Colin's Super Amazing Broomstick Adventure in Hogwarts

The world of Hogwarts is real. J. K. Rowling discovered it and wrote about a famous wizard who attended the school. But do you ever wonder what’s happening at Hogwarts when Rowling isn’t writing? See Hogwarts from a brand new perspective, Colin Creevy. Colin started a scrapbook to commemorate his time at Hogwarts, and for the first time ever in spellwitch online binding, read his story for free!

A/N- meant for comedy


6. My teachers and their opinions on moi!

So I'm taking 8 classes this year, and I just wanted to talk... er, write... about the classes and the teachers. My classes are 1- flying, 2- transfiguration, 3- charms, 4- potions, 5- herbology, 6- history of magic, 7- muggle studies, and 8- Defense against the dark arts. The teachers are as followed- 1. Madame Hooch, 2. Professor McGonagall, 3. Professor Flitwick, 4. Professor Snape, 5. Professor Sprout, 6. Professor Binns, 7. Professor Burbage, 8. Professor Lockhart.




1- Obviously, I'm totally AMAZING at it, but I'm still required to take the class. HARRY took it, and he was always an AMAZINGLY EXTRAVAGANT FLYER, just like moi,so I guess all of the greats must. The class is basics, like balance, slight acceleration, and a bit of height, which makes me very anxious to move on to a much, much more advanced program. But OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! the teacher, Madame Hooch, is spectacular! She really likes me! She's really smart, and has crazy-cool unicorn like eyes! But not normal white unicorns, the rarest golden unicorns that I'm determined exist!

"Colin Creevy is an enthusiastic student. Even so, his enthusiasm does not make up for his lack of skill on a broom. The poor child can barely fly five feet high without falling off. I honestly worry for the boy's health. And his bones." -Rolanda Hooch

Isn't she so sweet!!!! Gotta love her! And she even knows about how I feel about Susan, since she mentioned the thing about bones! I know why she lied; she doesn't want the other students to feel utterly mediocre compared to the magical moi!


2- Well, I'm not such a fan of this class, since we double with Hufflepuff, and Susan isn't even in it! (emoji teardrop) I'm fairly exceptional in this class, but obviously, Harry is better. He's PERFECT AT EVERYTHING! I must say it. But Professor McGonagall obviously likes all of us Gryffindor better than the rest.

"Creevy, like Rolanda so perfectly pointed out, is enthusiastic, yet lacks something important. In transfiguration, its focus. He never can transfigure because he's always blabbering on about Potter, unicorns, or Miss Bones, a Hufflepuff second year. I am somewhat disgusted by his addiction to them, but I also worry about his mental state." -Minerva McGonagall

I'm totally sane! Poor old woman must be confused! But I do agree, I am obsessed. UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!

3- Oh, the class taught by that midget, Flitwick. He really bugs me so much! He gave me detention when he caught me sneaking into Susan's dorm in the middle of the night. What was he doing in the Hufflepuff girls dorm at that time? He's Ravenclaw! I mean, like, at least I had a perfectly acceptable reason! I just wanted to watch Susan sleep! What's so wrong with that?

"What a strange, deranged child Colin Creevy is! I caught him sneaking into the girls dorms in Hufflepuff. Also, when we learned how to produce fire, he lit my robes on fire! I'm not sure if it was deliberate..." -Filius Flitwick

What a loser! His class is boRING too! All we do is light his stuff on fire and shoot books across the room! Who would enjoy that?


4- Ughhhhhhhhh! Professor Snape sucks! He totally prefers Draco Malfoy to me, even though my unicorn obsession (Draco definitely has one- we talked about it earlier, and I took him off of my hated list) is much better than his! And he took away points from Gryffindor just because I snuck into his private stores to get some unicorn hair! Its like hairy gold!

"I am disgusted by this child's mediocrity. There's nothing else to it." -Severus Snape 

I do enjoy the class, though. It's really cool, but it'd be two trillion percent better if Snape  didn't teach it.

5- Professor Sprout- not really good or bad. Just basic. LOLZERZ!

"Creevy is just an odd child who stands out without meaning to, but I know that on the inside, he's a dear." -Pomona Sprout

She's sweet, and so is her class.

6- Well, can I just say that this teacher is DEAD? Professor Binns is a ghost. And he's really cool! I love the class.

"Colin, you are the most obnoxious student I've had since Peter Pettigrew." -Cuthbert Binns

Well, I might not want to read the rest of the comments.... but I must *sighs dramatically*

7- Since I'm PureBlood, I've never been exposed to muggle culture. SO l live for this class!!!

"No comment on Creevy." -Charity Burbage

I like her. She looks a bit like Harry! OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! MAYBE THEY'RE RELATED!


"Oh my, how I love that dear, dear boy! He's such a wonderful student; he knows the answer to every question, and he looks like I did when I was his age. Obviously, he wasn't as gorgeous as I am now, but one can only hope that he won't be alone in beauty. Whoever reads this really should go buy my newest book, Magical Me! And I just wanted to say that Colin and Harry Potter are my two favorite students! What dear, dear, sweet boys! Harry helps me answer all of my fanmail, and Colin makes my job so much easier by being such an exceptional student!" -Gilderoy Lockhart

*No comment*



If you're wondering where I got these quotes, I stole them from a letter that was supposed to be sent home to mumsypoo and popsypoo. And Dennis....


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