Colin's Super Amazing Broomstick Adventure in Hogwarts

The world of Hogwarts is real. J. K. Rowling discovered it and wrote about a famous wizard who attended the school. But do you ever wonder what’s happening at Hogwarts when Rowling isn’t writing? See Hogwarts from a brand new perspective, Colin Creevy. Colin started a scrapbook to commemorate his time at Hogwarts, and for the first time ever in spellwitch online binding, read his story for free!

A/N- meant for comedy


4. Letters Home

Dear Diary,
I have written some letters home, and I decided to paste them with their responses into my scrapbook. So here they are!


Dearest Mumsypoo,

I am writing to express my dearest, dearest apologies for forgetting about Dennis. I still don't know who he is, so maybe send me a picture???? I don't remember anything about him! LOLZERZ! I love Hogwarts! HARRY POTTER AND SUSAN BONES GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, since you might just happen to probably hate me, I'm just going to sign out now.

With a deep love for UNICORNS!, Colin Carol Creevy



And Now, Mumsypoo's response


Why would I send you a picture of your brother? He looks just like you did when you were seven. And you're right- I might just happen to probably hate you. Dennis is such a better son. I know who Harry Potter is, and he is so much cooler than you. You'll never be his friend! You're such a loser! Ha!  As for Susan Bones, I don't know who that is, but she's probably outta your league. And one more thing- never, ever use the word LOLZERZ while speaking to me again.

Your loving mumsypoo,

Macy Creevy



Gotta love her!


Dearest Popsypoo,

Can you send me a picture of Dennis? Mumsypoo refuses to, and I LEGIT do not remember him. LOLZERZ! Mumsypoo said that if I ever use that word while addressing her again, she'd disown me. But whatever! She already disowned me nine times!! LOLZERZ! So, here at Hogwarts, I'm trying out for the Quidditch team. I bet I'll be the Chaser Supreme. I made up the most accurate position for myself. Oliver Wood won't be captain by next year! If I'm not, which I highly doubt that I won't be, HARRY POTTER WILL BE! HARRY POTTER AND SUSAN BONES GO HERE!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!


Love from Colin Carol Creevy!


And his response.


Hi Colin!!!!!

I can't send you a picture if your mother won't. I would, but I can't. I understand completely that you forgot Dennis. Well, I actually don't, but I don't care! Maybe you should avoid using LOLZERZ when writing to her. I know that you'll be an exceptional Quidditch player. Is Susan Bones your girlfriend? Any girl would be lucky to have you! And I know that by next year, you and Harry will be the best of friends! I know you love unicorns.

Love, your Popsypoo




Hi Dennis!


Love from your awesome big bro,

Colin Carol Creevy





Why would I want your stupid stuffed unicorn?

Hate from Dennis


Well then........

So diary, these letters from my family will live in here forever!

UNICORNS!!!! Colin Carol Creevy



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