leave. So, one night, I..."

Her voice cracked, and she started to cry harder into her hand. Her eyes were squeezed tightly. I scooted over and hugged her.

"I.. I... I took a big knife from the kitchen that night." *sob* "I hid it under my pillow. And... And when he came into my room, I... I." 

She sobbed harder.

"i killed him." She whispered. 

I was balling by then, and my mom was the same. I hugged her tightly, mumbling, "your okay" "everything will be okay" "don't worry"

I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. 


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