19 year old Natasha is struggling to get a job to keep her on her path to adulthood in New York City. When she works with the CIA and special agents, she gets paired with a guy named Harry. If she hadn't chose this job would she of found the love of her life?



"ill be back mum." I say as I slip on my sneakers to head out the door. "Nat, be careful, its raining. Be back by 11:30 please." as mom said while watching ANTP."I will okay? be back soon" I say and head out. I climbed in and texted Mackenzie.

coming. got it? I need some puffs. -K

3 seconds later a reply pops up on the screen

 yeah :) see you then. -M

i start the ignition and drive towards downtown NYC. I pull in Mackenzie's driveway and she's  standing there waiting for me. *10:00* as I smoke the puff of my cigarette, Mackenzie asks me "what are you going to do without your old job?" I sigh and say "I cant even pay for gas money. my mom works from 6am to 9. I feel bad that she has to work for me so I can have what I have" I start to cry, and before you know it, its around 11, I drive home. and I pass the CIA station. I've always wanted to work there and have a hero partner and I against crime. how badass would it be I always thought. I saw a sign saying, FREE TRAINING TO BECOME CIA AGENT.

ill be sure to be there. when I get home I tell mom i'm going to get a job for me and for her also so she doesn't have to worry about anything.

I lay in bed wondering if I were to be a CIA agent, if id find my love.

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