Anything But Ordinary

Have you ever wondered what it's all about? Life, in all it's extremities, can feel like an endless tunnel with no chance of renewal or enlightenment, which only further inspires the question: what's it all for?
For Kristina Tansy-Mist Udiya, these are the sort of musings that occupy the majority of everyday thoughts, and which only increases her desire to escape the mundane realism of day to day life. But when tragedy strikes, two childhood friends offer very different paths that she may be forced to choose between, and soon Kristina is thrown onto a dark journey- and one that might not have a light at the end of the tunnel...


1. What About Now?


"Come with me."

Three simple words, a charming smile and a world of opportunities; the perfect catalyst for a new life. Everything else forgotten, all of the burdens and mistakes of the past- gone. And what is left, is the broad horizon of possibilities, but also the need for freedom. 

I felt it then, in that split second of contemplation, more than ever- that aching, that yearning for a fresh start that fills your insides, seeping through your veins and consuming you in the hunger of anticipation. I'd felt that same hunger coursing through my veins everyday for as long as I could remember: driving me, pushing me onward to the day when anything's possible. It kept me going.

Standing there, the ice-cold rain raging in the shaken air, I felt my entire sense of reality and doubt fast dissolving. I looked from his outstretched hand to his beguiling hazel eyes, and summoning all my resolve, I reached out my hand and took his.

And that's where my story really begins.

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