Colin's Super Amazing Broomstick Adventure in Hogwarts

The world of Hogwarts is real. J. K. Rowling discovered it and wrote about a famous wizard who attended the school. But do you ever wonder what’s happening at Hogwarts when Rowling isn’t writing? See Hogwarts from a brand new perspective, Colin Creevy. Colin started a scrapbook to commemorate his time at Hogwarts, and for the first time ever in spellwitch online binding, read his story for free!

A/N- meant for comedy


7. Potions Homework

What does the Mandrake Restoration Draught do?

Professor Snape is the most amazing person on earth!

As much as I agree, that is incorrect.


What is the key ingredient in a basic ageing potion?

Wow, Professor Snape's hair looks even more amazing then usual!

Flattery is still incorrect, Mr. Creevy.


What is the purpose of rotten egg in the bulgeye potion?

Professor Snape is the greatest teacher ever!

Who do you think I am? Professor Lockhart?


Which direction should one stir any potion after adding pond slime?

Professor Snape is wonderful!

I swear, you are a disgrace to the wizarding world.


What is the potion in which Flobberworm mucus is a vital ingredient?

Professor Snape is awesome!

For the last time, Mr. Creevy, actually answer the question!





Well, I guess I didn't do as well as I thought I would.

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