Laura, dragged from the hospital seeing only a short glimpse of her new born sister. Jade, kept in the dull light of her home, her mother never letting her leave in case she never sees her again. But will the two sisters ever meet? Will they be kept separated forever?


1. Prologue

Silently I walk through the narrow corridors. Nurses and Doctors whiz by too, busy to notice a wandering child. My destination was set. I glance up at each passing room number, reassuring myself I had chosen the correct ward. My nerves grow stronger as the room numbers slowly increase, nearing the one I am heading for.
My whereabouts is unknown to my dad, only to myself. I had told him I was staying at a friends house for a few nights, however this was not the truth. The last two nights were spent restlessly waiting for news. It was only this night the news had finally reached me. The news of my siblings arrival. 
My dad knew Liz was pregnant, however the battle between their lawyers was lost leaving my dad penniless and with no rights to see his child once it arrived. Although he had me, he still hated knowing he would never know his child - and the baby him. From that moment I was determined to get him at least a picture of him or her once they arrived. The corridor became silent. All life lost from it's polished floors. I pause outside a single room. Glancing up I see the room number as 261, I have reached my destination. 
I look through the thin glass. Liz is sleeping silently with a small cot type thing - containing a baby - by her side. I turn the handle and tiptoe to where the baby lies. On it's wrist is a pink bracelet reading 'Baby Daniels'. I smile, taking her tiny hand in mine. As I reach for my phone a pair of hands wrap around my waist and pull me from her. I let out a scream, waking Liz and my little sister. 
'Let me go!' I cry out to the doctor who grabbed me. I Wan to be by my little sisters side once again to help calm her cries.
'How dare you! You were told never to come near us!' Liz had anger on her face as she attempted to hush the cries of my baby sister.
'Please!' I cried 'Let me...' before I could finish my sentence I felt a sharp nip on my arm, making me feel dizzy and tired. The needle is flung to the floor as I collapse into the arms of the doctor.


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