Laura, dragged from the hospital seeing only a short glimpse of her new born sister. Jade, kept in the dull light of her home, her mother never letting her leave in case she never sees her again. But will the two sisters ever meet? Will they be kept separated forever?


2. Seven Years Later

I walk through the empty streets. My boots making a small squeak, disturbing the surrounding silence. These now quiet streets were once busy. It's murder committed by online shopping.
Almost no one leaves their dull homes. Other than those few who still want to feel the fresh air brush against their cheeks. I was one of those few.
Everyday I wander the streets in hope of finding my little sisters whereabouts. I meet new people - others like me - who give me information in exchange for discount codes. Each new piece of information takes me to a new place, with new people and new information. I left my home and family behind to find her. I wouldn't return until I had settled things with Liz.
The latest part of information has led me here. Somehow I already feel closer to my sister. I recognize this town. I follow the path I once walked as a child. I reach a housing scheme that looks familiar. The area I grew up in.
Each house is lit by a faint glow (probably from computer screens) that brings little light into the dark streets. I approach the front door of an empty house. My hand connects with the cold door and I force it open. The door instantly falls off it's hinges, making a loud bang as it comes in to contact with the floor.
I enter the creaking house. The wallpaper coming away from the walls. The laminated floors damaged with the cold weather. I run upstairs and into the first room on the left. It looks untouched since I was last here. Everything is the way I had left it five years ago. Seeing my old home brings a tear to my eye. One of both joy and sadness. The joy from stepping into the past, the sadness of its run down status.
Slowly I walk down the staircase. I take one last look back on my childhood home before stepping back into the cold night.
'Jade! Slow down!'
A little girl on a pink scooter flew by me, she was laughing menacingly as she left her mum running after her. The mum - out of breath - slowed to a stop in front of me.
'Hey, are you okay?'
The woman turns to me, she shows hatred in her eyes.
'Leave now, you shouldn't be here!'
I recognize her harsh voice. It's Liz.

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