Darkened Wings

Artemis Jane has just moved from two very different places. Her ancestors' history has been an exciting one. When she receives her wings, with the outcome be Positive? Or Negative?


1. Darkened Wings

Darkened Wings

"Don't talk to me!" My seventeen year old sister Morgan shrieked into the phone. Logan. I heard the phone hit the receiver, followed by loud sobs.

Logan, was her boyfriend, but things weren't going so well.

Her sobs continued. The longer she cried, the more I'd feel her pain. I slipped in earphones and drowned out the noise.

The phone rang again, "Quit Calling ME!" I heard Morgan scream into the phone. There was a pause, then, "Artemis! It's for you!" I heard next. I yanked the earphones out, and picked up the cordless phone on the coffee table.

"Hello." I said into the phone and waited for a response.

I heard Morgan hang the other line up, most likely continuing her sobs.

"Chico! You busy tonight?" My best friend, Micah, spoke.

"It's Chica, for one and for two, I am not." I replied.

"Screw Spanish. Wanna go bowling tonight? Kenan wants to go, because of a loss of women in his life, which he won't admit, but I don't want to be stuck with him, but I also don't want to make him sad because he just got dumped by Justine and he's been getting fat all day and watching depressing movies, I mean he's watched Titanic like five tim-"

"Micah!" I cut her off "yes I'll come."

"Cool your the best. Wear white!" I could hear her smile through the phone.

After I hung up, I went upstairs to change. I chose short jean shorts and a white top that hung off one shoulder. My makeup and hair was good enough so I charged my phone a bit.

Wear white because the bowling alley's only illumination was black lights. The pins, balls, and shoes were all white. After dark, was the perfect time because you have no clue where the hell your going at all. Unless your wearing white.

Kenan's car pulled in half-past-eight and I ran out with Sperrys and a pull string backpack that held my phone, money, and sock.

I hopped in the backseat and the smell if Axe cologne overcame me.

"Kenan! What the hell!" I coughed.

"He's trying to get a lady" Micah answered for me.

"Get a lady to do what, exactly? Pass out?" This made Micah laugh hard.

"Hey!" Kenan objected. "I'm lonely!"

"Whatevs" I answered back.


We arrive in a little less than ten minutes. We paid for shoes and a ball and made our way over to alley 18, towards the middle of the long room.

"Be prepared to get your asses beaten ladies" Kenan said over the music.

"Yeah right!" Micah snorted, "I'm the best."

And I wasn't very good, I haven't bowled in a while.

I went first. STRIKE!

"How are we supposed to compete with that?" Kenan asked allowed.

"You aren't." I replied. Realizing that that was pure luck.

After Micah knocked down 8 pins, Kenan guttered both times.

After the first game, I had a score of 98, Micah had 64, and Kenan had a whole 37 points! Yeah, we laughed a lot. I guess I was better than I thought.

"How about some water?" I asked them both.

"That'd be great." Micah said.

By memory, I made way through the darkness of the bowling alley to the counter. I slapped my hand down on the cold marble surface, waiting for a bar tender.

Suddenly, there was a body next to mine. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me into him.

"What's your name cutie?" His voice was low, smooth, and sexy. He was wearing all black, so he was pretty much invisible. He had that 'bad boy' vibe. Two could play that game.

"Who wants to know?" I answered, placing my hands on his biceps. And WOOO were they biceps.

The light from the black light glowed off my shirt and onto his face he was wearing a baseball cap, so I could only see his smirk.


Hey guys! It's my first story! Sorry if its bad.

So, please read it!

It's not your typical romance story. Trust me!!

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