Not Close Enough

Jane's Life has been shaken, Dylan Dauzat? Paul Zimmer? Danneh Edge? Who to choose...


2. One

Chapter 1:

Jane's POV*

"Johnny, I miss him" I said as we sat down for lunch at Montgomeries.

"I know Hun." She said, pulling out a menu.

I looked over mine as well. "it just..." I paused reading something on the menu, "isn't fair."

"You know" she said. "I have never actually seen this Dylan of yours"

Immediately, I pulled out my phone, unlocked it, and went to my twitter. Conveniently, it was already on Dylan's page.

I smiled, seeing his picture. I scrolled down to his photos and tapped the first one.

She took it, and flipped through, her pink lips shining with gloss.

"He's cuuute.." she said, proud of me.

"I know." I said blushing

"Woah. Wait." She turned my phone towards me and I looked.

It was a picture of Dylan and a girl.. no that was me. We were covered in mud, his hand on my lower back, pulling me towards him. He had his swim trunks on, and I had a bikini on. My arms were around his neck. A hand in his hair, our lips smashed up against each other.

I grinned. I remembered that day. Our friend Logan took that. He was a photographer and he came along with us. He got a ton of great shots. But he didn't get a single drop of mud on him. I don't know how, with it all flinging around.

I also remember that Logan had to drive us to Dylan's house, and we had to lay down in his pickup because we were not going to get his precious seats muddy. You know we made out..

He dropped us off at Dylan's, and his mom made him take off his muddy trunks. Because she did not want her clean carpets muddy. I remember Dylan dropping his shorts, to his KCs.

Then we had to, with his mothers instruction, go outside to the hose and spray ourselves off, so he dropped his trunks for nothing. Thanks Mrs. Dauzat. (;

Johnny had set my phone on the table in front of me, and a waiter was walking towards us. We ordered BLTs and raspberry lemonade.

We talked about many many things. School, boys, Johnny's inability to choose between Nathan and Ben, Dylan...

We left at 1:30, after using the restroom, and getting in my Corvette.

Soon, we have to go bowling with Nathan, and his friend.

I pulled out of the parking lot, and my phone started ringing. I really wanted it to be Dylan, but disappointment filled me as I saw that it was only Nathan.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, my friend that I was going to invite can't come, so I was talking to another friend," he started. "he is landing at the Camelot Airline Airport at 4:30, and he said that he would totally come bowling," I was excited, for tonight, but only for bowling. I'm beast at it. "So we will meet at my house at 6:30 instead of 6. Then we will still go to the blackout bowl at 9 to whenever we want." He took a breath. "Sound good?

"Yup!" I faked enthusiasm, "Johnny says hi. Bye! See you at 6:30!" I hung up.

"What was that?!" Johnny said, with a smile on her face.

"You're welcome" I smirked. She giggled, and flipped the mirror down to look at her face. And fix a minuscule problem with her makeup.

Her shortish blonde hair was slightly frizzy from all the dyes and product and highlights. But it was pretty. Her blue eyes shone bright through her pale face, she had an artificial tan, minus her face. But she was gorgeous. She had lost her braces in eighth grade. And going into our junior year, she was a perfect Barbie. But she was the most amazing girl. Her manicured hands were painted a light pink with little jewels glued on, mine were just silver, nicely filed, and the ring fingers a bright blue.

My brown hair was French braided, all the way down to the small of my back, it was sometimes annoying, but Dylan likes long hair. My teeth were strait, due to braces in sixth and seventh grade, and they were a shiny white. I was very tan, which was going to fade, sadly, in the winter.

"So, the friend that Nate was going to invite declined, so at 4:30, he is going to go to the airport and pick up a friend, coming from who knows where. And we are going to Nate's house at 6:30, instead of six" I explained.

"Alrighty, which airport?" She wondered aloud.

"Camelot Airlines Airport."

"Ooh. Right near my house, want to go there instead of being with your parents?"

"Yes" I told her.

It took a good twenty minutes to get there, the midday traffic rush was about over so it didn't take too long. I pulled into their parking lot, and locked my vehicle.

We walked in and her parents were making something that smelled like dog food.

Johnny's parents were chefs, so they had this grand kitchen, and dinning area, which meant that they made amazing food.

"Hey girls!" Marcia, Johnny's mom, said happily.

Johnny didn't say anything, but they were more like parents to me than mine so I said, " hey mom!" she hugged me after she dried her hands.

"Want to try some beef crackers?" Dave said.

"Uhm. No thanks, we just got in from lunch." I told him.

After a quick 'how have you been?' segment, Johnny led me up the stairs to her room.

Baker, Johnny's family dog, jumped up on the bed and started licking my hand for me to pet him. Yeah, the chefs named their dog Baker, and their cat Cook. When Johnny first brought me here, I cracked up at that for like, ten minutes.

Johnny asked me if I wanted to do her hair, and after a while, I gave in and decided on doing a French fishtail.

I'm not girly, but having a girly best friend, you learn how to do things like hair and nails.

At two, we watched the office, and ate m&ms. It was like a bag of like every single kind, peanut butter, peanut, normal, pretzel, and any other kind.

That seemed to pass the time. At five o'clock pm, Johnny... Johnny... JOHNNY got a call from Nathan. I was so happy that he finally did not call me!!!

He had his friend with him, he didn't give a name, but Nathan was going to drop him off at the place he was staying, then he was going to get some sleep, and then come to Nathan's around six - thirty.

So he would only get like a forty-five minute nap, but hey. It is his choice.

We watched more episodes of The Office and Big Bang Theory till six - o'clock pm.

We turned off the television and started to pick out what to wear. It was a black - light bowl, so we had to wear white.

I chose some peach with white - threaded shorts, and white converse, a white see through lacey shirt, with a pink and black flowered camisole underneath.

...Actually Johnny picked it out. All I did was choose the converse. I put white pearls in my ears, and white flowers in my doubles.

Johnny wore white shorts, white flip flops, and she even painted her toe nails white.

While she was painting them, I suddenly remembered.

"Johnny, you do realize that you have to get those shoe things right?" I laughed as she let out a groan and found some white tennis shoes after finishing and letting then dry.

Instead of bowling shoes, they gave you extensions to fit your shoes, they were cheaper, and you didn't have to wear someone else's sweaty feet in the bowling shoes.

She slipped on a white tank - top with a purple belt around the stomach.

I had to make the outfit mine, so I put my black Mercedes car seat buckle belt through the belt loops of my-well, Johnny's- shorts.

She asked me if I was ready, but of course, I had to pee.

After I went, we said goodbye to her parents, and walked out to my car.

We hopped in and the clock read 6:30. Oh well.

"Since we are going to be late anyway," Johnny began, "wanna go to Starbucks?"

I laughed. "You are such a white chick"

She giggled her cute little laugh and she fished her phone out of her purse. "I'm going to call Nate and tell him that we are going to be late" she told me.

After she hung up, she smiled, trying to hide it.

"I see you over there" I made fun of her.

She giggled more, applying more lip gloss in the mirror. "If you don't stop usin' that mirror, it ain't gonna work anymore."I told her.

"Oh my goodness! I would DIE!" She looked at me.

I went through the drive through and I ordered Johnny a vanilla bean frapiccino, and myself an iced, French Vanilla, coffee.

"Let me pay" Johnny. "Since you're such an amazing person." She smiled at me.

"Thanks" I said, handing the cashier at the window the money. I took a sip of my drink and realized my gas gage was on E.

"Shit" I said under my breathe. I pulled out of Starbucks and into a Marathon gas station.

I filled up my tank, and went into the store to pay, since I didn't have my gas card with me.

I walked into the station and a really hot guy was standing in line for the register. I stood behind him and he turned to me.

"Hey cutie" he flashed a dazzling smile at me. He quickly did an up - down, his eyes gazing longer at my boobs. Wow... You're slick, I thought.

"Hey" I smiled at him, making eye contact.

We moved foreword in the line and he said, " you want to do something?"

If I didn't already have Dylan, I think I might have. "Sorry, I'm busy" I said instead.

"That's too bad" he had really pretty eyes.

He let me go ahead of him and I knew he was totally checking my out my ass.

I paid for my gas and as I walked passed him towards the door, he "accidentally" touched my butt. But there was too much squeezing going on for it to be accidental.

I got back into my vehicle and drove away.

"Where are you going?" Johnny asked me as I turned of the main road.

"Back roads, I wanna see how fast this baby can go." I said.

"Ugh. You and your country side." She said. I hit the back road, and immediately sped up.

Johnny was texting away with her pretty thumbs, but when I got up to 80mph, she looked at me.

We were going on a road through a huge corn field. I hit 90... 100...

"Maddi!" Johnny held onto her car door tightening her seat belt.

I went up to 105mph, the corn zooming by. I knew this road.



At the end of it, was a large area of cement, about a mile wide and a mile long. I don't know why exactly. My history teacher said there used to be a town out here. But oh well. As soon as the corn ended, I slammed on my brakes. I smile on my face.

We spun, tires screeching, we spun too many times to count, and finally stopped.

I hopped out, a bit dizzy, and cheered.

"Whhoooo!" I yelled, my voice traveling across the corn.

My corvette was filthy, dirt across the windows. The entire thing was covered in mud and dust.

Smiling, I walked back to my car, and swung myself in. Johnny was still sitting there, breathing hard, pushing herself back into her seat.

"We. Are never. Doing that. AGAIN" she said in between breathes.

"Ahh, man up" I told her. The radio was on country, and I sang along.

Driving now, Johnny relaxed a bit, and tried to hide a smile.

"Told you it was fun" I mocked.

"No it wasn't!" She tried harder.

"Admit it Jon, it was amazing. The adrenaline"

"No it was not fun! it was thrilling but NOt fun!" But she was smiling.


I turned onto Nathan's road and Cruise, by Florida Georgia Line, came onto the radio. I drove a bit slower so we could hear the entire song.

We jammed out. With the radio up high, the bass... Whoo!

When the song ended, we were almost to Nate's driveway.

"I may not like country, but I do like that song." Johnny said.

"That's only because they made a remix of it that they play on U-93." I laughed.

I pulled into his driveway, and a rental car was sitting there.

"That must be his friend from who - knows - where." Johnny said.

I parked, turned off the car, and we got out. I carried my lanyard, twirling it around my fingers.

Dylan used to do the exact thing with his lanyard. I looked down, to avoid crying.

Johnny sneezed, and I had to keep myself from crying, thinking about his cute sneezes.

"I'm in the mood for Taco Bell" Johnny joked. She could never bring herself to eat there, too fattening. Because she didn't work out.

"I am" I told her. Still holding back tears, remembering all the times Dylan took me there because it was our favorite place to eat.

We reaches the door, and Johnny knocked. Nathan answered the door.

"Hello ladies!" he said. He was wearing khaki shorts with all those pockets, a white American Eagle tee - shirt, and white ballet socks.

"Hey!" Johnny chirped. I didn't say anything as we took off our shoes in the mat. "I really need to pee! Johnny said after he hugged us, making mine way longer than I should have been.

"Alright, I'll show you where it is, and then I'll introduce you two to my friend. He's downstairs" Nathan said, "Make yourself at home" he motioned towards the couches. Nathan led Johnny off towards the bathroom, and I was about to sit on the leather couch when Nathan's friend walked in... Holy Crap...


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