The Rebelz: "The Beginning"

In a post-apocolyptic war, where the evil New Government Order rules the once free nation of the United States, a group of teens rally together to rebel against the NGO and their totalitarian goals, to eventually take back their country and everything that was horribly ripped away.
Meet Roxy.
With no parents and no life to call her own, the red-haired, hot-headed 17 year-old joins up with the group known as "The Rebelz." The evil NGO controls everything now, and she wants to put a stop tyranny for good...
The country of the United States and it's original government and laws have all been erradicated and replaced with the NGO's own cruel laws and punishments - the USA is no more, and is known as New America with a new set of rules.

THIS is their story..

Copyright 2013 - 2014 This story is my own!! All rights reserved.


1. The New Ferry Bombing


Okay, listen up. I'm gonna tell you what you absolutely need to hear. It's not pretty, but you need to know anyways. I'm gonna make this quick, so just buckle down and pay attention..

First of all, I'm Roxanne Monroe, and I need your help. The whole world needs your help, so hear me out..

The Order is here. It's happening right under your nose; they're rising, planning, and scheming a massive plan that will rock our little world to pieces. Are you with me? Let me explain...

Basically, the NGO is a group of evil madmen (and even women) who want to take over the world, throwing away everything we believe in, starting over, and creating their own law.

Told you it ain't pretty.

Years ago, there was "A War to End Our World," where a trillion of people died - and our countries, cities, and towns were destroyed to oblivion -- known as the Great World War. Nothing is considered normal anymore, and the world is led with lies and deceit... nothing will ever be the same again.

This is where I come in. My story is pretty sad and messed up, but you have to know about what's at stake.. What's really going on in this world, and what the bad guys are really capable of. My story will make you ready - I hope. So, here goes nothing!

Author's Note:
Thank you for taking the time to read my story!! As you can probably tell, this is an ongoing story I'm still waiting/typing up. I hope you'll give me a chance :D

Read what I have so and give me advice and how I can make this story better. If there are any errors or typos, let me know (:




Chapter ONE

Growing up was never easy, let me tell you... especially when you're living on your own, with no parents - not even a house. I used to live on the streets, fending for myself... And this is where my little tale begins..

Back before the big war, I used to live in what used to be known as Manhattan. Now, it's just an empty shell of it's former self, known as Sector 14. There is no such thing as 'states' any more; that part of our nation's past is long gone. The lower part of the city of Manhattan Island is the only place the NGO doesn't occupy in all of Sector 14, because most of it is just a demolished, desolate landscape that they think is uninhabitable because of the "Toxic Gas" from their little bombing shows. Little did they know there was no toxic gas (for the most part), but very few families still lived in the area. Maybe a few street gangs, but that was it.  

So instead, they occupy everything else around it.

The part I reside in with my fellow Rebels is located in that demolished, desolate, and "uninhabitable" Manhattan Island wasteland. Thankfully, the NGO doesn't know we're here; all they know is that this place is totally deserted and devoid of life, and we'd like to keep it that way. It's already harder to live, even without the NGO snooping around.

Sector 14 had crumbling buildings that housed most of the families who lived hidden away from the world. Local gangs had been formed, terrorizing the neighborhood (which are less like neighborhoods, more like slums), so people usually just stayed shut inside all day, rarely venturing out. The lone wolves - kids who preferred to live alone - have to fend for themselves, while some kids get into thug gangs. Very few decent kids, with some good still left in them, banded together against The New Government Order and their 'New World.' I know this because I'm one of them. We are known as the Rebels -- or what we've dubbed it: "The Rebelz."

We're housed in this old gigantic mall, that is now only half the size it used to be, decayed and falling apart. Every room holds a certain age group; the younger kids are on the higher levels, for safety reasons and in case of invasion, and the older kids are on the lower levels. The older kids gather food for the Rebels so the younger ones don't starve; so, basically, our main job is to watch over and take care of them. One of the Rebel Rules, put together by our law committee, is to put them first before ourselves, which leaves us hungry most nights. But we were tough; if any of us kids had to starve, it would be us. It's not much - but there really was no other option in sight.

We have a head person in charge: Sal, a very influential twenty-two year old. Everyone listens to him, especially the little ones, and we all have the utmost respect for him.

Since I am 17, us 17 - 18 year olds stayed in the old Macy's department store, which was pretty big despite it's current decayed state. I had a close-knit group of friends, and we were inseparable - even when we got on each other's nerves, which was practically all the time. Despite that downside, we hang out together a lot - we were that close. Even though we were a crazy bunch, we still looked out for each other; we Rebelz looked out for our own, like family. We could totally get crazily hyper when we wanted, bur we had a blast doing it, though...

That's what we were doing at the moment, laughing off all our worries and just having a good time while we still could.

"O.M.G!" my best friend, Jacquelyn Bentley, exclaimed, practically on the verge of telling me something really funny. Jacquelyn - or Jackie, we call her - currently had a twinkle of amusement in her usually sorrowful blue-green eyes as she giggled at the memory.

I was currently surrounded by my best friends in the whole world as we ate stale loaves of bread to satisfy our ever-grumbling stomachs. It was all that we could scavenge in the local markets.

For those of you not in the know, food these days were scarce due to the wars, and since the NGO controlled all the food supplies, along with just about everything else nowadays. Normally we would get our food by sneaking into the markets, near the border between the deserted wasteland and the occupied part of Manhattan, disguised as poor kids wandering aimlessly around the marketplace.

Some kids that were still loyal to the Rebel cause working at the market stalls would smuggle some food supplies to us right under the snot-ridden noses of the NGO soldiers. One of the New Laws was that kids weren't allowed to buy food at any of the NGO Community Markets unless accompanied by an adult.

"I just can't stop laughing, thinking about what Rickie did yesterday. You should have been there!" Jackie told me, giggling excessively.

Oh, great. "What foolish thing did your twin do this time?" I asked, afraid to even hear the answer to that one.

Rickie and Jackie may be twins and super annoying all the time, they were definitely two very different people - as I'm sure you'll figure out soon enough.

At that point in time, Rickie was trying his hardest not to show how embarrassed he was, though the red that was flushing his tan cheeks gave him away.

"Rick actually tripped! Usually, it's ME who usually does that." She giggled.

I nodded in absolute agreement. "Yes, this is true." I turned to Richard Bently, the klutzy Twin in question. "What's you're excuse this time, Rick?" I raised an eyebrow.

Rick just shrugged, angling his face downward. "Invisible rock," He mumbled, biting into his share of bread.

"Nice going, Rickster!" This time, it was my other "short" friend, Jane Taylor.

"Rickie was just living up to his blonde roots!" Ella, my other bookworming friend, pointed out.

"As usual," Jane added, throwing a tiny rock at him. Surprisingly, it actually managed to hit Rickie squarely on the side of the head; Jane wasn't the most coordinated person ever, so that came as a surprise.

We all burst into giggles. Everyone besides Rickie of course, who continued to chomp on his bread piece in frustrated humiliation. "You're all gonna pay for this." He threatened, which didn't do much good.

"Hey, you four giggle-bots! Sal's called a meeting." A guy with short, spikey black hair and a sly grin poked his head into the dressing room we were camping in. I automatically knew who it was, from his 'I'm-way-smarter-than-you-because-of-my-high-IQ' voice and those unusually bright and always mischievous yellow-green eyes leering at us in the doorway.

"Really? It's almost ten!" I complained, getting to my feet. My friends followed suit. But then, actually looking at him now, I noticed the seriousness and practicality reflecting in those weird eyes and it made my frown falter.

"Well, it's a serious matter. There's been a thousand of recent deaths from a bomb explosion in New Ferry." the boy told me in his low voce. This was Jax, and he specialized mainly in bombs, so he definitely would know all about this.

Oh, shoot... "Alright, we'll be right there." I said grimly. Jax nodded, taking his leave.

I couldn't help thinking about the NGO and how their ruthless reign had caused so much panic, pain, and destruction everywhere.

"Gosh dang it!" Jackie growled, crossing her arms in anger. "Why does the NGO have to always kill innocent people?" Always the Quaker.

"We need to show those NGO bozos what for!" Jane hooted, angrily determined. Despite her size, Jane always tried to act tough - normally when she tried this hard, it was kinda humorous. We couldn't help giggling despite the recently tainted atmosphere.

"Come on guys, it's meeting time." I told them, leading them towards the ground floor of Macy's.

Everyone that lived in the Rebels compound was already gathered in the lobby of the mall below the balcony platform by the time we had arrived.

Alright, let me explain to you how these Rebel "Conference" Meetings worked so you don't get lost.

Each age group of kids had representatives that spoke for them during these conferences up in the conference room, which was where the Rebel Committee gathered to discussed actions, laws, and other stuff, depending on what was happening. We normally would discuss rules and that sort of boring stuff. But today, I knew this would be different.

I was a Junior Rep for Kyle; a decent guy who wore messed up glasses, had blonde hair and kind brown eyes. He was smart, so basically I accompanied him to the meetings and listened in.

Most of the time in these meetings, I was always tempted to bring something to color. Hey, at least it gave me something to do!

Immediately once we arrived, Kyle found me.

"There you are. Come on, we're going to be late!" said Kyle when he found me, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from my friends. With a quick wave goodbye to them, I let Kyle pull me through the knot of people crowded in the main lobby of Macy's. I swear - if Kyle pulled any harder on my arm, it would fall off! The bad thing was, Kyle wasn't that strong; he was just a nerd with the specialty for politics mostly. Just not the NGO's politics.

We hurried up the staircase leading to the balcony above us, where the conference room was located, and we walked right on in.

About twelve teens and young adults were standing or sitting around a long, chipped table. Kyle and I immediately took our places near the head of the table, edging around people to get there. Usually, I'd just barge on through and not bother to go about it nicely. I'm that kind of brash person.

Sal, our 22 year old Rebelz leader, stood at the head of the table, looking regal and authoritive. He was well-respected, and everyone liked him because he was strong and couragous. Noticing us arrive, he cleared his throat to begin the meeting, his deep hazel eyes sweeping around the room.

The effort was useless, of course. So he looked to the reliable Bailee Barret, who had the most notoriously loud voice ever in all of Sector 14 - and probably the whole world, or whatever was left of it. She was also another friend of mine.

Bailee smiled. "My pleasure..." She cupped her hands to her mouth to yell. I quickly covered my ears, and so did everyone else who was in hearing distance and who had been paying attention.

"SHUT UP!" She yelled. Everything was quiet at once; I wished I had her talent...

"Okay, everyone find a seat and listen. This is important." Sal said, all serious and commanding. He began describing the bombing in New Ferry later that night, and how many innocent people had lost their lives. I hadn't actually heard the whole story yet, so all of this information was actually new to me.

I continued to listen as Sal went on with the recent events, saying how we needed to dispatch a team down there to help the remaining survivors, which I was all for.

However, one kid stood up in protest; Alec, of all people. "Dude! We can't sacrifice our own kids to help! Let's not bother with them."

A small few people murmured in agreement. What? I was about ready to throw something at him; preferably something hard.

Sal, as always, kept his cool and addressed the impulsive kid who said 'dude' in almost every sentence. I could tell he was rather annoyed by Alec. Who could blame him?

"They need help. Wouldn't you want help from others, too, if we were bombed? We are going to help. We would need the help too, if it were us." Sal pointed out.

"Yeah, but it's everyone for themselves! It's not like Sector 15 would help us either!" Alec argued.

I searched around me for something relatively heavy to throw, just to stop his stupid arguments. Sadly, there wasn't anything loose in the room at all that I could throw - which might have been just as well; Sal probably made sure of that, knowing people would have thrown things out of anger at one another. Smart, but I was dying to get out of my chair and through it instead.

"That's a completely separate Sector," Sal pointed out. "New Ferry is a part of out Sector, so we need to help each other; we need to band together to overcome the New Government Order. It would help us immensely." Sal was too brave for his own good; he wouldn't be suaded on this.

"Yeah Alec. I side with Sal on this one!" Bailee spoke up, fists on the table.

"Me too." I agreed. Kyle nodded as well, and a few other reps murmured agreement also.

Aleck looked disgruntled. "Fine. Whatever, dudes. If anyone dies over this, I did warn you." He would always argue with these kind of things, and Sal always fought him over it. It got on my nerves! I really didn't know how Sal did it half the time. Goodness knows how he puts up with his job as leader of this sorry bunch of kids, and putting up with Alec on top of everything else. What also amazes me is how Smart-Alec was made into a rep. He must have rigged it or something; there was no way he could have gotten in otherwise.

"So, as I was saying, we are to dispatch a group over there to help them, provide them with food and water, shelter, clothing, and heal the wounded. Kyle, you and Rox can lead this one. Over see everything that goes on. You'll need guards too." Sal added at the end.

We didn't have a main person to oversee the guards and we weren't too worried if we didn't have enough, but it would help us a lot though.

"Why them? Roxanne has the shortest temper of all of us!" Alec complained.

I game him a death glare. "Oh, shut your annoying trap! At least I don't argue with everything Sal says!" I said angrily.

"Yeah, you're just jealous!" Bailee retorted in my defense.

Aleck turned to bark something else harsh but got cut off by Sal, breaking it up before things got physical. Bailee could give Alec a black eye, which would be awesome to see, only to humiliate Alec even more. That would make my day.

"Enough you two. Chill." Sal ordered, and Alec's rep grabbed him by the color of his green shirt, forcing him to sit back down.

Bailee stuck her tongue out at him.

Sal turned to Alec. "Roxy is able to do this job."

I held my head high, happy Sal was putting him down to his level. I may have a temper, but I also had a sweet side to me, especially to kids in need.

After a few more discussions, we were all set. Kyle and I rounded up every kid able to help with the restoration group. I met Rickie, Jackie and Jane outside after the meeting was over.

"Hey, have you guys seen Ella?" I asked, searching around for her recognizable dark brown hair.

"She went to help get the supplies for the kids in New Ferry, I believe." Jackie said. "Oh, here she comes now!"

My other best friend came walking up to us, grinning when she say me. "Hey Roxy! Did the meeting go okay?" She asked, always the caring one.

"Alec argued about having to help the homeless kids in New Ferry." I said with the roll of my eyes, relaying to them what had happened. After I was finished, my friends shared looks of annoyance.

"Wow, how jerk-ish can he be?" Jackie wondered, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Yeah, I know." I grumbled.

"Hey, at least Sal put him in his rightful place." Jane said, pumping her fists. "One point for us, zero for Jerk-face!" she cheered, being the absolute dork she was.

We all followed Kyle through the bustling crowd of kids, towards the front doors, where we met Sal holding a mega phone. To get the crowd quiet, and to be able to be heard over the chatting crowd, Sal spoke into it, his voice echoing across the expanse of the main floor.

"I would like every kid strong and able to meet over here by me." Sal said, gesturing to where he was standing.

I could see Trina, Sal's girlfriend, and her helpers tagging along behind her. She was one of the sweetest people you would ever meet; everyone loved her. She was amazing.

Once everyone was present, Sal led us out the doors and into the foggy morning light. The sun was hidden behind a mess of clouds so we had to carefully pick our way through the rubble and debris that littered the streets. We were a fairly large group of 30 or more kids. Some had flashlights, while others carried provisions for the New Ferry kids.

Sal stopped us once we had walked a couple yards from the mall. It seemed like he was waiting for something - or someone.

Not too long after, a small group of kids - teenagers - came walking up to us from one of the surrounding buildings. As usual, the streets of Manhattan were desolate and eerily silent. Occasionally, a piece of trash or debris floated around, carried by a light wind from the northwest. The buildings around us were just as silent and dark, giving the atmosphere an eerie, creepy feeling. It always felt so creepy outside, and barely anyone rarely ever ventured outside voluntarily. Not even a single sound could be heard, no birds chirped; it was a ghost town.

The leader was a guy about a year older than me, who had dark hair, equally dark blue eyes, and handsome features. He looked quite tough, and the way he held himself told me that he'd seen a lot - both the good and the bad. He looked about an inch or so taller than I was, a bit more athletically built, especially in the arms, shoulders, and legs. Looking into his eyes now, I felt that I could trust him with my life, for reasons unknown to me. I felt completely safe. How weird...

I shook off the feeling and focused on these new arrivals. The other guys had on guarded expressions, which immediately told me that they were the dark-haired guys bodyguards. He must be our contact, relaying information from New Ferry to Sal to keep us in the loop. That was just my guess, anyways. And it looked like I was right.

The boy at the head of the group bowed his head in acknowledgement to Sal as he walked up to meet him.

"Hello, Blake. How are things holding up in New Ferry?" Sal greeted him, outstretching his hand to shake Blake's hand formally.

I was standing a bit behind them with Kyle and our restoration party, while Sal stood away from the group with our new visitors.

Blake gave Sat a somber look, shaking his head. "It's not good. There've been many deaths, mostly from starvation and collapsing buildings..." He trailed off, is tenor voice soft as he spoke.

Sal nodded. "I'm so sorry for your loss. We do not want to see anymore innocent suffer, so we are here to help."

Blake's mouth curled into a tired but grateful smile that barely reached his eyes. "All of New Ferry is grateful for your help." He said. His blue eyes shifted from Sal to the group behind him. It was then that our eyes met.

I quickly looked away, silently praying I wasn't blushing. If so, someone probably should've slapped me right then.

"Shall we head out?" I heard Blake ask. I was looking down at my feet, but I dared a glance up.

Sal nodded. "Yes, we should." We began walking, Blake's group leading the way.

Jackie walked next to me and nudged me, shooting me a knowing glance, grinning.

"What?" I asked. She was starting to make me uncomfortable.

"That Blake dude is gorgeous; he even looked at you!" She whispered quietly to me under her breath, her pretty blue eyes were practically bugging out of her head as she teased me. She was also quite serious, unfortunately.

My face burned. "Jackie!" I whispered hoarsely at her, embarrassed to be talking about this right then.

"Well, he did!" She insisted, sill grinning. I wish she would stop that!

"So what? Yeah, sure he's cute - but that doesn't mean I like him!" I told her, with one glance ahead at Sal and Blake. Thankfully they were too busy talking to each other to notice us.

"So, you DO think he's cute!" Jackie said, her grin growing bigger, tantalizing me.

I mocked punched her in the arm. "Just shut up."

She let out a little laugh, continuing to lightly bounce as she walked. "Love you, too, sis!" I swear, she was a little ball of ANNOYING!

Technically, for those of you not in the know, she isn't technically my sister, but we were so close that we might as well be. So we called each other 'sis,' just like her and Rickie would call each other 'Twin.'

Our group walked on in silence, as we continued to follow Blake's team. Then, the most embarrassing thing that Sal could ever do happened; he waved Kyle and I up to the front with him, including Tina and her group of helpers. Great.

Jackie grinned, nudging me in the arm with her elbow, her eyes practically saying, "go get 'em!" She was so not helping. I made a mental note, reminding myself to personally murder her afterwards, if I didn't die of embarrassment first.

Reluctantly, I walked up to the front, followeing Kyle, who took his place on Sal's left. Blake was on Sal's right side and Trina took her place on Blake's other side.

"This is Kyle and Roxanne. They're leading this restoration group, overseeing everything." Sal said, gesturing to Kyle and I.

Blake acknowledged us with a polite nod of his head. Every being in my body was going haywire at being the center of attention. He was such a gentleman! Seeing my 'deer-in-the-stupid-headlights' look, Kyle's brows furrowed, which made his glasses slide down his nose as he nudged my side to get me to wake up. I tried to act like I hadn't just frozen on the spot like a freak.

The gentleman in question looked at Kyle, than at me, where they lingered for a moment longer as he smiled kindly at me. I smiled as politely as could, trying not to show how freaked out I was.

"This is Trina, our healer. She'll take care of the wounded." Sal said, a hint of warmth in his voice as he said it. There was no doubt that there was a sort of connection between the two of them; it was obvious.

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