You Had Me At Hello

Tasia is Abnegation. She has never felt at home, like an outsider. She wanted to run through the town, and get tattoos, and wear her hair down, and wear trashy clothes. She is turning 16 soon, and she wants to leave Abnegation. She chooses Dauntless. She loves it. She meets this boy, and things get crazy. Ethan is amazing. But he is reckless, and sometimes doesn't think about anything but himself. Tasia still likes him, will she get him? Will it end up being one huge, messed up, mistake?


1. Chapter 1

I never felt like I really belonged anywhere. My family talked about things, like weather or politics, and I sat there silently. My sister, Sophia, gets deep into these conversations. I, on the other hand, don't know what to say half the time. 

At school, there were groups of certain people who are together. I only had my best friend, Rosalie. We both were so different from everyone else. We different people have to say together. 

I felt like it was trapped inside this bubble. I have to wear gray, put my hair in a tight bun, and act selfless all the time. There's a little me inside the gray clad, tight bun wearing, selfless person. 

"Honey?" My mom comes into my room. She looks like shes gonna say something, but stops. "What. . .What are you wearing?"

I look down at myself. I was wearing gray sweatpants with splatters of paint on them. This town only sells gray clothing, so I had to improvise and splash paint on them. I had a white half cut t-shirt that showed my toned stomach. My hair was down and wavy. Its now bright red, after I dyed it a hour ago. 

"My new clothes" I answered. 

"Well, take them off." My mom says, in a mock serious tone she uses with every word that escapes her mouth. Except maybe "Tasia! STOP GLUING CHEETOS TO YOUR CAT!" 

I was a strange child. Certainly not what the Abnegation would call "Sophisticated" or "Normal"

"Take off those clothes and change." My mom said. "We are going to the town biblical study and you can't go in that" She points to my outfit.

"Ugh" I moaned.

"Abnegation." My mom says sternly. 

Every time I do something Abnegation wouldn't "approve" of, she just says Abnegation very sternly. 

"Ok. Mother." I said in a mock happy tone.

She glared at me and left the room.

I changed into an ugly, gray, button up dress with a dark gray sweater over the top. I pulled on tights and my flats. I pull at the button up dress because its a 

I trudge into the kitchen. My entire kitchen is gray. Its really depressing to be in actually. 

"Lets go!" Sophia says. 

"I'm coming!" I say. 

My family steps out the doorway of the Morgan house, and I put on my best "Abnegation"  face. My little me cringed.


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