The Rebelz: "The Beginning"

In a post-apocolyptic war, where the evil New Government Order rules the once free nation of the United States, a group of teens rally together to rebel against the NGO and their totalitarian goals, to eventually take back their country and everything that was horribly ripped away.
Meet Roxy.
With no parents and no life to call her own, the red-haired, hot-headed 17 year-old joins up with the group known as "The Rebelz." The evil NGO controls everything now, and she wants to put a stop tyranny for good...
The country of the United States and it's original government and laws have all been erradicated and replaced with the NGO's own cruel laws and punishments - the USA is no more, and is known as New America with a new set of rules.

THIS is their story..

Copyright 2013 - 2014 This story is my own!! All rights reserved.


7. The Bomb Facility Goes BOOM (Part 1)

Chapter SEVEN


Blake and I walked into the main building of the Demolition Facility, dressed in scrub like shirts that itched like crazy and were uncomfortable. The inside walls were plain white with steel piping and girders on the ceiling, it was a very cold and empty place. All the happiness was gone here, sucked out and replaced with cold emptiness... what a way to damper the mood.

"Okay, you know what to do." Blake nodded once, and I did the same. "Great. Let's go find the bombs." And with that, we were off.

Okay, the first step in the plan was to pickpocket the workers who had the highest security clearance. Spotting a security guard making his rounds, Blake and I shared a glance. Grabbing a box full of bomb pieces nearby, I made my way towards the guard head on, pretending to knock into him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry sir!" I squeaked behind the box in my hands, trying to sound as wimpy as possible. Beat that Rick!

"Watch it, you!" Baldie barked at me.

"Yes, sir!" I scrambled away, muttering apologies to myself like a good little Troubled Kid. Rickie had nothing on me.

Baldie the Security Guard stomped away, cursing under his breath.

I met Blake towards the back by the back security door that was labeled "PERSONEL ONLY" in cruel formal black letters. I took out the key card I'd recently swiped from Baldie when I had "accidentally" bumped into him.

Blake had a box like mind in his hands too so it didn't look too suspicious if we were caught. Our back up story would be that we had gotten lost, and hopefully that would work. If all the personal here were like Baldie, we'd have no chance - but let's no dwell on that.

I swiped the stolen key card into the slot by the door and it clicked open. We were in.


"Okay, come on, seriously? It's not that hard to steal a key card from a security guy." Bailee complained when Rickie came back empty-handed, yet again. He'd tried and failed on a couple of security guards walking around, messing up every time. The third time, he'd tripped over a power cord and spilled the box of bomb parts he'd been carrying. Then he got yelled at by a buff security guard. Bailee and Jackie couldn't stop laughing after that.

"If you're so smart, why don't you try?" Rickie countered, dusting himself off. "I'm just not cut our for covert ops. I wasn't even that good at Call of Duty: Black Ops!"

"Now there's a surprise." Bailee snickered.

Jackie rolled her eyes. "I'll do it. Watch and learn, Rookies." she said smugly, strutting off.

"This outta be good," Bailee mused, watching her walk up to a skinnier-looking security guard. "If she's anything like you Rick, this is going to be priceless."

Rickie knew his twin sister one-upped him in everything and was totally not like him at all, but he didn't say anything, lest he get slapped.

On the other side of the room, they watched Jackie run up to a security guard, acting frantic as she pretended to bump into him.

"Oh, sorry, sir!" Then she ran off quickly, leaving the guy confused. Eventually, though dazed, he kept walking, shaking off the strange encounter.

Jackie walked back to them with the key card in hand, her head held high proudly. She tossed the card to Bailee, who caught it in one hand. "Here ya go!" she chirped.

"Wow, Jackie. You're a natural. Can't say the same for your twin, though." Bailee said, pointing to Rickie.

"Yeah, yeah, rub it in why don't you." He grumbled.

Jackie patted her twin on the back. "It's okay, Rickie. You're a good hacker, if that helps!"

Bailee scoffed, trying hard not to laugh, but failed. Jackie shot her a glare.

"Thanks, Twin." Rickie said, glad there was at least one nice person in the room here.

Slipping out a side security door using the key card, they made their way down the bare hall. Rickie was ashamed there wasn't any better directions, or better yet, a sign saying: "Main Core Room Here!" But nobody was perfect.

"Okay, we need to start a small fire in one of the rooms, like something was malfunctioning." Jackie said, relaying the plans. Stopping at a door nearby, they entered it.

"Will this place work?" Rickie suggested, gesturing at the massive core structure in front of them. This must have been the huge super computer that controlled every conveyer belt, every device that helped make the bombs. Rickie stared at it, in computer nerd heaven.

Bailee grinned devilishly, which was almost all the time. "Let's burn this thing to the ground!"


"Where's the stupid storage unit!" I grumbled, mostly to myself, as Blake and I walked down yet another hallway. So far, we hadn't found any side door leading to the storage building where all the bombs were being held. The box I was carrying were getting more heavier by the minute, which wasn't helping my mood much either; I was getting crankier by the minute. It was like a maze in this place!

"It should be here somewhere..." Blake trailed off attempting to reassure me. It wasn't working; I was not a patient person.

"Found it." Blake announced, turning down a smaller hallway. Sure enough, towards the end of the hallway there was a metal high security door with an almost burnt-out 'EXIT' sign. Walking further down the hall closer to the door, I saw that the door labeled "SECURITY PERSONEL ONLY" in the same boring, bold letters.

On the side there was a key card panel with a sign pointing towards the door. It was labeled: "Secret Storage Unit."

What a fail; it wasn't really 'secret' if it had a sign on it, now, was it?

"Bingo," I breathed. My heartbeats kicked up a notch at being so close to our objective.

Here goes nothing...

Using the key card in the slot, we entered out into the gloomy outdoors, straight across from us barricaded by a chain linked fence topped with barbed wire was the storage building.

"Great. How are we supposed to get into it with that fence in the way?" I asked, sighing. We were so close...

Blake brought out something from his pocket - wire cutters.

"Wow. What else do you have in those magical pockets of yours?" I wondered, only half joking.

Blake cracked a smile. "Come on, let's get this over with."

As Blake got to work cutting the fence, making a medium-sized hole big enough for us to fit through, I kept a lookout for anyone coming our way. In no time at all, Blake finished cutting the human sized hole. He motioned for me to go first, keeping an eye out as I crawled on my stomach through the hole, and Blake followed after.

"We'd better hurry before anyone notices the big hole." Blake said as we ran-slash-scrambled towards the storage building. "There's a security camera above the front and back doors. Luckily, they're blown for now, but we have to hurry. Let's go through the back door." Blake suggested. I followed him as we made our way towards the back of the building. However, when we tried the back door, it was locked. Dang it..

"I vote knocking down the door, like they did in those cop shows on TV. Didn't they teach you how to do that in the academy?" I wondered, my thinking gears turning inside my head.

Blake's brows furrowed in concentration. "Kind of, but we can't do that or they'll know their factory was sabotaged; we'd get blame for sure. We have to do it old-school," he decided, turning to me. "Can I borrow a bobby pin?"

"Oh, yeah!" I took out one of the bobby pins that kept any of those pesky stray strands of my hair from falling out of my ponytail, giving it to him, which be used to pick the lock on the door. If only I'd thought of that.

After a few moments, the lock clicked and Blake opened the door, Ah-ha! Sweet success. I followed Blake into the building shutting the door quietly behind me. We were in. Finally!


"Why do I have to distract the guy?" Jane complained, peeking behind the white commercial van over at the buff guard who was guarding one of the back entrances to the bomb facility. He didn't look like a candy-giving kind of guy.

Ella and Jane were hidden behind the parked van, out of sight of the scary guard. Jax, who was the driver of the getaway van, had ordered then to distract and take out the guard. Ella immediately volunteered Jane for the job.

"Because you're more wittier than me and you're small and quick. All you have to do is talk to him and try to knock him out." Ella told her, as if it were that easy to do.

"But look at me; I'm puny! I couldn't hurt a fly." Jane exclaimed, which was true.

"But you could definitely talk his ear off!" Ella said, hinting at her with a wink.

Understanding what she was saying, Jane nodded and laughed. "Oh! I see what you're saying! Okay, I'll do it." She complied, rolling her eyes. Taking a big breath, Jane stepped out into the open, strutting toward the guard. 'Here goes nothing...' Jane thought, dreading this considerably.

"Excuse me sir. Are you the guard of this facility?" Jane asked, using her little kid voice, all nice and innocent, as she walked up to him.

The menacing guard looked down at her, regarding her warily. "What's it to you?" he grumbled, not looking very happy. Who would be if they had to stand out here for hours on end, guarding a stupid door?

Standing right in front of him now, he towered over poor little Jane; she was a puny dwarf in comparison. He was at least six feet tall, maybe even seven feet.

"Oh, I was just wondering... You're bald!" Jane pointed out. The guard continued to glare at her.

Ella, who was peeking around the side of the van watching Jane converse with the buff guard, resisted the urge to smack herself in the head. Really? Did she really just say that? She was going to get herself killed if she kept insulting the guy! 'What did this loopy girl here have up her sleeve?' She wondered, watching intently.

"I'm sorry." Jane chattered, biting her nails. "I have peladophobia; fear of bald people!" She told him.

Ella had to put a hand over her mouth to hold back a snigger. She knew full well Jane didn't have that phobia, but it was funny nonetheless.

"I also have hobophobia, which is the fear of beggars and hobos. They really freak me out, like, royally. I also have Aichmophobia, the fear of needles or pointy things..." Jane was rattling on about her "phobias" a mile a minute, never shutting up. Ella could tell the guard was getting agitated with her.

Meanwhile, as the guard was distracted, a figure darted from the front side of the van, taking the long way around to the guards flank. At first, Ella didn't see the figure until it was right behind the bald guard. Then, suddenly and out of nowhere, Jax brought down a sledge hammer on top of the guard's big bald head. The guy immediately collapsed to the ground in a heap, knocked out cold. He would most certainly feel that one in the morning.

When the guy went down, Jane had stopped in her rattling and stared in utter surprise at the guard's limp form at her feet. The first thought in her head was 'Did I just talked this guy to death!?' "Whoa!" But then she saw Jax standing behind him, holding the sledge hammer. She hadn't even seen him come up before then.

Jane stated wide-eyed at Jax as he held that evil-looking sledgehammer. Jax looked satisfied at a job well done.

He caught Jane's eye. "What? It was the only thing I could find to use on him." He shrugged, acting like he hadn't just knocked a guy out cold with a deadly-looking weapon.

Jane shook her head, ridding herself of the image of the guard being hit by a sledgehammer like in a horror movie.

"Holy cow! Is he going to be okay?" Ella asked, rushing over to examine the collapsed guard.

"Yeah, he'll be fine." Jax said, toeing the dude with a foot. "He'll definitely have a huge bump to remember us by, though it all might be a bit fuzzy.."

Ella sighed heavily. "Whatever. What should we do with him?"

"I've got that covered. You two guard the door and watch out for signs of trouble." said Jax, picking up the guard by the feet and dragged him over to the dumpster.

"Poor Bald Dude," Jane murmured, then returned back to work. "Okay, what's next?"

Ella and Jane took their positions next to the door. "Now we wait until the fire alarms go off, then we help the poor working kids out." Ella answered.

Jane sighed heavily. "And we wait..." She eyed Ella after a long moment of silence. "How long will this take?" she stage whispered.

Ella shushed her. "I don't know, now stop asking questions and just be quiet for once. Please!"

Jane grumbled; she wasn't a very patient person. When Jane started humming a tune from some Lady Gaga song, she got shushed again with a hard jab to the ribs, compliments of Ella.

"OW!" She exclaimed in a harsh whisper, clasping a hand to the side of her throbbing ribs.

"Shhhh!" Ella urged again, frustrated.

Jane frowned and folding her arms, lapsing into hurt silence.


It was a maze in the gigantic building. There had to be about a million metal boxes on the trillion of shelves in this building, no doubt filled with the same bombs that had terrorized the poor, innocent people of New Ferry. How many bombs were there? All I knew was that I definitely didn't want to count each and every manufactured bomb in all of these boxes to find out.

"How could anyone find anything in this place?" I huffed, gazing around. The shelves where about twenty feet tall so I had to crane my neck as far as it could go to see all the way to the top shelf. My neck started cramping up after a while, so I stopped.

"Alright, let's split up. I'll set these bombs around the perimeter and on some of the shelves. You plant the main one on the reactor, which should be right in the center of everything." Blake carefully brought out the big bomb from the box we'd carried here, getting straight down to business. He was always so practical - not that I was complaining; I actually respected him for it. Seriousness was a lost trait these days, especially if you've been around my friends for as long as I have.

I nodded. "Got it," I told him. Carefully taking the bomb from him, I made sure not to make any contact with his hands this time.

We both split up; Blake went around the outside rows of shelves, while I made my way through the huge maze of the shelves.

I started hearing a soft, humming sound - almost like the gentle hum that florescent lights made. Listening to my instincts, I followed the sound, weaving in and out of the many aisles and shelves of bombs, the sound getting louder and louder the closer I got, telling me I was on the right path. Eventually, I rounded the corner and finally found the source of the humming; the main reactor.

It was a gigantic computer data column with a billion little lights and buttons flashing. It looked like a huge computer data center, whirring along. Why did everything in this place have to be so enormous and so high-tech? Rickie would be in Ultimate Geek Heaven if he saw this; he'd be practically drooling.

I placed the big timer bomb somewhere in the center of the huge cylinder column and started the timer. Once I did that, I decided to get the heck out of Dodge, meeting Blake at the back door where we came in.

"Ready?" Blake looked to me for confirmation, his handsome features set in determination; he was definitely ready.

I nodded. "Let's hope Bailee and the twins have already set that fire and haven't gotten caught yet." I hoped. If it turned out they'd messed this one up, I would have their hides. Let's just hope, for their sakes, it wouldn't come to that.

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