Darkened Wings

Artemis Jane has just moved from two very different places. Her ancestors' history has been an exciting one. When she receives her wings, with the outcome be Positive? Or Negative?


2. 1. Artemis Jane

Darkens Wings

Chapter One

~~~~~~~~3weeks after~~~~~~~~

I needed to get out of here.

My parents are rich, and you can't be nice, good people when your rich.

My dad is never home, only for dinner then he leaves and comes back for bed.

My mum is a stuck up snob, who is so annoying and thinks everything she does is helping something-or everything.

And my sister has so many problems, that she doesn't even do anything. She's slept with so many people.

All three of them think the world, and the rest of the solar system, revolves around them.

Yes, I have everything I need, but I would totally trade that for something else.

I got up off my king size bed and looked at my reflection in the floor lengthened mirror.

5'4", long brunette hair just past my breasts, which were sexy in the small sort of way. My six pack abs, not like "defined" but they were there. My toned thighs from biking a lot, my sun kissed body was sexy, not being self-absorbed, but seriously, I liked at my eyes, bright green eyes, like grass, they could be seen as unsettling, but I don't know, I like them, I smiled, other than the front teeth, the further back ones were pointy, like a sharks, I didn't know why, my canines we like vampires', again, unsettling. People complimented me often, I just didn't see it.

"And we danced all night to the best song ever" my phone rang. "We knew every-" I answered my iPhone 4S

"Hello?" I answered.

"Artemis!" My older brother's voice answered.

"Drake!" I smiled. "How's Sarah?" I asked him.

Drake is my older brother, he is married to Sarah, and she is pregnant with a boy, William Vance Confer, they'd named him. They moved out to Florida, away from our little town in Southwest Michigan. Leaving me alone with my nut job family. His Navy base is out there, so he had no choice. He is pretty much my best friend, other than Micah, but he knows way more about me than she does.

"She's good, due in a few months, you ask that every time we speak" he joked, which I do, but we also talk three times a week, more or less. "Okay big news, well terrible news actually." He said.

At least I knew it wasn't about Sarah. "What? Did you get fired or something?" I asked.

"No." He laughed. "But," oh no, "there moving me to a different base."

"What? Why?" I asked.

"I don't know, but we have to, or I'll get fired. Out to California, San Diego. They aren't giving me anytime to pack everything up, I have to work everyday till Wednesday, which is when they're transporting us. Sarah can't do it all by herself.

"And I was wondering if you would want to come out here and live with us, help us move, yes, live with us, full time. In Chula Vista, where our house will be, there's a school just down the road. Public. I know it's a stretch, but I think your gonna like it. You'll make new friends! The Navy said they will pay for your transportation because they aren't gonna give me time off. And with the baby coming-"

"Say no more. When's my flight?" I grinned.

"Sunday night. Send the majority of your stuff through mail. Bring a carry on, and two suit cases."

"Okay. I can pack everything up in two days"I laughed.

"Perfect. There will be my friend Mark at the Airport to bring you to my crib."

"Alright!" I said happily. I was finally leaving! I was so happy. My mum wouldn't even care either, she would just have to pay once a month to support me. That's okay with me. Goodbye crappy SW Michigan!

After we hung up, I started packing the suitcases. I got my two designer cases from my closet (mum bought me them) and started packing the things I would need till the mail arrived. Necessities. And the things I like.


As soon as the plane lifted off, I was out.

*i dreamt about the sexy guy at the bowling alley.

*my brother was teaching me how to surf, I was wearing a bikini and my brother a full body suit.

*he mentioned something about ice cream and swam off. I watched as Sarah and him walked towards the parking lot and food carts.

*suddenly, out of nowhere, the familiar feel if the dark hottie was near me, hands on my hips.

"You got a name cutie?" His low voice hit me like fog.

"Who wants to know?" I asked again, as if in a dream-which I was but whatever.

*then, just like at the bowling alley, he slipped away from me, slow at first, then all at once. He slipped away like the water around me. There one moment, then gone the next. Just as he had at the bowling alley, but instead, he had slipped away into darkness. There, then gone.*

I woke to the captain. Time to land? Already? Dang.

After it was clear to leave, I exited the plane with my backpack on my shoulder, towards the baggage claim.

After about five minutes, I found both if my suitcases, and looked for someone who looked like Navy.

I spotted a man in a blue Navy get up and made my way over to him.

The next thing I knew, I hit a black wall or a very hard body.

"Sorry" immediately slipped from my lips.

I looked to his face, low black baseball hat so I could only see his lips, wearing all black. He didn't say anything, just gave a sexy smirk, and disappeared into the crowd of people.

He seemed familiar, but I doubt it. I brushed it off, and made my way over to Mark.

"Mark?" I asked.

"You must be Artemis?" He said with a smile.

"That's me." I smiled although I was extremely tired, it was probably 4am in Michigan.

"Let me get those for you." He said, and took my bags.

"Thanks" I said. I followed him out of the airport into parking garage B.

He stopped at a black Tahoe. Strange for a Navy man.

"It's my brothers car" he said, as if reading my mind.

"Ah. I found it strange." I laughed.

After putting my suitcases in the back, he opened the backseat door for me.

A large (LARGE) dog was taking up the far seat as well as the middle seat.

"That's Pluto. He's a sweetheart. Don't worry. He's sick so I need to take him with me when I'm not at work. Well, I don't NEED to, that's just my excuse to bring him along" he said once we were both in.


I texted Drake.


he replied. I didn't bother reply.

"It will take just around an hour to get to drakes. I live a few houses down from your brother. So you'll be seeing me a lot."

"Cool" I said. I yawned and got comfortable so I could fall asleep.

Pluto put his head in my so i let him. He was cute in a large way. Poor pup.

I woke to the sound of a garage door opening. What the heck?

I looked to where the sound was coming from. Sarah was walking out of a garage. We must have arrived. Mark turned the Tahoe off and ran around to open my door. Pluto was pretty much sitting on me, so I had to wiggle myself out from under him.

I hopped out, shouldered my flowers printed backpack, and "ran" half awake to Sarah an fever her a hug.

"I'm so glad you could come!" She said happily. How she was ThIs awake, no idea.

"Me to! 'No' wasn't even an option to me. I'm so glad to get away from there." I said. Mark brought my bags inside and up to my room. Nice biceps Mark. Though he was in the Navy.

Before he left, I thanked him and he kissed Sarah on the cheek. Such a gentleman.

"He got moved to Chula Vista as well." Sarah said, closing the door behind him. "Good thing you don need to unpack."

"I'm so tired" I said. We were standing in my room, just a plain, white room. A bed, a dresser, two parallel windows, and a shelf connected to the wall.

"You can sleep. I got blankets and a pillow. I believe you sent all of your others things to the Chula Vista Post?" She said.

"Yes." I laughed. "So, we leave when? Wednesday?" I remembered. "So I'll help pack everything"

"Artemis, get some sleep" she smiled. Your not really making sense." She laughed.

"Night" I said.i changed into shorts and a tank top and as soon as I laid down, I was out.

The next morning, I was blinded by sunlight. Of course, the only place with sun in the entire room, was my face.

I put on a hoodie and went pee. I've been here before so, I didn't have to be introduced to the bathroom and everything else. I washed hands and I opened the door to Cuteness and Way Too Cuteness. Their cats. They had real names, but these kind of stuck. I picked up way too cuteness, because she liked me better the last time.

She purred in my arms as I walked down the stairs.

"Artemis!" I heard my brother from the kitchen.

"Drake!" I replied back. I hit the bottom of the staircase and immediately received a big bear hug from my older brother.

"I've missed you!" He grinned.

"I've missed you too!" I got out, trying to squeeze air I to my lungs. Way Too Cuteness meowed because she was being squished. "Can't breathe." I got out.

"Sorry" he laughed. I giggled. "I have to leave. And Sarah has a doctors appointment at one, so she will tell you what to do."

"What time is it?"

"10:34" he said looking at his iPhone.

"Oh. Okay. Have fun." I smiled. He gave me another hug, gave Sarah a kiss and left.

"Hungry?" Sarah said from the kitchen table.

"Yeah." I said. Just now realizing how hungry I was.

"I made scrambled eggs and bacon." She said. "If your anything like your brother, I knew you'd like it."

I got myself a plate and a glass of milk and sat down across from Sarah.

"I need to go shopping. I'm so lazy now a days, pregnancy" she was looking at magazines.

"I say we go when we get to Chula Vista. I've heard there's a great outlet mall, better than Michigan City.

"It's a plan" she said. "I'm so glad you came to help." She was so beautiful. He body was perfect. Perfect hair. She WAS the whole package. "Mark's brother might come over to help you pack everything up. But I have an appointment, then I have to go pay the bills, then I'm spending some time with some of my friends before we leave for Cali."

"That's cool. Is he cute?" I asked.

"I don't think 'cute' is the right word for him."

After Sarah told me what to pack up, and everything, she showered and got ready. By the time she was ready, it was twelve thirty." We said good bye, and she drive away.

I didn't bother putting makeup on or doing my hair, so I just put it up in a messy bun. I got kinda got so I took my hoodie off.

I started packing up extra blankets, pillows, and towels that took up a while closet into trash bags. I put my iPhone on my brothers dock and jammed out.

*Ding Dong* I heard over Stereo Hearts by GCH.

I went to the door and unlocked it. As soon as the door was open, he grabbed me, causing a gasp to escape my lips.


Cliffhanger. I feel so evil. (:

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