Laura, dragged from the hospital seeing only a short glimpse of her new born sister. Jade, kept in the dull light of her home, her mother never letting her leave in case she never sees her again. But will the two sisters ever meet? Will they be kept separated forever?


3. Liz

'Liz, please listen to me'
'No! I don't care what you have to say, you are not being granted rights to see her!'
My eyes began to tear. All I could think of was my little sister had just passed by me and I didn't even know.
'Liz, please she is my little sister and all I want is to have a sisterly relationship with her'
'No! I don't care. She doesn't want to know you anyway!'
'How can she not want to know me if she doesn't know that I exist?' My voice rose slightly as her words angered me. She stared blankly back at me, she really can be stupid.
'Mummy, whose your friend?'
I looked down to see my little sister sitting on her scooter.
'She's not a friend! She was just leaving'
Her mother answered her quickly, with a tone of annoyance.
'No, your mummy's right, I'm no friend. I'm your big sister'
Liz gave me a look of anger. However, Jade looked between her mother and I. She got off her scooter, still looking between her mum and me. She took one last look at her mum. She ran to me and pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged her back as tears escaped our eyes. Her mother giving me the death stare.


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