You Had Me At Hello

Tasia is Abnegation. She has never felt at home, like an outsider. She wanted to run through the town, and get tattoos, and wear her hair down, and wear trashy clothes. She is turning 16 soon, and she wants to leave Abnegation. She chooses Dauntless. She loves it. She meets this boy, and things get crazy. Ethan is amazing. But he is reckless, and sometimes doesn't think about anything but himself. Tasia still likes him, will she get him? Will it end up being one huge, messed up, mistake?


3. Chapter 3

I've always admired the Dauntless. The way they aren't afraid of anything. The way they jumped on and off trains with ease. The way they held their heads high and didn't care what anyone thought of them. Their tattoos and style. 

Of course the rest of Abnegation thought they were unruly, and untamed. Crazy. That they ate with their fingers, or lived in the wilderness. Of course they didn't, but everyone had already made up their minds. 

Whenever we have city-wide meetings, or Choosing Ceremonies, they always arrived fashionably late, and on trains. I always stand next to my mom, and I can hear her cluck her tongue quietly, in disapproval. I, on the other hand, would watch in awe. I remember when I was younger, only five or six, I would stand their with my mouth wide open. My mom would reach down and close my mouth.

"It's not polite to stare." She would say. 


I looked at my paper, with all the factions written on it. I have three crossed off so far. I've been debating Candor vs. Dauntless for the past half hour. I made a list of pros and cons.



-Get to jump on/off trains

-Wear cute black clothes that show skin

-Leave Abnegation

-Do reckless stuff

-Have fun


-I might not make initiation

-Might not be able to jump on/off trains


-New people


After I made my Dauntless pros/cons list I knew Dauntless was for me. I didn't even have to debate Candor. Ever since I first laid my eyes on the Dauntless jumping on/off hose trains I knew I wanted to be them. Even if I never knew it. 

I smiled to myself. I was gonna switch to Dauntless. And nobodies gonna stop me. 

Abnegation- X

Candor- X

Erudite- X

Dauntless- YES!
Amity- X


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