All my Life

All her life, Anna was hated. Her mother blamed her for her father's death. She hated Anna as a baby and has hated her ever since. But Anna is strong. She tells herself that her mother will learn someday, that Anna is a lot stronger than she looks


1. Coming home

Every gorgeous little breath Anna took made her parents love her even more. They were coming home from the hospital, six days after Anna was born, "Oh lord," Cara said to Max "I have to lose some weight" She handed Anna to her dad "Oh stop." He said putting Anna into her new car seat "I'm taking a yoga class, maybe some insanity." She said. when they got home, Cara wouldn't put down the baby. All day,Max would hear, "Aww you are so cute! Oh, did you make a bubble?" If only things would stay this way forever. But it can't, not with a terrible mom like Cara. A week later Cara had gotten an in home yoga video, she was trying it out. Max was at work, and Anna was taking a nap. Suddenly, she heard cries. "Hold on, Anna" She yelled "I'm doing the sun dragon pose here" But the crying got louder. Cara paused her video and marched upstairs "What do you fricken want?" She hissed, Anna was crying louder than ever. Cara touched her forehead "That's it" She picked up Anna and brought her outside to the baby swing on the porch and strapped her in. "There, stay outside." Anna looked up at her mother, tears dripping down her cheeks "Bitch." Her mom said, walking inside. Every day, her mom would feed her once a day this horrible mush. Max didn't give Anna the time of day, and Cara didn't change her and barely fed her. One night, Cara was drinking in the kitchen. Anna started screaming "Max! Babe will you get that! It's crying again!" Max came downstairs and got his car keys "Sorry, gotta go" The baby started screaming, and she could say mama now. "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!" She wailed "Ugh" Cara screeched "i HATE you Anna!" She smashed her glass. She marched upstairs into Anna's room. She put her hands around Anna's neck, but wasn't choking her. "You can live in the orphanage for all I care!"

Sorry about the short chapter :p Just so you know, I loveee kids and kids love me I would never abuse a child like Cara would plz don't yourselves. That's all for now

~ObsessedwithHarry (potter)

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