19 year old Natasha is struggling to get a job to keep her on her path to adulthood in New York City. When she works with the CIA and special agents, she gets paired with a guy named Harry. If she hadn't chose this job would she of found the love of her life?



as my alarm pounded saying its 6, I slammed it on the ground, unplugged it, and went to go shower. when I got out, I put on black stretchy black leggings, a rolling stones volleyball tank, and pulled my hair back in a messy ponytail. I went into mums room and kissed her goodbye. as soon as I got to the door, she said to me "good luck sweetheart, you'll make it, I know it." I smile and she fell back asleep.

by the time I got there it was about 7:30. everyone looked so tough and a bit scary, then here I am. I went over to the defense section, it was only me and some curly haired boy, we started talking, and I think his name was harry. I didn't quite catch his name but I think that's what it is. he was holding a long gun of some type to hold against the other opponents gun. he was cuter and cuter the more we talked.


man, she's gorgeous. I liked her the more and more we talked. I hope we ended up as partners. maybe I have found the love of my life, and MAYBE just MAYBE she's found hers too. we both brawled a bit and of course I let her win. not her, I mean this beautiful girl named Natasha.


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