The Rebelz: "The Beginning"

In a post-apocolyptic war, where the evil New Government Order rules the once free nation of the United States, a group of teens rally together to rebel against the NGO and their totalitarian goals, to eventually take back their country and everything that was horribly ripped away.
Meet Roxy.
With no parents and no life to call her own, the red-haired, hot-headed 17 year-old joins up with the group known as "The Rebelz." The evil NGO controls everything now, and she wants to put a stop tyranny for good...
The country of the United States and it's original government and laws have all been erradicated and replaced with the NGO's own cruel laws and punishments - the USA is no more, and is known as New America with a new set of rules.

THIS is their story..

Copyright 2013 - 2014 This story is my own!! All rights reserved.


17. The Smoke Bombs Come in Handy


Hey, Tessa here(: I hope you all had a fantastic Winter Break, a merry Christmas, & a happy New Years! Can't believe it's 2014. Time sure flies by!

Ok, I'm proud to say that I've found an actor for one of my characters, Jax! Adam Gregory is the closest actor I could find so far that fits Jax's description perfectly (minus the eyes, tho).

Hope you're liking my story so far. Plz leave a comment to tell me what you think! :D Thanks!!




Miss Sunshine Rainbows gave us a little tour of the room, informing us what exactly it was that our "new job" entailed.

While she rambled on about stuff I could care less to hear about, I let Jackie listen to whatever she had to say while I looked around at everything else. I made a mental note of all the exits, as well as the room's layout; just in case we ever found ourselves in need of a quick, untimely escape - if this ever went sideways. And believe me when I say this, it usually did when *my group was involved. So one had to be prepared for just about anything.

"...and you're job right now is to help Mr. Angler carry the biochemicals." I came back into the conversation by this point, as Miss Sunshine indicated a heavily suited man to her left. She turned to call over to another suited worker to her other right, calling to him. "Hey Lester! I've got some more canisters for you!"

Happy Lady switched her cheesy grin back to us, that happy-go-lucky smile on her face nearly blinding me. "If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! Mr. Angler and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have." And with that, she scampered off with her little canister cart while whistling a tune that sounded eerily similar to the song, She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain...

"Looks like someone had their happy pills today." Rickie muttered under his breath as he watched her go, looking bewildered. "That chick is crazy with a capital K."

I ignored the comment. I wasn't even going to bother telling him that the word 'crazy' didn't actually start with a K; the kid would figure it out eventually.

"I feel sorry for the guy's last name." Jane indicated to the man who was going to be putting us to work, and I couldn't help but agree with her silently; there were just too many jokes there.

"Alright guys, let's split up. Twins, help Mr. Angel Fish with the biochemicals - and try not to drop them! Learn as much as you can about them while being discreet, aka: not so obvious." I directed that last part towards Jane and Rickie before continuing. "Let's not blow our cover, guys. Gather as much intel about this place as you can and don't forget to make note of all the exits in case we need to make a quick gettaway. Find out where they keep the crystal stuff. Got it?" I gave all of them a stern look.

"Alrighty! Covert ops. Got it." Rickie complied. He clicked his tongue twice while shooting me gun fingers, winking at the same time. Something glinted in his eyes then, and my stomach dropped a few inches further. I sincerely hoped he didn't mess this up.

Jane grinned during this, excited. "Ooo, now I'm starting to feel more like a spy!"

Jackie scoffed - our Spy Expert. "Yeah, yeah. Let's get to work now. And try not to blow our cover." She directed a pointed look at Ella and Jane.

"Why do you immediately blame us?" Ella asked, outraged by the mere suggestion.

"If you ladies are done gossiping and pointing fingers, need I remind you that you all have a job to do?" Jax cut in.

Jane grumbled, but quickly recovered. "Right. Roger that, Jaxie!" She chimed, trying to be cute. Bet Jaxie LOVED that...

I made my way over to the assembly line consisting of those metal containers to help inspect them for any defaults. Unfortunately, these kind of canisters were made totally out of titanium steel, and didn't allow anyone to see what was inside, so I didn't have a single clue what this crystal ammo stuff looked like.

Jackie stood alongside me and helped, careful not to break anything. Rickie joined us after Mr. Angler Fish put him to work, while the other girls were off doing other jobs. I hoped they were being inconspicuous as possible, gathering any intel they could.

"So..." I turned to the worker nearest to me. I tried to sound as casual as possible, as if I was trying to make small conversation. "How long have you been working here?"

The worker paused what he was doing for a moment to look up at me through the protective plastic of his hazmat suit. From what I could see of his face, I deduced him to be somewhere in his twenties. Unfortunately I wasn't able to distinguish any detailed features, just that he looked rather plain with freckles dotting his face and his bland brown hair. "Uh, about six months." He started off a little nervous, not expecting anyone to actually talk to him. "I'll tell you one thing, though... this is the most boring job in the world; it's absolutely dull." He replied. His voice sounded just as bored as well.

"Yeah, I can tell." I glanced around. "This definitely wouldn't be my first career choice." I said dryly.

"Yeah, me neither, but it's the best I could find. A guard comes in every ten minutes to check up on our progress and stuff. You just missed 'em. They're creepy, so I try to act as busy as possible so I don't have to look at them." The guy shuddered under his hazmat suit at the very idea.

I shared an 'Oh Crap' look with Jackie next to me.

Great. Now we had roughly nine minutes to figure out where this crystal gem is kept before the guards start getting suspicious when they notice five new workers they never remembered hiring before.

"Sounds like you guys need to start getting down to business," Jax remarked through the earpiece.

Someone in the group with a comm must have wondered what was up, because Jax reiterated what I'd just heard from my mining friend. "There's a guard who stops by every ten minutes to inspect the progress, and if he notices some extra workers that never hired, your cover will be blown. I suggest all of you hurry up and find out where they store the goodies, or else our little trip here will be a bust."

I turned to my new Assembly Line Buddy. "Have any of you actually seen what's inside these canisters?" I asked, trying not to sound pushy.

"No actually, but I've always wondered myself. Only the miners down in the caves who mine the stuff know what it really looks like." The guy threw a suspicious glance around the room before lowering his voice. "One time, I tried shaking one of the containers to see if I could figure out what was inside - and I swear I heard this sloshing sound, like there was liquid inside."

I nodded, processing this new information. "That's definitely interesting. I thought miners mined gems, like solids - not liquids. And from what I've heard, it's supposed to be some sort of radioactive crystal."

Worker Guy nodded, equally mystified as I was. "Right. Somehow, they're able to turn it into a liquid form. If this crystal is radioactive, then that would explain why we have to wear these suits to protect us." He furrowed his brows, like he was stumped by a thought in his head.

I have to hand it to this guy, he was rather a bright one. I hadn't expected it from him to be honest.

"Anything else you can tell me about how it's transferred here to this room?" I pressed on. I didn't want to linger too long on one subject. If I couldn't figure out what this crystal stuff was, then I needed to figure out where it's stored to see for myself.

"Well, after it's extracted from the caves, it's brought up into some room and put into canisters. Then half of it is brought into this room and the other half is stored safe in a storage room just down the hall from here, just out that door." he pointed to a door on the other side of the room. "The stuff brought in here is checked and manufactured and stored somewhere else in the building."

I nodded, trying to appear indifferent at this very helpful piece of information as Jax relayed it to the others.

"I'm sorry I can't tell you anything more. We're not allowed to ask about it; we're just here to work and to perform our jobs efficiently, with no complaints." He replied.

How wonderful. Welp, I knew that was all I was gonna get from him. Now it was time to sneak on out of here to search for that storage room.

"Alright, get to work! There's no chatting here!" I jumped about a foot in the air at that booming voice behind me. He had come out of nowhere!

I recognized the guy who had yelled at us to be the Fish Guy, and I bit my tongue before I could hurl an insult at him. I had to remain calm and not blow my cover, or else I'd doom us all.

My new "friend" and I shut our mouths and returned to our work. What a grouch...

Then there came a loud clatter that came from a corner of the room and all heads turned towards the sound.

The culprit turned out to be Jane. She was bent over, trying to pick up the metal canister parts she'd somehow dropped from off the ground. Mr. Angler Fish had marched right over to her and was now yelling himself hoarse at her for being 'so damn clumsy.'

Way to go, Jane... I groaned internally. That was definitely inconspicuous. I was going to kill her if she blew it for us.

"That girl is quite the clumsy one, ain't she?" My work buddy commented, a corner of his mouth quirked up in amusement.

I shook my head in disappointment. "You have no idea," was all I said.

"Oh, you love her and you know it." said Jax, who was laughing in my ear.

Yeah, sure, except when she was driving me over the edge with all the dumb things she did.

After Angler Fish yelled at her some more, he stomped away, grumbling incoherently as he did. Jane glared daggers at his retreating back. When our gazes met, I gave her a stern 'don't-do-any-more-stupid-things-to-blow-our-cover' look. In response, Jane reluctantly nodded and turned away with a huff, proceeding to go about her co-ops duties.

Making my rounds, I worked in between the twins on the assembly line. "So, what have you guys found out so far?" I whispered as quietly and secretly as I could manage.

"Besides how clumsy Jane is - which isn't anything knew - not much. Nobody here seems to know anything." He replied.

"Come on, Rick." Jackie chided. "You're pretty clumsy, too."

"Quit it, guys. Let's get serious." I reminded them, lightly jabbing Jackie in the side with an elbow. I ignored the pout she gave me in return.

"Yeah, yeah. I've located the exact door where Jax says the storage room is. That's the door we're going to quietly slip out of. To ensure that nobody's going to see us, we'll need to create a diversion." said Rickie. "I've got a couple smoke bombs we could use."

"Good idea. Let's do that as soon as possible before that guard gets back. We've got exactly three minutes before that happens." I said.

Rickie cursed under his breath. "We need to do it now, then!"

I was in total agreement with him at this point. "Hurry and get those smoke bombs ready."

He nodded. "Okay, but just make sure everyone else knows. When I throw the bombs, we can slip out the door and head to the storage room as fast as we can. Someone's bound to raise the alarm shortly after those bombs are set off."

"Sounds like a plan, Twin." Jackie nodded. She looked very determined.

To add to this series of unfortunate events, two buff guards busted into the room in the next instant, making every worker in the room jump and turn to look. The door stood wide open to allow the guards entrance as they stepped inside, looking all imposing. They wore dark grey uniforms fitted with a radio, a police batton and a taser gun.

At the sight of their angrily determined faces, my stomach dropped to an all time sickening low. Crap. We were doomed.

Every single person in the room froze and stared in fright, shocked and a little dazed like a deer in the headlights. My heart stopped dead for a few seconds. we were too late and we probably had been found out as well. I had no doubt in my mind that they were here to murder us - or worse.

"Oh yay. Looks like y'all have some company and they look delighted to see you." came Jax's snarky remark in my ear, making me frown. He was certainly not helping the situation.

They searched the room with those beady eyes, faces scrunched in angry frowns. I couldn't help but watch with bated breath as I waited for the inevitable; for the guards to spot me and my team and shoot us. Much to my relief, Angry Guard #1 spoke to Mr. Angler Fish and not my team next.

"Hey, you. Worker 681." he called gruffly in an authoritive voice.

This caused Mr. Angler Fish to visibly gulp, adam's apple bobbing, and he shuffled reluctantly but obediently over to stand in front of the guard who'd spoken. His head was bowed, too scared to look the scary guard in the eye. "Y-yes, Sir?"

"You haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary, have you? No one's here that shouldn't be?" He inquired, demanding a straightforward answer. Both Angry Guard One and Two had permanent frowns on their thick-headed faces; obviously those two never had a happy childhood.

I couldn't help but cross my fingers, silently pleaing to the Heavens Above that Mr. Angler Fish would keep that fish-mouth of his shut. I sent Rickie a quick warning glance that said, 'Hurry up and get those smoke bombs ready!' Maybe we could all make it out of there alive.

"Uhhh, n-no - no, Sir. Everything is in order. It's all going smoothly." Angler Fish replied, surpressing a violent shudder.

I tried to look as busy as possible, desperately hoping and repeating under my breath that the guy wouldn't mention the "new recruits" at all...

Please go away, please please . . . Don't mention anything about--

"We've even got those new recruits that had been recently hired..." Mr. Angler Fish went on.


I mentally face palmed myself really hard. We just couldn't stay out of trouble for long, could we?

I saw the flicker of confusion that crossed Guard #1's face. "What new recruits, 681?" He pressed, taken aback by the news.

I gave Rickie a pointed look, who was currently fumbling with two smoke bombs in his hands. "Rick, now would be a good time to create a distraction!" I urged in a stage-whisper, my voice coming out hoarse.

"Hey, new recruits! Front and center." Mr. Traitorous Dirtbag called out. It was now or never.

"HIT THE DECK!" I hollered at the top of my lungs, lunging for the hard tiled floor. I instantly regretted doing so, since my breath was knocked unceremoniously out of me upon impact, and everything started hurting.

I ignored it though, and immediately covered my head just as a loud BOOM, followed by a hissing poof, resounded throughout the huge room, and everything went up in smoke soon after from the smoke bombs Rickie had thrown.

All chaos ensued immediately afterwards. The smoke became so thick that it became nearly impossible to see anything. The workers around us screamed, creating other loud noises as they knocked over equipment in their haste to try and escape the smoke. The loud ruckus was seriously starting to hurt my ears.

We had to get out of there immediately.

I jumped to my feet, thankful for the hazmat suit that kept the noxious smoke gas at bay. "Alright gang. Follow me and try not to get lost. Let's go, go, go!" I ordered, heading straight towards where I remembered the exit door was located. I navigated as best as I could through the blinding smoke.

By the time my gang and I made it across the room, thankfully without running into anything, the smoke from the smoke bombs was starting to clear and disperse. That wasn't good. We had to start moving our butts along faster before we got caught. We couldn't be seen!

"Hurry it up, guys!" I ordered, on the verge of freaking out and hyperventilating, Jane Style.

Once we reached the door, I heard a muffled thud of a body ramming into it. "Ow," Jackie gasped. "I think the door's stuck!"

Rickie groaned in terror. "Are you serious? You've got to be freakin' kidding me right now!"

"Have you tried opening it? Usually, most doors have handles on them that you can use to open them with." I reminded her, just in case she had forgotten. You never knew with Jackie sometimes, or with any of my other friends for that matter.

"I'm positive! I tried that already, but the stupid door just won't budge!" She fretted, her voice rising up to a super loud pitch.

We stood there huddled by our closed escape route, as the room became more and more clearer, the cloud of smoke nearly disappating. I could hear Angry Guard's One and Two shouting orders to the freaked out workers. Was it just me, or were their voices getting closer?

"Come on, Jackie, where's your CIA Spy Skills? Get your act together, woman!!" Rickie demanded, only half joking.

Jane and Ella were cowering against the wall, the fear in their eyes evident as they stared horrified at something behind us. I turned to look, dreading the worst.

The guards were marching towards us through the nearly empty room, their angry faces red with rage. They weaved their way through the lab tables filled with science-y equipment. "HEY, you five! Who are you and what do you think you're doing?" One of them yelled.

"Oh crap! We're toast!" Jane squeaked, pressing herself harder into the door as if she could magically blend into it.

I bit back the reaction to screech at them. Were they stupid? "Not on my watch. What ARE you guys? Cowards? We fight back!"

To set an example, I reached for the closest thing I could find as a weapon nearby and threw it at the first guard. It was some metal disk, and it succeeded in hitting him on the head.

He growled out in pain, hands immediately flying up to hold his head as he bent over and howled in agony. Good! I was glad that hurt him.

Following suit, Rickie grabbed a cylinder contailer from a nearby table and threw it hard at the other guard advancing towards us. It flew and hit him in the knee, which stopped the guard in his tracks so he could nurse his newly bruised knee.

"Grab anything you see and knock 'em out, tie them up - whatever! And hurry up about it. Rick, try and get this door open somehow. I don't care how you do it - just do it!" I demanded, picking up a microscope from a lab table to use as a temporary weapon, and Jackie and I ganged up on Guard #1 as Jane and Ella went after Guard #2.

I repeatedly knocked the guard over the head with my semi-lethal microscope while Jackie took some surgical tape and rope from another lab table that stood nearby. After I successfully knocked the guard to the ground, I proceeded to hold him down by sitting on him. Jackie got to work tying the guy's ankles and wrists together, and I put the some tape over his mouth so he couldn't shout for help later.

We did all of that when I'd finished bashing him in the head roughly seventy times with my microscope weapon until he finally conked out. Sad, I know - but it was the only thing available at that point in time; hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, ya know?

When we'd finished wrestling with Guard #1, we turned to assess Jane and Ella's progress with Guard #2. It didn't look like it was going too well.

"Jane, you're not doing it right; that's not how you tie a handcuff knot!" Ella exclaimed, seated on the burly chest of the struggling guard. She was tying the guard's wrists together with a similar rope Jackie had used, while Jane sat on the guard's legs, trying but failing to tie his ankles.

"Well, it would help if you had knocked him out first!" Jane retorted in her defense as she struggled to keep his legs still and tie the rope.

"I thought YOU were doing that; I'M the Peace Keeper here!" Ella pointed out as she finished her handcuff knot.

Taking pity on them, I decided to try and make it easier for the both of them. Drawing back an arm that gripped my microscope, I brought it down hard onto the guard's buzz-cut head. I knocked out Guard #2, and his body went limp as he passed out. Just giving him a nice little trinket to remember me by!

Jane stopped in her knot-tying and both her and Ella swiveled their heads to give me equal looks of awe and shock. I stood there, feeling totally ridiculous as I held the stupid microscope in my grip, rather than looking formidable and dangerous. Yeah, that would certainly strike fear in everyone's hearts...

"Wow, Roxy. You just beat up two security guards ... with a microscope! Talk about a Semi-Lethal microscope of Mass Destruction." Rickie sniggered from where he crouched at the door with datapad in hand.

I gave them one of my eye rolls. "Yeah, sure." I gave Jane an impatient look. "Hurry up and maim him already. We've gotta get going."

I turned back to Rickie. "Is that cursed door unlocked yet?"

"Just about..." he replied, tapping away at the keypad beside the door.

Once Guard #2 was all tied up - making sure to link one tied guard's appendage to the other's for good measure - Rickie opened the door and we were finally out of there. We scurried down the whinding hallways in quick-like fashion, following Rickie's palm-piloting device.

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