All my Life

All her life, Anna was hated. Her mother blamed her for her father's death. She hated Anna as a baby and has hated her ever since. But Anna is strong. She tells herself that her mother will learn someday, that Anna is a lot stronger than she looks


2. Toddler years

Anna's toddler years were a living hell. Now that she could talk and understand things, her mother hated her even more. "Momma," Anna said one day. It was her birthday "How old am I?" Cara whipped around "Your three. No go away." "But what about birthday cake? And presents? And fun?" Cara shook her head at Anna "You are so greedy! I wish you would realize how much you have! You have a pretty figure and you want to ruin it with cake? Well, my friends are coming over tonight, you can maybe have some cheesecake." That night, when two couples arrived, Anna saw a side of her mother she had never seen before. Cara kept Anna on her lap and fed her some real dinner and told her she loved her. "Wow, you really must love your daughter." Said Darlene, Caras neighbor. "Oh yes, we are so connected" Cara agreed delightfully. Anna hugged her mom, even though she knew it was all an act. "I love you, momma." Everyone awed at her.

The next day was back to normal. Until her mother answered the phone. "Hello? Yes. Who is speaking? What? Really?" Her voice breaking "No! No! It's not true! It can't be!" After the phone call she burst into tears "What's wrong momma?" Anna asked, coming over to her mother who was sinking against the wall. "What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong" She slapped Anna across the face "You being born!" Anna fell backwards, tears springing to her eyes. By now, Anna was used to the torment, and had never cried about it. But she knew something was wrong. Anna spent the night in her room crying. Today, strangely, she gave in. She cried, not wanting dinner when her grandmother called her. Things were worse than usual.

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